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Chapter 27: Give Me Your Treasures, Doctor Ming Que

Yue Qiang closed his eyes before reopening them again, quietly lamenting the game’s scenario.

He finally understood what the hunter Tu Xu wanted to do. He also understood why he ignored the fire on his body and ignored the fact that he was standing right beside water, all for the sake of moving that huge rock first.

The Zhao Army had chosen to set fire to the mountain from the beginning. Not only did it destroy the various wooden traps around Yue Village, it had also sealed the villagers’ evacuation routes. There might not be many people inside the village, but every one of them had incredibly high stats. After they were split apart by this fire, they had no choice but to struggle on their own.

Among them, the hunter Tu Xu was the closest to the river. The Yue Village had a dam on this river. Obviously, if the dam was breached the river water would overflow, and the fire set off by Zhao Army would definitely be greatly contained.

The hunter Tu Xu had come out to destroy the dam in attempt to let loose the river water and extinguish the flames. Then he was discovered by the enemy.

The four or five Zhao Soldier’s corpses scattered on the ground was obviously done by him, but he had also suffered grievous injuries and his back burning with a huge fire. Even from afar, Yue Qiang could see the numbers – 3s and -4s representing burn damage popping out from the hunter Tu Xu’s body.

If he was to jump down the river and extinguish the fire on him, he would definitely be washed away by the river water with his little remaining strength. He might be saved by the rushing water, but all the people inside the village would not be able to escape the fire. In that case at least half or even more people would die.

On the other hand, if he used every bit of his energy to push away the rock and open a gap, then the river water would overflow over the entire mountain. As long as his health hadn’t completely diminished yet, he simply needed to lie down on the ground and the fire would naturally be extinguished.

Yue Qiang instantly figured out the meaning behind his actions.

That’s right, this guy was an NPC. The core of an NPC was their programs, and the calculation of these programs were… incredibly precise.

By precise, it meant acting to act in a way that would maximize one’s interest. Going from this point of view, this NPC’s actions perfectly matched the Yue Village’s and his own interest.

But still, Yue Qiang felt a little strange.

That was because he was way too familiar with this scene.

Since he was small, Yue Qiang was educated in political classes about heroism. He was very sensitive towards these kind of scenes where someone laid down their life for a cause. This was totally the game version of Dong Cunrui detonating himself to take down a bunker, or Huan Jiguang throwing himself on a machine gun to block enemy fire.

At the moment he was still being chased by the Zhao Sergeant. Originally he planned to save up his stamina for a big move, but he couldn’t take care of everything at this point.

He clicked the Run hotkey, and with the swift depletion of his stamina as price, he arrived with incredible speed towards the hunter Tu Xu’s side and assisted him in digging out the huge rock from the dam.

The surging river water poured out immediately. The scene was just like watching the Yangtze River bursting on TV.

The hunter Tu Xu immediately sat down on the floor, and as the water surged up, the flames on his back were extinguished instantly.

He said, “It is fortunate that you have come to help and dig open a hole in the dam, young sir. This is a great service you have done.”

Yue Qiang did not have the time to type words and dialog with this NPC at the moment. He glanced back once to look at the Zhao Sergeant behind him. The time had had bought with Run LVL 2 was too little, and the guy had caught up to him yet again.

Without even bothering to speak, Yue Qiang had left immediately.

That’s because he saw the system message: You have succeeded in rescuing the hunter Tu Xu and completed the hidden quest ‘Release the River’. If you succeed in saving the doctor Ming Que as well, you will complete all hidden quests.

And so he seduced the Zhao Sergeant and swiftly left the area.

After a moment of running, he saw two half health Zhao Soldiers surrounding Ming Que beneath a towering great tree. Ming Que’s health was already at the black; his health bar was so short that you could not even see the red.

Naturally Yue Qiang did not dare to delay any longer as he turned on his Run skill and joined the fray. Let’s help share some aggro first. Just when he was thinking if he should use all of the stamina he had saved up earlier, the doctor Ming Que suddenly began to speak.

What a personality. Your health is at the black already and you’re a doctor. Quickly heal yourself instead of talking.

Ming Que entire body was plastered with dog skin plasters. It was an incredibly unique outfit. But now, all those dog skin plasters were all over the ground, and the few remaining plasters hanging on his body were splattered with many bloodstains. He looked absolutely terrible. The doctor said, “Don’t leave, young sir Yue!”

Yue Qiang found it a little strange. He was here to help him in the first place; he wasn’t sure what he meant by that.

The doctor Ming Que said again, “This old one has a book composed by a famous Fang Ji Practitioner (T/N: something like a doctor) titled ‘Neijing (T/N: or ‘Inner Canon’)’. If you can save me young sir, the this old one is willing to present you this book.”

Right now Yue Qiang was busy fighting against the two low health Zhao Soldiers with his blackish iron rod and could not spare the effort to pull out a dialog box and type words. He thought to himself, Oh, so this NPC is scared that I will refuse to save him and tries to entice me with a reward. He must have eaten too many kickbacks when treating his patients.

Yue Qiang did not reply and continue fighting the two Zhao Soldiers.

Seeing that Yue Qiang was still not speaking, the doctor Ming Que said again, “Fine, I also have another book composed by a famous Fang Ji Practitioner titled ‘Waijing (T/N: or ‘Outer Canon’). If you can save me, young sir, then this old one is willing to present you both masterpieces.”

Yue Qiang thought, huh, looks like the old man has quite a lot of treasures. At this point he had already accumulated enough stamina to take out one of the enemies with a ‘Killing Style, One’, but when he heard Ming Que’s words he held himself back.

Let’s put it on hold for the moment. Seems like the old man still has some treasures left.

He reequipped the iron rod and stabbed heavily onto an enemy, acting like he had used all his strength.

A – 6 number jumped out.

Yue Qiang smiled wickedly. This damage ain’t bad.

He freed one of his hands and typed, “Oh elder Ming Que, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, but I just don’t have a good weapon and hence cannot match against this Zhao Soldier. Whatever shall I do?”

Ming Que said hurriedly, “It’s okay, it’s okay. This old one may not have a good weapon, but I still have a Goldmaker Pill. It can increase the sharpness of any weapon. This old one am willing to present you this Goldmaker Pill, young sir.”

Seeing that it would still take some time for the Zhao Sergeant at afar to catch up to him, plus this doctor Ming Que didn’t seem too heartbroken about the gift, Yue Qiang continued to wave his blackish iron rod and leave -7s and -8s on the enemy’s body while replying in embarrassment, “Elder Ming Que, it’s not that I’m not doing my best to kill the enemy, but alas woe is my power. Maybe I should retreat temporarily…”

The doctor Ming Que, a man used to a decadent lifestyle, was already at the brink of death at this point. Hearing Yue Qiang’s words, while stomping his feet and gritting his teeth and putting on a look of the utmost heartache he said, “If you will promise to save this old one, young sir, then this old one is willing to present you a pill. This pill has been refined by a famous person (T/N: Everything you own is from a famous person eh doctor?) and can increase a sliver of refined energy for the consumer. It is a treasure of the highest quality.”

It was at this moment that – after saving up his stamina for such a long time – Yue Qiang immediately fired two ‘Break Fist – Killing Style, One’s in a row and took out the two Zhao Soldiers in an instant.

Before Ming Que’s long face had even disappeared, Yue Qiang had already right clicked his avatar and selected the trading option.

Seeing the look of surprise on Ming Que’s face, Yue Qiang pulled out the dialog system and typed four words happily,

“Give me your treasures!”

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