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Re: An idiot can also save the world?

Alternative Name: Re: Baka ha Sekai wo Sukueruka? (Re:バカは世界を救えるか?)
Author: Yanagimi Touki
Artist: Ikegami Tatsuya
Category: Japanese Light Novel, Fantasy
Status: Complete
Source: Link (CN)
Translator(s)/Translation Group: alyschu of Alyschu&Co (dropped)
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「You, ah —— hurry up and save me!」

A beautiful girl commanded Koichi as she rushed at him. The girl’s cat-like sound pierced through Koichi’s head like a spear.

「—— Leave it to me!」

Koichi used all his strength and shouted. I have always been waiting for this moment…!

——Sato Koichi had always longed for a 「special」 and 「non-routine」 17 year old life. Although he wears two different colored contact lenses and always tried to say meaningful things, he actually lived a relatively normal life. But after encountering the beautiful young girl Arles he finally got his wish and got an ability! However Koichi’s ability was quite useless!? Legend of the strongest dreamer officially starts! (It should!)

idiot saving the world

Volume 1

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