Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 101

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Volume 1 Chapter 101: Xi Ling(Part 1)

[Forgotten continent map]: Qian Gun Gun had travelled the Forgotten Continents countless times, this is a map that he painted himself. It covers the entire forgotten continent as well as the surrounding area, the information is comprehensive and detailed and even includes some hidden areas that ordinary people don’t know about. Certain important or special areas also have additional annotations. With each region where monsters are located, there is a corresponding level associated with it. Different regions are coloured differently depending on their level of risk, the darker the colour, the more dangerous the region is. The black areas are where it is forbidden to set foot. Price: 50,000 gold. Stock: 1.

The first item that from Qiang Gun Gun’s list surprised Ling Chen. One map that is selling for 50,000 gold seemed like a high price but Ling Chen knew well that  the map for the entire Forgotten Continent is invaluable to players. The Forgotten Continent is extremely vast. Players who have just entered the Forgotten Continents would know nothing and can could only gradually explore everything. With this map, you can get information about the entirety of the Forgotten continent with a glance. It would be significantly more convenient to travel across the Forgotten Continent with the aid of the map. Moreover this is not just any plain old simple map. It includes numerous hidden areas of the Forgotten Continent, the complex labels allow for the map to contain much more information than just conventional maps.

[broken spatula]: Qiang Gun Gun spent 5 silver coins to buy a broken spatula from the residents of the Underworld. Contaminated by Death’s breath, the spatula was able to easily remove minerals from the ground. Effect: 100% chance to successfully mine any ore, after being used it will become an ordinary broken spatula. Price: 20,000 gold. Stock: 59.


Ling chen: (⊙o⊙)!!
100%… To mine any ore!


Even though it can only be used once and even though it’s a broken spatula being sold for 20,000 gold, it’s effect is incredibly strong! If he had this spatula, even if he had no mining ability, he would be able to mine ore no matter what level it is– Including the one he encountered previously, the mysterious red sun gold that he was completely helpless with!
But what made Ling Chen really grind his teeth was that these spatulas were bought by Qian Gun Gun for 5 silver in the Underworld, like he was taking trash. But he is selling them for 20,000 gold! The price is increased by 40,000 times!


Profits ontop of profits!
[Emptying Rock]: Qian Gun Gun picked up stones from the Underworld. Inside of which contains a low amount of spatial power. After placing it within a bag it can increase 300 storage space. Price 30,000 gold. Stock: 3.

At this point players can expand their storage space to a max of 200 in Azure Dragon City. This amount of space is considered enough for the current players, but for players that are from Mystic Moon, there will be more and more things to store in their backpacks… various equipment, crystals, items, potions and scrolls… with only 200 storage space, it would be hard to fit it all in. Especially for someone like Ling Chen who takes large volumes of a variety of items, with the current 200 storage space he can’t fit everything in. With the addition of this stone in his bag, he can increase it by 300 storage space! Increasing storage space to a total of  500!! In addition the price doesn’t seem too high… even though Qian Gun Gun didn’t need to spend a single cent for them!

[Supernatural Crystal]: Category: Energy Crystal, Grade: Super, Attribute: Light. Effect: Experience gained +10%. Price: 300,000 gold. Stock: 1.

This Supernatural Crystal can increase Exp earnt by 10%. To players who want to level like madmen, seeing this item would bring great surprise and joy. No matter how much it would cost, they would want to purchase it. But Ling Chen is not interested in it, he didn’t spend any further time looking at it and continued down the list.
[Strange yellow smelling beans]: Qian Gun Gun can’t remember where he got these beans from but regards, it makes a person’s shit yellow. Additionally  it was also releasing a foul odor. After eating -100 HP, exp +50,000. Price: 5000 gold. Stock: 300.

[Strange black smelling beans]: Qian Gun Gun can’t remember where he got these beans from either, their shape is similar to that of sheep shit. These beans were also releasing a foul odor. After eating -100HP, skill potential points +100. Price 5000 gold. stock: 300.
Items that will greatly increase exp and skill potential points… This time Ling Chen was once again quite surprised. In his state of being surprised,  he couldn’t help but take a look at the skinny Qian Gun Gun. Qi Yue had said that the things he sold were all unusual, after seeing his goods, Ling Chen now knew that the goods were more than just unusual. They had incredible effects as well! And these were only just his cheapest goods! No wonder so many people on the Forgotten Continent wanted to meet and trade with him.

[Skill Scroll — Second jump]: Usage requirements: Agility cannot be below 100. Perception cannot be below 8 points. After using the user will gain a “second jump”. They can jump again in any direction after jumping to reposition. Highest level: lvl 5, at max level when a perception of 12 points and agility is at 360, it can be upgraded to “triple jump”. Price: 500,000 gold. stock: 1.
[Flying scroll]: Usage requirements: None. After using this item, the user can increase the level of any unmaxed skill by 1 permanently. Price 500,000 gold, stock: 3.

After seeing these last 2 scrolls and looking at how much gold he had left, Ling Chen suddenly felt like crying with disappointment. In this moment, he had a very clear understanding of “money isn’t everything, but everything needs money” (Something Lu Shen had said).

