Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 64

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Chapter 64 – The Preceding Hero and the Sound of Rainfall

When one continues northwest to the Port City Be Io from Lizwadia, a gentle sloping mountain range awaits.

It’s the Lu Teo Mountain Range.

This mountain range is often used by peddlers leaving Be Io and, as if the soil were prepared, a flat road went through it. Even if one were to be riding a carriage, it feels comfortable how it wouldn’t shake.
It’s surrounded by a forest, but even so, when compared to the Forest of Bewilderment, a very bright road went through it.

The light of the sun that peeked through the gaps of the trees shined on the wagons of a caravan that was continuing on the mountain range’s gently sloping road. And then, in one of those wagons, the sunshine also shined on a black haired boy that was sleeping on the roof of a big wagon that a silver Kulkel was transporting.

「Dammit, the flickering is so dazzling that I can’t sleep.」

He was Yashiro Yuu, the Hero that saved this world of 『Reynbrook』 from the Demon Lord three years ago.

It’s already three days since we left Lizwadia.
Bernadette and I took up to being escorts of a merchant’s caravan who was just thinking that they wanted an escort at a village of wine farmers, whose main industry was a grape plantation, called 『Colshin』 that we stopped by on the way, and that was how we were able to continue our journey sitting and lying down in a wagon.

「Oya, it feels like I just heard some kind of really long explanation speech?」

「For now, you should show a bit more shame.」

I was lying down on top of the wagon and Bernadette, having removed the detachable slit skirt that was worn with a zipper style, had her bare legs coming from the skirt that became something like a tight mini with a slit in it and was dangling her legs from the roof of the wagon.

I was surprised that it was detachable, but I was also surprised by how low Bernadette’s shame was as she freely exposed her bare legs.

「Fufufu, this is the so-called, Service Scene, you know, Yashiro-san.」

「Don’t get so full of yourself, you nitwit.」

「I don’t want to be told that by the Yashiro-san who was intermittently staring at my thighs since a while ago~.」

I, I was found out!?

「Besides, when it becomes this season, the light of the sun is so strong that even the vestment becomes hot. But, if it’s like this, just by taking off the bottom of the skirt, it feels very refreshing, you know?」

「Heh~. I thought that skirts would just the wind go through them just as they were and be refreshing.」

「It might be fine to think that way if it were a normal skirt. However, vestments are originally made with thick cloth and the length is fairly long. There’s no space for wind to go through.」

「I see.」

「Even in the conversation just now, you intermittently stared about four times, didn’t you, Yashiro-san.」

I, I was found out!!

「Come to think of it, it’s already almost summer for Reynbrook.」

No wonder it was getting hot. And while I’m on that subject, are there cicadas in this world?

「When you speak of summer, it’s all about Galarie’s ice candy. I’ve heard that even though it’s really cold, it’s sweet, delicious, and the best. I definitely want to try eating it.」

By the way, I would like to point out that this girl’s 「eating」 is to consume the portions of several tens of people.

「Ice candy? ……Ah~, is it something like popsicles?」

「You know of them!?」

Snapping onto my muttering, Bernadette drew closer to me.
B, but still, this is dangerous. This posture is dangerous!

Bernadette came leaning her body facing me, who was lying down, but Bernadette’s large breasts were dangling in front of my eyes!
To be able to make breast bags like that even though it’s supposed to be made of a thick cloth, as expected of another world.

「I’m starting to think it’s a bit bad for your eyes to be on nothing but my breasts even though I’m seriously asking you a question.」

「I, I’m sorry.」

*Gori*. With a Magic Gun pushed to my forehead, I raised my hands and took a “Give up” pose.

「Jeez. Yashiro-san really is a beast!」

I’d kind of like for you to not acknowledge me as a beast looking so delighted……

「O~I, Nii-chan![1] Could you guys help out a bit?」


When a rough man’s voice was made, the speed of the march of the caravan, which was a line of wagons, began to slow down.

「What happened?」

Bernadette went into a half-rising posture and asked……tte OOOOHHHH!!
H, her skirt is! Having gone into a half-rising posture, from her skirt is!!

「The weather’s started to change! It looks like it will go from an evening shower to full-blown rain. Help out in making the tents!」

I, I can see it! Just a bit more, by moving my head just a tiny bit more, the Utopia that men dream of is! By these eyes!!
……Eh, no way……To not see the panty’s string from this angle……C, could it be, she’s not wearing…ッ!

「I am wearing them!!」


Getting kicked and flying by Bernadette, I fell from the carriage and tumbled down the mountain trail.

Just as the merchant troupe Occhan[2] said, by the time we finished fastening the tents with the caravan, the weather became suspicious and by the time we started distributing food, a downpour of rain started.

「Man~, it’s great that we put them up in an open place.」

「Yeah, seriously.」

While laughing like that, the merchant Occhans were taking in warmth under the tents.

Just as the Occhans said, in an open area within the mountains, the wagons of the stopped caravan stopped as if drawing a semi-circle, and, within the tents that stretched out from those wagons, light trading and pleasant talks started among them.


「Nn~……It’s warm~.」

Maybe because of the temperature drop due to the rain, or maybe because it was after she had finished eating the distributed food, Bernadette slept while hugging Silber as a replacement for a pillow.

「Yo~, An-chan. Is it already bedtime for your company’s Sister-chan?」

「Yeah, pretty much. She’s something like a “eat well, sleep well” kind of person.」

「Dahahaha! Sister-chan’s way of eating is pretty amazing after all!」

The merchant Occhan that invited us at Colshin Village came by holding two cups made of iron. Steam was coming from the cups.

「Wanna drink some coffee?」

「I’ll have some.」

When I held it the cup I was handed in my hands, its heat was transmitted to me.
Rather, it was in all honesty hot.


「It was just boiled after all! Of course it’ll be hot.」

While laughing with a “Gahahaha”, Occhan drank the coffee within the cup with one breath.
And then, glancing at me, he smiled with a broad grin.

「Goh! ~~っ!?」

Not wanting to lose to him, I tried to drink it in one breath but, still, it was hot.
Regretfully, I wasn’t able to chug it down.

「It’s just a bit more until we get to Be Io. I pray that there won’t be turn for An-chan’s group, but even if I do that, it just might happen. In case there’s a time like that, I’m counting on ya, got it?」

「Understood –ssu.」

That bright sky was now dark, hidden by clouds, and had a downpour of rain.

Now then, I guess I should go on night watch.

Translator’s Notes:
[1] For those that don’t know, Nii-chan or Nii-san could be used when calling a young man, not just a brother.
[2] Occhan is another way of saying old man like ossan.

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