SPO – Chapter 19

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SPO Chapter 19: Goosebumps

When he got out, Yue Qiang received a strange phone call. The numbers looked a little familiar.

After he pressed the answer key, he was surprised to hear Rao Xiao Ting’s voice.

“Hello Yue Qiang, I am the class beauty of our class Rao Xiao Ting. We haven’t communicated for three days already.”

Yue Qian was a little embarrassed. He was busy for the past two days and he did forget this great beauty of their class. He could only say, “You’re right, we haven’t talked on the phone in a while. How are you?”

“Yue Qiang, according to the principle that ‘men contribute the effort as much as climbing over a mountain to chase women; women contribute the effort as much as lifting a gauze to chase men’. I believe that we may begin the next step. Let’s start dating. Do you think this is a good idea?”

It’s a little strange. Rao Xiao Ting doesn’t usually speak like that, does she? For some reason, he kept feeling that her tone was a little strange, and yet he could not pinpoint what was wrong exactly.

“I have something private matters to deal with at the moment,” Yue Qiang said, “Why don’t I call you back once I’ve grown idle. Uh, I also think of you as a great girl.”

Yue Qiang did not mean to friendzone Rao Xiao Ting. She was the class beauty and he was only a Diaosi (T/N: in this particular context it means loser). It was just that he had suddenly acquired some strange ability, and this ability itself was shrouded with many mysteries.

Although he had confirmed that the Charisma points that he obtained was real, for now he didn’t feel like meeting up and so chose to delay the matter.

“Okay, Yue Qiang, thank you for your compliment. Then I’ll be waiting  for your phoning procedure.” Rao Xiao Ting hung up once she finished speaking.

What a bizarre way of speech.

Although Yue Qiang had never been chased the other way around by a  girl before,he also knew that a girl would never alter the way she speaks, even though she might act somewhat strangely or incomprehensibly in many ways.

He did not ignore it like the past few times and instead thought about the matter carefully.

‘Principle’, ‘step’, ‘procedure’… As Yue Qiang carefully recalled these keywords from his conversation with Rao Xiao Ting, he suddenly had the most terrifying feeling

The way the class beauty spoke was way too standard. It was just like the standard dialog mode, just like… a bunch of sentences automatically generated by a program!

He might be walking on a bustling street, but Yue Qiang was now completely covered in cold sweat!

He could not help but recall his gaming experiences for the past two days. The in-game NPCs’ expression, speech and actions were all incredibly realistic and well done no matter how you looked at it, whereas in comparison Rao Xiao Ting’s speech was too rigid, even if it was to be put inside a game!

Rao Xiao Ting seemed to be even more NPC than an actual NPC!

Yue Qiang could not stop himself from following this line of thought, but the more he thought about it the more frightened he felt. He unconsciously quickened his footsteps and he went straight towards the fitness club without even taking his meal.

That Luqiu Duanyi always seems to be hinting something at me when she speaks, but whenever I try to confront her, she always goes off topic… she must have known something!

About this game… it can’t go on like this. I must lay things out in the open and get some information directly from her.

When Yue Qiang thought to this point he had increased his footsteps yet again. He had run all the way to the fitness club but his breathing wasn’t even too ragged.

What normally would have taken him half an hour on public transport to arrive at the city’s business district, took only him twenty minutes this time.

Yue Qiang rushed up the building with neither a blush nor a racing heart and once again entered that magnificent top class fitness club. With a speed that surprised the workers, he ran through the hallway and arrived at the study.

The woman with the strange name and a figure that was too voluptuous for friends sat at the exact same spot facing him with her back. It was the same thin waist, and same round butt as before.

When Yue Qiang walked to the entrance he wanted to ask loudly. And yet he suddenly realized that he didn’t know when to start.

In fact, Luqiu Duanyi was the one who spoke first.

“How do you feel? Hmm, I mean your physical condition.”Luqiu Duanyi very carelessly stretched her back. It was the same sports bra plus sweat pants combination that revealed her smooth abdomen. She walked to his side and placed both her hands onto his shoulders. It was almost exactly the same incredibly sexy pose as before.

There was a most pleasant sight before his eyes, and yet Yue Qiang was not seduced by it. It seemed that his 16 points of Charisma had completely assimilated into his body and increased his resistance towards women along the way.

“I feel good, and my body feels okay as well. But what I want to know even more is you…” before Yue Qiang could finish, his lips was covered up by a pair of delicate hands.

Luqiu Duanyi interrupted him and said, “You want to know what I know, am I right?”

Her words were a little wordy, but Yue Qiang understood her very well, “That’s right.”

“Okay. Of course I can tell you what I know, but before that, I want to know something first.” Luqiu Duanyi pulled away from Yue Qiang’s body and placed a seemingly very old book she was holding back on the rack, “Can you tell me the exact number after your constitution has increased? Yes, this is very important.”

“The exact number after my constitution has increased?”

“That’s right. For example, if your health was at 100 before, then how much has it changed after three days of training – can you give me this number?” Luqiu Duanyi looked rather meaningfully at him.

Yue Qiang said, “I think we can stop talking in circles now. I can tell you right away that my st -”

He didn’t manage to say the word ‘stats’ before a delicate hand covered his lips once more. The owner of the delicate hand said in a soft but very firm tone, “What is your health right now, assuming that your previous number was at 100. Trust me, don’t say that word. It is for your own good.”

Once again the woman’s body was pressed up close, and her gaze looked both deep and beautiful. Staring into her eyes, after a long while Yue Qiang finally said, “If we suppose that my health was at 100 points before, then it will be around 220 points right now. This is calculated according to the ratio you told me. A normal person’s health would be around 160 points using this ratio.”

Yue Qiang had used the figure before his training – which was 7 points – and after his training – which was 13 points – and given his answer after converting it into the ratio that was requested.

“How about your strength, then?” Luqiu Duanyi asked again. She seemed to be relieved as she gave Yue Qiang an encouraging smile.

“My strength did not increase too much. If I was at 100 points before, then it would be around 108 points right now.”

After listening to Yue Qiang’s words, Luqiu Duanyi whispered with a relieved look, “As long as it increases it’s fine… as long as it increases it’s fine…”

Yue Qiang couldn’t hear her quite clearly and asked, “What did you say?”

“Nothing. In that case, let us begin your next training immediately.”

“Before that, there is something I need to ask you.” Yue Qiang said firmly. When he came here he had already made up his mind to question her about the things related to the game openly. Although she did not seem to bear any ill will towards him, and she had hinted repeatedly not to say any ‘words’ related to the game, in the end he could not hold it in any longer.

Rao Xiao Ting’s reactions had caused a chill to emerge from the bottom of his heart.

He must uncover the truth!

E/N: And the plot thickens 

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