Poisoning the World : Chapter 453

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Chapter 453 : Escaping

When Ning Xuemo left the city, she kept on feeling as though there was someone tailing her. However, no matter how much she searched, she could not find anyone behind her.


Nervously, she made the little qilin run as fast as it could. It ran as fast as the wind for four to six hours. By then, she was already 4000 meters away from the city…


The result of this rushing was that Ning Xuemo and the little qilin were both covered in sweat.


The red dye on the little qilin’s body was beginning to melt and dyed Ning Xuemo’s clothes red.


It seemed as though Ning Xuemo was thinking of something else. Even though her rear end area was red, she did not seem to notice and kept on staring at the sunset.


Many people passed by her on the road. Each of them would stare at her…


Finally, the little qilin could not bear it and finally said, “Master, do you want to change?”


Ning Xuemo absent-mindedly said, “No need. I’ve already changed three four times. Our pursuers are already gone…”


“But… But your clothes are dirty….”


“It’s okay if it’s dirty. I’ll be able to blend in even more…” Ning Xuemo answered, then gave herself a cursory glance before jumping up in shock.


This…. Why did she look like she was on her period?!


No wonder why she felt that she was getting a bunch of weird looks!


Could it be that this body was finally going into puberty?


Ning Xuemo did not think too much. She ran to a secluded place to change again.


She had left long ago, yet there did not seem to be anyone chasing after her. Looks like that person did not send out any pursuers. There was no need for her to change into male clothing…


Of course, she did not dare to revert back to her original appearance. Still looking sallow and sick, she and the little qilin returned back to the road.


While changing, she realized that she was not on her period. That meant the red on her clothing was from…


She went back and rubbed the little qilin. After rubbing, her hand became red.


She rubbed her forehead. This time period’s dyes were terrible; they lost color too easily.


“Master, can I wash off this red paint? It feels so greasy!” The little qilin shivered. It’s entire body felt stifled and itchy, as if it had an allergy.


Ning Xuemo thought for a moment, then sighed. “Okay, then don’t be a horse. Be a fox.”


Happily, the little qilin ran to find a place to wash off the dye.


After awhile, it came back in the shape of a blue fox…


“Master, where are we going?” The little qilin was at a loss.


“We’re going to Daliang City.” Ning Xuemo had already asked some people. Just a little farther ahead was a city that bordered both the Vast Sky Empire and Xuan Ming Country.


She planned to rest there, then head on to Xuan Ming Country to take shelter.


As Ning Xuemo was standing up, she suddenly heard the sounds of a zither playing, as light and playful as falling flowers.


The zither sounds scared her, making her unconsciously back up against the sharp corner of the rock behind her. It caused a gash on her leg that began to drip with blood.


Darn it! Ning Xuemo quietly cursed. She looked down at her leg…


The sound of crisp silver bells and a zither melody drifted through the air. Ning Xuemo looked up to see a rather luxurious horse carriage up front. The zither sound was also different from the sound she feared the most : the sound of the Blackwave Zither.


She did not take the zither music seriously. Rolling up her pant legs, she prepared to put medicine on her leg.


…. Girl…… Don’t let your guard down when you’re on the edge of freedom……

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