Potatoes Have Eyes But Cannot See Mt. Tai

Hi, I’m squinty, with a lowercase s and a y at the end. I’ll be translating Accompanying the Phoenix from now on on MBC, but I also have another project here. Leave any questions or comments for me here or on my blog, or maybe if you have Discord, we can talk novels there. And dang, that bunny is sexy.

4 Responses to Potatoes Have Eyes But Cannot See Mt. Tai

  1. soysuva says:

    Lol! Everytime I see that bunny, it’ll always put a smile on my face. By the way, I love your name. 😆

  2. Nouey says:

    Are you still translating this novel? I haven’t see any updates for awhile so I’m just wondering.

  3. Trashie says:

    Ah. I really hope you will continue to translate that novel! 🙏🏼

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