Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 – The Glard Wasteland Battle [2]

「……The Preceding…Hero.」

「Yeah. ……For certain reasons, I can’t tell you his name, but I have wielded a sword together with him.」

At Kaito’s muttered words, Sylvia answered him with a nod.

「Therefore, I’ll take the chance to say this. ……You are not to fight.」

「……Wh, a…」

At the words that Sylvia suddenly fired at them, not only Kaito, but Akane, Sakuya, and Akira swallowed their breath.

「In a world without a Demon Lord, things like Heroes are needless. ……Right now, in my country, Repatriating Magic is being investigated, and we have completed a basic theory. If you wish to return to your former world safely, you should sit and wait without fighting.」

Having said that, Sylvia turned around. At the time that everyone was dumbfounded, Kaito took one step forward.

「……The Demon Lord isn’t here……what do you, mean by that?……By don’t fight――」

The mustered voice that came out, quivered.

「……What will come out, of telling me that?」

At the provocation like manner of speaking, Kaito flew into a rage and shouted.

「I’ll defeat him! The Demon Lord, with these hands!!」

「……It’s impossible for you.」


Answering him without opening a gap, Sylvia’s eyes, were, disgusted at the shouting Kaito’s words.

「Even your predecessor couldn’t defeat the Demon Lord. And so, you wouldn’t be able to defeat him either.」

「……Ev…en, I! Even I’ve become strong!! I can even use Drago Roar…! 」

「……I see. In that case, at most, you won’t die. If you guys die once, it’s over for you after all. ……Well then.」

She responded with that truth that would open a person’s eyes from surprise if it were an ordinary person in an extremely uninterested manner and, just like that, left the area.

「Hmph……It’s a problem that comes before having or not having the sacred sword. There is no reason in defeating the Demon Lord, who is the embodiment of negative feelings, with one who is apprehended with revenge, is there………! 」

As she left, her words that she uttered as if she were spitting them out slipped into the wind and did not reach anyone’s ears.

「That damned Luxeria, now she’s done it……」

A hand that possessed slender fingers that were white like the Japanese ice fish made a sound by slamming on the desk that the strategy map of the Glard wasteland was placed on.

Inside of the tent of the Leezelion Empire that was built in the Glard Wasteland, Sylvia showed her violent anger in front of the young knight that was her direct retainer, who had just returned to the tent.

「Just because they are built on top of a dragon vein, there are still things that should and should not do…!」

Again, Sylvia slammed her hand.

「Your Highness, please take care of yourself. Your hand will get injured from striking with it so many times.」

The indigo blue armor wearing young man advised her as such.

Keeping his blond hair all together behind him and having blue eyes, he had a peerless, not at all inferior to Sylvia’s description when put beside her, beautiful and well-featured face.

「If I don’t do this, I won’t be able to keep it in.

……You saw them as well. You understand, don’t you? ……Those guys, they’re just “ordinary people” that only have high mana amounts, that were “made out to be” “Heroes”, you know!?」

The young knight couldn’t answer to her bitter outcry.

Continually being by her side due to being the Chief of the Imperial Guards, he had also been at the place of the chance meeting of the present day Heroes that was just a little while ago.

Sylvia wholeheartedly apologized to her own knight that kept silent.

「The Demon Lord is sealed. Moreover, the Six Blade Generals can’t even open the performed seal that Aneue risked her life for.

Remnant hunting, is something that we of this world should be doing!

Yet, of all things………No, even if I complain about what has happened, nothing will start.」

Sylvia restrained the impulse to slam her hand, and looked at the retainer.

「……This current age that was established from Aneue waging her life and to the point that Yuu had to sacrifice that soul to the world, we cannot let it be threatened……」

The knight got down on his knee and waited for her words.

「Leonhart, carry my sword. ……In this war, in order to make them……the Japan people like Yuu not fight, we will win this…!」

Sylvia put on a red mantle that had become ragged.

「Yes, ma’am…!」

They were the two knights that had once saved the world together with the Hero and the Holy Woman.

On one hand was the princess knight Sylvia. On the other hand was the young knight Leonhart.

Both horse-riding heroes, with magic swords at their waists, headed for the sand dancing battlefield.

(……Yuu, I believe that I must apologize to you. Our world, has once again called upon those called Heroes, and plotted a simple solution. The humans of this world that gave you anger, grief, and despair yet you still wished to save have, in response to you, performed a deed that repays kindness with evil.

