Shen Mu

Alternative Name: 神墓, Tomb of God
Author: Chen Dong (辰東)
Category: Chinese web novel, Fantasy
Status: Raws complete, translation ongoing
Translator(s)/Translation Group: ZSW
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After having been dead for ten thousand years, Chen Nan finds himself resurrected in the mysterious Shenmo Cemetery. Without knowing why he was brought back to life, he embarks on a journey to begin his life anew.

shen mu

Volume 1: Leaving Shen Mu

Volume 2: Dragon Soaring in the Imperial Capital

Volume 3: The City of Crime

Volume 4: Remains of a God

32 Responses to Shen Mu

  1. Ho Ya says:

    wow, amazing novel, wanna read MOAR

  2. Aiko says:

    thanks you! a very delicious sweet potato! yummy!

  3. Mario says:

    Just discovered this site, good heavens! So much to read!! 😀 Thanks Alyschu&Co!!

  4. No Name says:

    This Novel is a treasure for Masochist, but to normal readers, boring and… hard to keep reading, will try to finish one… more… chapter…

  5. Jiraiyanairad says:


  6. Roulian says:

    I’m still only at chapter 5, truly for masochistic :-S.
    I’ll continue reading, I hope that the mc will man up a big in the following chapters ?.
    It’s well written.

  7. fiqram says:

    thanks for the translation

  8. KLJY says:

    Love it.

  9. skeithking says:

    God! when does the story even get away from the constant beating and misfortune of the MC, EVERY CHAPTER so far(5) he get beating and abused CONSTANTLY, anyone know when that stops? or if at all.

  10. skeithking says:

    Seems its chapter 8

  11. jq says:

    how does a dead guy who just revived know its 10k yrs passed by him?

  12. kaliwite says:

    Update pls…

  13. RoyalPeasant says:

    I must be a maschosit to be reading this novel

  14. edan says:


    idiot mc

  15. Zaza says:

    That princess really pisses me off! Wow I know she can be smart, but that’s really way too bitchy. Actually, her entire family as a whole pisses me off to. The father does something stupid like piss off the wrong person, the elder sister a devious witch, and the younger sister a yandere.

  16. Inyaaz says:

    Great translation and interesting storyline,> hope it gets translated regularly.

  17. Inyaaz says:

    This CWN has a newish theme and the MC seems to go between inferiority and superiority complex.(making it interesting). It is also a b**ch to use MT to read this. Hope it gets translated more often and the project is not dropped.

  18. yamikur says:

    the first 8-9 chapters are hellish but the story quickly becomes truly interesting afterwards . i would recommend that you stick with it

  19. Inyaaz says:

    more please

  20. Lol says:

    I have to ask, how do you people even like this novel? Like please… tell me, I beg you.

  21. GivingUp says:

    I really tried to like this one. The whole coming back from the dead thing thousands of years later hooked me and tge first chapter interested me. Unfortunately my experience was soured due to an intolerable b**ch who is an abusive waste of space who i have no idea why the MC is still with her as of Volume 3 chap 5. and the MC is just as bad at some points, oh i have the upper hand after you have spent days beating me up, using me as a punching bag, and threatened to castrate me,let me just spank you a couple of times and not search you for anything inportant *cough*Lotus*cough. Neither will i shut you up for no apparent reason. However things were looking up as they reached the city and the b**ch barely appeared anymore. Of course that was screwed up as he was oh let me kidnap her so i can escape but then even when I reach the free city ill keep her around and not ditch her also letting her keep talking and get herself a new pet that can harm me under the idiotic premise of “a supreme expect might be following me”. Insead of ditching her or at the very least sealing her mouth, but no shes still there, the MC is still an idiotic fool and I cant handle it anymore. so as a warning if you like any of what i have said above if not run away.

  22. DontRead says:

    Warning Do Not Read This if you would like:
    -a smart/likable MC who isnt an idiot
    -a female who you would strangle and sent off a cliff with sharks, explosives, sharp rocks, and eternal torture

  23. Acnologia09 says:

    is this novel still translating??? such good novel

  24. Buddy says:

    Is this still being translated?

  25. Abc123 says:

    Lol I kinda like the interaction between the little princess and the MC I’m betting that fairy that scamed him in his past life has something to do with his resurrection. Anyway damn good story more please

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