SPO – Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: Get Practicing!

Yue Qiang had a kind of unconditional trust towards this mysterious woman, which was why he chose to practice this fist style seriously.

The other reason was that she had said this fist style could massively increase his power.

Based on the assumption that Luqiu Duanyi could not say any term relating to the ‘Game’, Yue Qiang assumed that when she said ‘power’, she must mean ‘in-game ability’.

And to this day, there was only one thing he found that would swiftly and massively increase an in-game character’s power, and that was skill.

He had experienced it with his own eyes, the power of a skill.

A soldier who had about the same stats as him, and an injured one no less, could easily dispatch him within a minute relying on skills alone. If it wasn’t for that misleadingly titled but actually superb ‘Run’ skill, Yue Qiang would’ve been subjected to the game’s death penalty already. Although, to this point in time, he still did not know what the death penalty was,but it was definitely something that he was unwilling to try.

That was why he had practiced the punch very seriously.

This fist style was very likely a combat type skill.

Last time, after three days of jogging, he had acquired a Run skill after returning to the game. He hoped that this time, he would be as lucky as the last time.

In Luqiu Duanyi’s hands, the set of fists would take about two seconds to complete. If it was purposely slowed down for practice purposes, then it would take about tens of seconds. The entire fist style included eight fixed movements and in-between connections.

On the surface, learning it didn’t seem like too much of a trouble.

Yue Qiang had only used less than half an hour’s time to grasp the eight fixed movements. If he were to slowly pose the eight fixed movements in order, then there would not be any problem at all. However, when he tried to execute them as fast as Luqiu Duanyi, problems arose.

He could not do it at all!

Although his every move was very practiced, and the posture he assumed was well positioned, he just could not connect them together!

The moment his punching speed increased, he would be met with all kinds of unexpected problem. He would trip, crash, feel uncomfortable all over, suffer temporary cramps…

When he tried to force it during the last attempt, he had even twisted his own knee.

With one hand leaning against the wall and the other on his own thigh, Yue Qiang moved with difficulty towards Luqiu Duanyi’s study. He wanted to ask for her guidance.

This mysterious woman’s study was extremely multi-functional. Not only did it have a desk for work, a treadmill for exercise, and a huge dining table for eating, it could even conjure all kinds of decor according to one’s needs by bringing up hidden furnitures through automatic control. On the first day of Yue Qiang’s arrival, Luqiu Duanyi had done just that by bringing up an extremely cool mini bar using a remote control.

Right now inside the study, there was a book placed on top of the work desk. It was the one that she often looked at. A few exquisite cuisines were placed on top of the white luxurious dining table. There was a space at the center; it seemed that not all of the dishes were up yet.

Luqiu Duanyi was nowhere to be seen.

With difficulty, Yue Qiang found a place to sit. Looking at the time, it should be time for eating as stated in the work-rest schedule. He arbitrarily picked up the book on the work desk. The book was covered with a bookjacket. He wondered what’s inside it.

Before he could even flip it open, a beautiful voice came from behind him.

“It’s not a good habit to flip other people’s stuff without permission, okay?”

Yue Qiang hurriedly put down the book in his hands and turned around. He saw Luqiu Duanyi wearing an apron; a hanging bag hanging loosely at the waist, but it wasn’t enough to cover her amazing figure. She held a super large plate of sweet and sour fish in her hands. The colors were bright and the fragrance was overflowing.

After placing the fish about two-thirds angle on the dining table, the tableful variety of red-and-green dishes instantly became both perfect and harmonious; looking most inviting.

Luqiu Duanyi virtuously filled a bowl of rice for Yue Qiang and placed it in front of him. The she looked gently at her and let out a light smile.

Yue Qiang immediately feel weird all over.

Normally, this woman would be putting on either a straight face or a scowl; or in short, a very serious look all the time. On the occasion when she turned on her charms, it was also obvious that she was just playing with him.

But Yue Qiang had never actually seen her looking like this.

And he had to say, it was really good-looking.

Luqiu Duanyi was extremely well-shaped in the first place, and her feminine features that could not be restrained by her sports bra plus the perfect proportion and figure brought by years of exercising was tempting enough already. Now that she had put on even the virtuous appearance of a housewife, Yue Qiang nearly forgot where he was right now.

Thankfully, he recovered in the end.

“Not cooking according to the menu today?” Yue Qiang said.

“A change in flavor is needed sometimes.” The woman let out a soft sigh as if she had recalled something unpleasant. Her eyebrows wrinkled slightly, “Every bite taken is a bite less. We can’t always be eating those healthy but tasteless food, can we?”

Every one of this woman’s words seemed to be hiding something. It was a very uncomfortable feeling. He shook his head, scooped a large amount of rice and ate; pushing that feeling out of his mind.

Hmm… the dishes tasted really good. For the past few days, he had eaten mostly weird meals that were healthy but tasteless. Now that he was met with so much tasty food out of nowhere, Yue Qiang was feeling extremely happy.

Appetite and lust are only natural!* (T/N: Chinese idiom)

It wasn’t until that he had finished the entire grand meal that he finally recalled that he still hadn’t stated his business.

He hurriedly put down his bowl and chopsticks before saying, “There is a problem with that fist techniques you’re making me practice.” Then he explained the problem he had ran into. For example, it was all fine and dandy when he was practicing at the beginning, and it was also not a problem when he slowly posed the motions. But when he increased the speed in which he connected the motions, then he would feel wrong all over and had even sprained his knees.

Luqiu Duanyi listened to him seriously while nodding from time to time indicating that she had understood. It was only until Yue Qiang had finished that she said, “That’s why I’m building you up.”

Only then he realized that she was referring to the grand meal on the table.

Next, the woman slowly crouched down before him and came to beside his thighs. The smile on her face was very gentle. Her hands caressed around his knee area before she smiled once more, then abruptly exerted force into both hands!

Yue Qiang sucked in a breath through his teeth softly. It hurt a lot!

Withstanding the terrible pain, he moved his knee slightly. Although it was still uncomfortable, his joint was already slowly regaining the ability to move freely.

This joint correction technique was very well done.

Luqiu Duanyi continued to crouch on the floor; helping Yue Qiang by softly massaging the sprained area. She was leaning very close to him, and because her head was lowered, her beautiful face was covered up by the soft and beautiful long hair pouring into his lap.

She asked softly, “Are you feeling better?”

“Much better.”

“You feeling pretty good right now?”

Of course it felt pretty good to have a beautiful woman crouching on the floor, massaging your legs and speaking gently towards you. Although it felt a little weird, Yue Qiang still answered after a moment’s thought, “Pretty good, yeah.”

“Then how about your tummy? Is it not a satisfying meal?” It was still the same soft voice and soft tone.

Yue Qiang said, “Pretty good, yeah.”

“Since your meal is finished, and your legs are fixed…” Luqiu Duanyi’s words abruptly jumped a hundred decibels halfway and rattled Yue Qiang’s ears painfully, “Then move your ass and get to practicing now!”

So after half a day wasted, he might as well have said nothing. Looks like he could only practice harder and figure out a way on his own.

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