Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 46

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Chapter 46 – Moonlit Night, Parade of Corpses [2]

「『Dragon Tusk Warrior』, is it?」

「Yes. Dragon Tusk Warrior, as the name implies, it’s a puppet created from a dragon’s tusk. ……Though they’ve been cleverly made to look like Skull Warriors, their true form is a powerful, immortal army. Since they don’t even belong to the Undead, it’s probably pointless to wait for morning to come.」

Lizwadia Magic Academy’s teacher, Leizelido Dotorangé picked up a fragment of a Dragon Tusk Warrior that was defeated and turned into pieces, and explained to the other teachers.

Hearing Dotorangé’s story, a male teacher shut his mouth, and his face went ghastly pale.

「A, against such an opponent………」

「There is a chance of winning. We were taught that by the princess of Leezelion.」

Dotorangé, who had a more horrific face than those zombies out there, swung the cane in his hand at the frightened teachers and replied such.

「Leezelion’s princess……You mean, that 『prodigy』?」

「Yes. According to her, the Dragon Tusk Warriors are strong against physical strength but, what we use is magic. They are especially weak against barrier-type magic, so they will be weakened by restoring the academy’s barrier, and then by doing so, it is possible to remove their revival ability. The Hero party also escaped this dilemma with this method.」

The group of ten-odd teachers led by Dotorangé headed towards their destination while defeating the Dragon Tusk Warriors that were disguised as Skull Warriors.

「If we restore the barrier, this will all end.」

From Dotorangé’s words, smiles returned to the disheartened teachers.

(Nonetheless, I don’t see the caster’s figure……… Moreover, to destroy this academy’s barrier, even if they are a Duke-class, it should be impossible. ……Just how did they do it………)

While suppressing the incoming Dragon Tusk Warriors, the group of teachers led by Dotorangé rushed towards the location that was the origin of the barrier in order to repair it.

「Don’t go out too far! Take enough distance, and annihilate them!」

The main street. It was here, where most of the Dragon Tusk Warriors were advancing in, that more than half of the academy’s teachers as well as the upper classmen of the fourth department to the sixth department had spread out their built up line of defense.

Against the Dragon Tusk Warriors that rose up at a fixed interval no matter how many of them were defeated, the academy’s teachers and students were, without taking one step back, protecting the academy that was at their backs.

「However, the question is, until how long will this keep up.」

The Lizwadia Magic Academy Headmaster, Rougaron muttered while prospecting the battlefield that was maintaining a balance.

No matter how many prided superior magicians the academy gathers, in the end, they are people. They have limits.

(And then, even if we are somehow able to deal with the Dragon Tusk Warriors, what about the caster that is controlling them? ……The seventh Duke-class. I do not believe that things will end with only this.)

Rougaron continued thinking while stroking his prided beard.

(……Though I think this, I do not really understand anything more than this. I do not know the opponent’s objective either.)

Rougaron concluded as such,

and stood up.

「We have finished evacuating the ordinary citizens of the main street district. I am heading out there.」

The Supreme Ruler and King that had once taken possession of half of the world stood up.

「Yes sir. Groups one through 17, move back and open up the street! The Headmaster is departing to the front!!」

The teacher that received Rougaron’s words shouted as loud as his voice possibly could.

「Hoho. Well then, shall we head out……my soldiers.」

Saying that, raising his hands to the sky, behind Rougaron, several tens, several hundreds of magic formations appeared.

「――Dima yolge twolstouren elementia (Respond to my wish, Spirits of the Earth)」

What appeared from there were a several hundred thousand soldiers clad in steel armor.

「If it is about “troops”, it is my field of expertise.」

The steel armored soldiers charged with swords, lances, and hammers in their hands.

Without a war cry to be heard, only the simple sound of steel rubbing on steel had resounded.

「Now, it is a match to see whose alchemy can surpass the other’s, Necromancer.」

A greatly widened line of defense. It was there, where the steel army had run through, that they had clashed with the corpse army.

「Trample them down, my Golems!!」

The warfront’s balance, was greatly tipped.

「Thank goodness, so Henrietta-sama was also able to evacuate!」

「To you as well, thank goodness you are safe.」

Inside the arena that was liberated to be used for the evacuation, Mana and Eri reunited with Henrietta.

「To think that right after our practice had finished, something like this would occur………I had not considered this at all.」

Mana and Eri nodded at the sighing Henrietta, and replied with a bitter smile.

「Since you’re a princess knight, I thought you’d be fighting outside.」

「I did attempt to fight! Despite that, only Alicia-san was recruited, and I was reluctantly appointed to be on standby! Kuu! Even though it was chance to show Alicia how good I am!」

At Eri’s words, Henrietta reproachfully talked while flames were seething in her eyes.

「If she were to watch my efforts, Alicia-san’s heart would surely start heading towards me……っ!」

「Henrietta-sama, recently, you certainly have been pretty open about that sort of thing.」

「It’s proof that, with the appearance of the rival called Yashiro-sensei, she is panicking.」

「I am not panicking in the least! ……By the way, have you seen the aforementioned Yashiro-sensei anywhere?」

「Uun. Mana and I haven’t seen him.」

「Right. ……He hasn’t, come here?」

Mana looked around at the vicinity, and although one could tell the deep character that was Yuu apart from everyone else even from a distance, she couldn’t find him.

「He isn’t, in the arena?」

「The places to liberate that are left are the clock tower and each of the practice grounds. He is probably in one of those areas but………I have not confirmed that he is in this arena.」

「Is that……so. But, if it’s Yashiro-sensei, I think that he will be completely fine, don’t you?」

「Why do you say that?」

「It’s because I can’t imagine him losing.」

At Mana’s words, Henrietta, who was thinking something similar, giggled.

「By the way, Mana-san. I would like to borrow your strength, is that alright?」


Mana was surprised by the sudden change in topic but, Henrietta continued without pay much attention to that.

「I am pleased with having the second name of 『Princess Knight』. ……And so, I do not wish to make that name a falsehood.

Therefore, would you be able to bring me to the battlefield?」

While looking at the broom that allowed one to be able to fly in the sky that Mana was preciously carrying, just like that, Henrietta gave an order dressed up like a request.

「Fumu, we’ve received a surprising amount of resistance. The modern day magicians really can’t be made light of.」

While looking down upon the streets of Lizwadia which had now turned into a battlefield, that something that had its body wrapped up in a tattered robe pleasantly muttered.

「Well, the Dragon Tusk Warriors are nothing more than disposable pieces. Now then, it’s about time for me to take the next measure.」

That thing that wore the robe, looked up to the red moon while greatly raising up its mouth that was concealed by the hood.

「Come, eat the living, and make them your provisions!」

Greatly spreading out both arms, from behind that thing, passing several tens, several hundreds, a large army of “dragons” descended from the sky upon Lizwadia.

「Shall I have you show them to me. ……The mysteries, of people!!」

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