Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 76

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The Nun Saw

A period of time where the sun just risen and the air was crisp.
While it was close to summer, an air that felt a bit chilly enveloped the town of Be Io.
At that hour where only a portion of people would get up, Bernadette had woken up.


When she made a big yawn, Bernadette took off her sleep-wear as she got up from the bed.
If you wake up early, you should just go back to bed.
Yuu would probably say something like that, but it was the church’s teaching that prayers to God needed to be done once the sun had risen.
When she dressed herself in her habit, she took out the plain rosary made of silver from her breast, faced the sun, and knelt down.

At the beginning of the day, she expressed her thanks for God’s divine protection.
Having finished her prayers and getting up, any drowsiness was blown away from Bernadette.

I had finished my prayers a bit early, but because I woke up early, I had nothing to do. To put it simply, I free time.
I had the foolish idea of wondering if I could do anything for Yashiro-san, who had to fight because of me, but because I was told 「Don’t make any food」 up until the time we came to this town, I even able to prepare breakfast.

……Even though I made such a dramatic pose, I lost. Even though I’m the one that should have taken the full brunt of it, Yashiro-san was invited out of interest, and only Yashiro-san was made to fight. Because of all of that, this current situation where I’m of no use at all is very agonizing.

As I was thinking about what I could do to be useful to Yashiro-san, I noticed the sound of a door opening from Yashiro-san’s room which was right beside mine.
The footsteps were going far off, and then there was the sound of them going down the stairs.

It would seem that Yashiro-san also woke up early today.
It’s pretty rare for the normally oversleeping Yashiro-san to have an early rising.

Could it be that he woke up early from feeling nervous?
Thinking that I could at least encourage him, I chased after Yashiro-san.

「Well then, I’m going to borrow the back yard, okay?」

「Please don’t leave it too untidy, got it?」

「I told you yesterday that I was only going to lightly move my body, didn’t I?」

When I was about to call out to him as soon as I opened the door, I heard a conversation between Yashiro-san and the innkeeper.
Backyard? Exercise? ……Could it be, to unravel his nervousness? But, he said that he mentioned yesterday……

As I thought about it for a bit, *Patan*, there was the sound of the door to the backyard being shut.

「Good morning, Innkeeper-san.」

「Ah, good morning. Are you also going to use the backyard?」


When I greeted the innkeeper as I came down the stairs from the second floor, he replied with a question whose meaning I didn’t understand.

「It’s not very spacious, but feel free to use it.」

Saying that, the innkeeper started sweeping the floor.

「Exercise……Could he be doing push-ups or squats or something?」

When talking about exercises to be done in a place that wasn’t very spacious, these were the only things that came to mind, but if it were these, I think it would be fine if they were done in his room……I’ll feel at ease if I just go and confirm it.

When I slowly opened the door to the backyard,

「Here we go.」

exactly right now, there was the appearance of Yashiro-san being naked above the waist!

(Wah! Wawah! Wh, why is he stripping!? Is, is it cause he’s a pervert? Is it because he’s a pervert!?)

I knew that he was a pervert, but I didn’t think that it went as far as having an interest in exhibitionism!
No, I guess I can understand it a bit? Yashiro-san does have a pretty good figure. It’s sexy. But, even so, it isn’t good to be immersed in self-satisfaction from exposing it! It’s unwholesome!
……Could it be that he’s doing this in the backyard and not outside because he’s still a bit shy?

As I was thinking stuff like that, Yashiro-san took out a single sword from the pouch that was on his waist.
The blue sword blade was transparent like a jewel, and was glittering.
I knew at a glance. There’s no mistake that that was a 『Magic Sword』. And it was a considerably sharp sword!
Putting aside why Yashiro-san possessed such a thing, Yashiro-san gripped that Magic Sword with both hands, and started to slowly move his body.

「Those are……practice swings?」

Raise it overhead, bring it down. Raise it overhead, bring it down.
He started to continuously and earnestly repeat such normal practice swings.

However, when I took a good look at him, sweat was starting blotch on Yashiro-san’s forehead. Even though he had only just started.

「Why is it that with only that……」
「That thing Yuu is doing utilizes every muscle on his body. It’s many times harder than a common exercise, you know?」
「!? Eu, Eustace-san?」

Being suddenly called out to from behind, I was surprised, and when I turned around, there was Jean Jacques Eustace.

「I don’t mind of you call me Jean. Well, he’s using……or rather, I guess it’s more accurate to say that he is checking them. ……He does that as a daily routine. In order to understand how far his own body will move. And then, in order to reconfirm it.」

Eustace-san said that while raising the circular brim of his feathered hat with his finger.

「Daily routine? But, I haven’t seen Yashiro-san do something like this up until now.」

At the very least, I haven’t seen it ever since I had met Yashiro-san.

「That’s because he’s been doing it early in the morning just like he is doing today. He might seem like he has a freewheeling personality, but in fact, he is diligent and hard working. He’s the type to continue doing this sort of thing no matter what happens.」

Breathing a sigh that felt like it was saying “good grief”, Jean-san sucked in a deep breath and,


「Yuu! A nun that serves God is looking at the half-naked you and getting aroused, you know!? Don’t you think that this is immoral!?」
「Just what in the world are you sayiiinnnngggg!!」

He kicked open the door to the backyard and shouted.
A period of time where the sun had just risen and the air was crisp. Even though it was an hour where only a portion of people had gotten up!
Kuu, I had a lapse in memory! I forgot that no matter how great of a person Yashiro-san’s acquaintances were, they were owners of personalities that conformed to that of perverts……!!

「……I, iyan」[1]

And then, speaking of the Yashiro-san in question, he covered his body with a pose that was like one a girl would take.

Translator’s Notes:
[1] Iyan sounds much better for me. For those that don’t know what it means, here it’s a kind of scream of embarrassment.

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