Being unable to stop that, I am of the same offense. ……At the very least, I want to send the ones who are your kinsmen back to the world that you are probably in.)

Sylvia stopped her stride and looked up at the sky where the strong wind had suddenly stopped.

(……I do not wish for your forgiveness with that. ……However, please, I want you to not come to hate me. …Just from thinking that you might have come to hate me, my chest pains terribly.)

That moment. Only for that one brief moment, the world certainly, became soundless.

As if the world desired for her words, to properly reach him.

(…Please, give peace to my beloved.)

She threw the words that were exchanged with him at the time of their separation at the sky.

「……Wait, a wind as strong as that, stopped?……」

Seeing that the strong wind that was there until then had stopped, she noticed the strangeness of it.

「Could it be――!」

「It’s the Demon Lord Army! The Demon Lord Army has appeared~!!」

With the nations’ heads and the mercenary groups’ chiefs having finished up their combined conference and the army corps having nothing to do but adjust their arms and organize their units, tensions ran high.

The wind that had increased in intensity and turned into a sandstorm had vanished as if it were suddenly split open and, in front of their field of vision that had been robbed by the cloud of sand, the monster army corps that spread across the horizon had appeared.

The distance to them from the human side’s camp was approximately seven kilometers.

Each nations’ soldiers keeping watch that promptly noticed began reporting the number of monsters simultaneously.

「The number of monsters is around 300,000! Among them, there is around tens of thousands of upper class monsters! 」

「Hurry up on the composition of the upper class monsters that stand out!」

Valanshel’s veteran army general, Count Ulgaro, shouted at the scout.

The aging yet active veteran army general felt an unpleasant feeling coiling around his skin.

The Demon Lord Army’s commanding monster, that commander’s subordinate monsters, it would be mostly comprised of the commander’s attribute.

Since the high class monsters’ subordinates would be under their direct control, if they knew their attribute they could know the commander’s attribute.

And then 300,000. ……For the ones commanding an army corps surpassing 100,000, they were naturally restricted in what they could do.

「A Wind High monster, Storm Eagle. ……A, and also, a great number of freezing type monsters such as an Ice Kaizer have been confir…………No, wait……We’ve confirmed the Demon Lord Army’s “commander”! It’s huge……That’s a Marquis Class Dra―――……Ah, no, that’s……A Duke Class!?…」

Count Ulgaro groaned at the scout’s report.

「We’ve confirmed an ice and lightning Duke class! Each of them are mounted on a Marquis class Ice Dragon and Wind Dragon! 」

「Duke…! Ice Empress “Glakiesta”, Wind Crown Prince “Wintos”……two pillars of the Six Blade Generals, you say……!」

A disturbance within the army’s soldiers happened from the entry of two pillars of the Demon’s prided summit.

「Ahahahaha! Look, look! Those guys are panicking~! 」

Placed like a lord on the head of the large, green scaled dragon that possessed a huge frame that was like a mountain, the Wind Dragon, the child looked down at the human’s army and convulsed with a crackling laughter.

「……Although I thought it was fine just the way that it was. In fact, if you increased its force with your power――」

Standing on top of the head of the dragon of ice, Ice Dragon, that had a large frame that rivaled that of the Wind Dragon, the pale blue skinned Demon woman with light blue hair said that while looking at the child.

「Are you an idiot Glakiesta! That wouldn’t be any fun at all~! 」

The young boy that had his deep green hair arranged in a short hairstyle, made a crackling laugh.

「I won’t deny that.」

「I don’t like things like sandstorms. It gets in my eyes, it also gets in my hair, and above all, it’s like a combining move with a sultry ossan! 」

「I wouldn’t want that. It seems like it would melt me.」


The Demon woman and child looked down at the mass below them.

What was there was a mixed corps of monsters that had Ice type monsters and Lightning type monsters as the main shaft.

Although they didn’t stop to care about any monsters that were different from their own attribute, if those monsters were strong warriors, their utility value would show.

「……Now then, I guess we should hurry and blow them away~.」

The woman nodded at Wintos’ words.

「Yes, let’s scatter them. Those frail little beings.」

The two raised their voices together.

「「All troops, charge!!」」

300,000 monsters were released.

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