If he could get [skill scroll — second jump], then with his agility, this ability [double jump] could yield terrifying results. Allowing him to enhance his protective and combative skills. It can even greatly increase his  escape abilities. If he can obtain [triple jump], Ling Chen couldn’t hold back his excitement at the just the thought of it. On top of  that the [flying scroll], directly level up one skill. Early on in the game, this scroll’s effet doesn’t seem to have such a dramatic impact but in the late game where skills are extremely difficult to level up, because not only will they need skill points but also other harsh conditions to fully raise the level, it would be extremely useful.

But these two scrolls both cost 500,000 gold each. He couldn’t afford them…
Additionally on top of that,  another thing he remembered, these are Qian Gun Gun’s cheapest goods… which is to say they are only his lowest grade items.

“Fair trade, fair deals, no haggling allowed. How about it, these are all good items right. I don’t carry any ordinary items around. Same rules, see one you like, pay first before taking the goods.” said Qian Gun Gun. Seeing Ling Chen had finished reading his list of goods, Qian Gun Gun narrowed his eyes. He only revealed his goods up to the price of  500,000 gold, because he could tell by the Ling Chen’s appearance that he only was carrying about that much.

“I want to buy all these things.” Ling Chen struggled to say: “but i’m not carrying that much money… Is there any way I can find you again in the future?”
Qian Gun Gun stared, and started shaking his head: “No no no! There are many people who want to buy my items, if I was found by people, how can I continue living happily! The business I make is based on fate! Want to buy more things? If you don’t have enough money then you’ll just have to wait till the next time you encounter me. But, my whole life I’ve never come across the same living being more than twice. Even seeing someone twice happens very very rarely.”

The already demoralized Ling Chen now felt completely helpless. He pondered about in his thoughts for a while, then took out 80,000 gold and gave it to Qian Gun Gun: “buy [Forgotten continent map] and [Emptying rock].”
“OKAY!” gold in hand, Qian Gun Gun eyes turned into gold coins, and very quickly took out a map and a rock, that looked no different from a marble, and handed them to Ling Chen. “Boy, you have good taste, I have spent several hundred years drawing this map, only seeing it for 50,000 gold, you’ve gotten a bargain!”

After buying the map and the emptying rock, Ling Chen still had 340,000 gold, he couldn’t afford the skill scroll, the flying scroll or the supernatural rock… too bad, it felt like a waste. As for the two strange smelling beans, Ling Chen thought for a moment. For the amount he thought it cost, he felt that the effects were not worth it. So instead he took out his 340,000 gold… and gave it all to Qian Gun Gun: “Buy 17 spatulas.”
Perhaps for the average player, even if there was a 100 percent chance to mine any high level ore they still aren’t much use, because high level ore is not so easy to find. But because Ling Chen had Xiao Hui by his side, that wouldn’t be a concern when finding treasure. So, after another brief moment of consideration, he  decided to spend the rest of his gold to buy the spatulas that can give him 100% chance to mine ores.

“OKAY!” Qian Gun Gun exclaimed, with gold in his hands. He then quickly took out 17 broken spatulas and gave them to Ling Chen. Qian Gun Gun eyes gleamed as he  looked more and more pleased.Transaction complete, “What else do you want, pay with gold and you’ll get it immediately.” he then said with a smile

Holding the last 7583 gold in his hands, Ling Chen took out 5000 gold and said “buy 1 black bean.”

A single strange smelling black bean was placed in his hands. Ling Chen only had 2583 gold left, having this amount was still considered wealthy among the players, but he is no longer able to buy anything from Qian Gun Gun. He could only helplessly say: “I will not making any more purchases.”

Then the items, each one stronger than the other, were all stored away by Qian Gun Gun. Using a map that can be reproduced infinitely, a stone that he picked up, and more than a dozen broken spatulas and a black bean that looked like sheep shit to make over 400,000 gold, he put his possessions away and said with a smile: “If there’s nothing else i’ll be heading off, see you next time. Oh right, for all our trade, i can tell you something for free. The reason you can be standing there and still be alive is because the bastard who lives in front of the Lonely Spirit Ridge just happened to not be here. Every year he leaves for 1-2 days, normally never leaving for too long. It’s like it seems to be guarding something, so it’s best you leave quickly, if he comes back you’re dead meat. I’ll be going now.”

After squeezing all the gold out of Ling chen, Qian Gun Gun seemed to no longer have an interest in Ling Chen. After finishing talking, he bent his back, twisting his body, and hobbled away. His running was like that of a monkey being chased by a wolf. That attitude made Ling Chen’s heart twitch. He stood there silently thinking about what Qian Gun Gun said, his eyes suddenly lit up… According to Qian Gun Gun, there’s an extremely powerful “bastard” living in Lonely Spirit Ridge and the people who have died here in the past were because of that ‘scary bastard’.  Lucky he is still safe and still hasn’t even faced a great danger and it was all because that “scary bastard’ had conveniently left.

Which is to say, now is the golden opportunity!!
Could this also be the luck that Xiao Hui brings? Ling Chen no longer hesitated. He changing from his cautious movements to one that  charged straight for the entrance of the lonely spirit ridge.

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