Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 67

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Chapter 67 – The Preceding Hero and the Perilous Mood

「I see, and so, just like that, you’re now going to be acting together with Centaur-san and the others.」

「Ah, yeah.」

It had become a morning where the rain had stopped and the sun had risen, and the weather was one where was not a single cloud in the sky.
Although the wagons had difficulty progressing due to the mountain trail being muddy from the rain, with the Centaurs’ cooperation, we slowly but steadily continued on.

Despite that, it seems that Bernadette’s mood was excessively bad.
Even now, she was sitting next to me and staring at me with reproachful eyes.

「Hmph. Is that so, is that so. Ire-san, was it? She is Yashiro-san’s preferred older-type beauty, after all~.」

「……Y, you’re misunderstanding things. Even I have times when I move from being driven by righteous indignation, you know?」

「She has Yashiro-san’s preferred big breasts, after all. Every time she moves with her trot, they sway side to side, after all~.」


It’s, it’s no good. I don’t really get it but I’m not getting through to her!
Also, why am I being criticized!?

「Warrior Yashiro!」


A frigid female voice resounded.
The owner of that yell was the above mentioned Ire-san.

Wearing destructively excellent erotic equipment known as bikini armor, her breasts, just as Bernadette said, greatly shook with a *purun purun* every time she walked.
The light brown mantle that could only conceal her upper half made it feel like a peep show.

「Do you, need me for something?」

Standing up on top of the wagon, I reply as refreshing as I possibly can.


It felt like Bernadette, who was beside me, became even more ill-tempered. But, what’s important right now is to input that fascinating body within my head without being found out.

「Yeah, we’ve decided on our plans. We’d like to have you also present.」

After offering my help, I officially became the Centaurs’ assistant.
It’s because I was halfway forcibly accepted when they thought that it would be better to have a lot of guys that could fight if such a time ever came.

「Right! I’ll be over there right away!」

「The bottom of your nose is stretching.」


Noticing what Bernadette said, I promptly went back to a smart-looking facial expression. I intended to look like a pretty boy, at least in my mind.

「Well the, I’ll be going for a bit.」

「Is that so, go ahead and do what you want~.」

Bernadette puffed up her cheeks and seemed to be sulking.
Actually, rather than “seeming” like it, she was totally sulking.

「Yashiro-san, you idiot.」

Bernadette’s monologue had reached me, who was headed to Ire-san’s side.



「A, ahaha……S-so this is town of Be Io. It’s a tasteful town, at any time, isn’t it.」


「That’s right.」


Why is such a perilous mood hanging in the air?

……W, well, it’s fine. Since there’s the saying that “a woman’s heart and autumn weather are both fickle”, no matter how much I worry about it, I won’t be able to arrive at the right answer.

Now then, this is sudden, and I mean really sudden but, we’ve arrived at the town of Be Io.
The result of the conference with Ire-san and the others was that I was appointed the role of meeting with the chief of the Port City Be Io, 「Vodan-shi」[1], asking about news regarding the slave market, and, if possible, help out in the rescue of the people that were kidnapped. Because the good that I was transporting was addressed to Vodan-shi’s child, the merchant Ossans said that I’ll definitely be able to meet with him.
I wasn’t all that worried since the Headmaster had a friendship with him, but, based on my own experience, I for some reason thought 「this Vodan person just might be a wire puller」, and when I tried saying that out loud in a joking way, I got a severe scolding from the present merchant troupe Ossans.
As for why, they said something like since he honored the 「Moral Code (Jingi)」 and had chivalry overflowing with manly spirit, he was not a character that would lend a hand to such a crime.

Moral code and chivalry, huh. ……Vodan-shi, he is unmistakably a person that is called Oyabun[2] or something, isn’t he?
Am, am I the only one that has a bad premonition about this? No, this is already past the point of being a premonition and it’s definitely bad.

So, speaking of the crucial Ire-san and the others, we divided our war potential into two, with the other group heading to the other port city of Oltaine and then returning to the Centaur village to call for reinforcements.

We were now acting separately from Ire-san and others, but we arrived here after I persuaded myself with 「since I’ll be able to go Kyah kyah and Ufufu with cat-eared and fox-eared Onee-samas, give it up!」.

Ire-san returned to the village and we were now searching the town of Be Io with the remaining guys but,


Since this Centaur girl, aka 『Kuushe』, was acting together with me for some reason, things have gotten troublesome.
Although it could be said that it was from the heat of the moment, I had stepped on this girl’s older brother. Moreover, I pressed a sword at the back of his neck.
Resenting me for that……no, that’s not right. Not forgiving me for that, she didn’t hide her hostility towards me.
It was a sharp look that seemed like it could shoot a person to death.
Well, for me, I don’t really mind things like bloodlust or hostility, but it would seem that my travelling companion was unable to stomach that.

「Could I have you stop glaring at Yashiro-san?」

With that, Bernadette also turned a look that could shoot a person to death towards Kuushe.

Bernadette……Are you mad about how I’m being glared at? But I’m fine. That’s why I’d like for you to not blame her……

「With things having gone into such a gloomy mood, we can’t start talking about when we will be having a meal!」

I knew it! I knew that it was about food!! Damn it, even though I was a bit happy, in the end it was about food!!
Rather, things have been this way ever since we came out of the forest, dammit!

Although I’ve been called things like Hero, I’m basically a timid person.
Even now, I’m in suspense from attitude of the female camp.

「……Hmph. It’s because you humans kidnapped our brethren that you’re in the wrong.」

「Mu! ……I do think that was something bad. However, this incident isn’t something that we did……」

「After all, humans are only of such caliber. Right from the point when they took the brethren that we couldn’t protect.」

「Mukka (Pissed). Same to you guys, having those comrades of yours being kidnapped right under your noses, and on top of attacking an innocent merchant troupe, failing at the attack, you’re surprisingly careless people, aren’t you?」

「……How dare you, you were looking down on my brethren, weren’t you?」

「……What is it? You want to fight?」

Kuushe took out a bow from who knows where and Bernadette took out her Magic Guns from the inside of her captivating slit.

「You can’tttt!! We’re in the middle of town right now! I’m telling you, it’s dangerous to be doing that in the middle of town!」

Desperately doing my best, although I was somehow able to keep them from using their weapons, it became an atmosphere that was more perilous than before.

Women are scary.

It was a single act that made me think that.

Translator’s Notes:
[1] I’m not exactly sure how this is translated. Original: ヴォーダン氏
[2] A way of saying Boss. Sometimes associated with how bosses in the yakuza are called.

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