Poisoning the World : Chapter 444

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Chapter 444 : Buddha Light

So the feelings she felt when she went through the barrier was not an illusion. It was a magic array!


She could not help but turn back and walk toward the door. She touched the door carefully but could not feel anything wrong with it. She even tried to go inside again, but she could no longer feel the restriction.


Did she accidentally break the magic array?


Why does it seems like a soap bubble? It is so brittle and weak.


Wait a moment! Since she already broke the array and escaped, then wouldn’t he feel this and realize what just happened?


He told her to wait obediently inside the array.


She and little qilin looked at each other.


“Master, are we still going?”


Ning Xuemo said determinedly, “Let’s go!”




The sacrificial temple that was positioned near the ancestral shrine was crafted and built with white onyx stones, making it shine majestically.


Below the sacrificial temple, Emperor Le Xuan ordered both the civil and military officials to separate. Surrounding the civil and military officials were a group of soldiers whose purpose was to protect them and also prevent the citizens from entering  the temple.


What a crowd!


Almost all the citizens showed up to watch the grandest sacrificial event.


Maybe it is due to having order maintained well that within 3 feet of the sacrificial temple, it was not particularly noisy, since almost all held their breaths when they looked toward the man on the temple platform.


Han Shanyue covered his body with a snow white robe. His clothes flapped and danced, looking as if he was one with the wind.


At the side of the platform, 18 daoists were being positioned at their respective spots to create a formation. They wore deep blue gowns while holding dusters in their hands. All of them had attractive and respectful appearances. If one were to look down from the sky, they would be able to see that the formation looked like a hexagonal snowflake with Han Shanyue standing at the core.


As it got closer to the afternoon, the sun slowly moved toward the middle of the sky as it shined above Han Shanyue’s head.


Even though Han Shanyue was standing under the hot sun, his surroundings seemed as if there was wind swirling around causing his white robe to flutter. In fact, he was accumulating a huge energy pressure.


Below the temple platform, the people inexplicably wished to serve and worship him after witnessing what was happening……


He moved in a peculiar rhythm with a calm and graceful posture, as if he was preparing for some kind of ritual.


Many of the women that were surrounding the temple could not help but stare at white robed man. They were even reluctant to blink their eyes as they witnessed the process.


Even though no one was able to clearly see the daoist’s appearance, several dazzling movements were enough to make everyone become  submerged willingly into the ritual.


In the afternoon.


Suddenly, the sky seemed to darken, causing the surroundings to be pitch black. Only the temple was shining brightly with a glint of golden light.


Everyone below the temple platform held their breaths when they witnessed what happened. They began to kneel down as if they  just saw a god.


The condensed golden light  gave off an impression of Buddha light*. In a flash, it spread out to the surroundings……


Wherever the Buddha light passed, the people felt a warm light shining on them causing them to feel very comfortable. They felt peace and harmony in their hearts.


Within the Buddha light, there were signs of snowflakes which made it incredibly dazzling. This lead people to think that they entered into the sweetest dream of their lives.


Excitement! Happiness! Peacefulness!


Those who were touched by the Buddha light all started to cheer out from happiness. The cheers got louder when the Buddha light spread outwards. When it was fully dispersed, the cheers became so loud that they sounded almost like a landslide, causing the ground below them to tremble.


* Basically, in a lot of Buddha paintings and depictions, there’s a glow around Buddha. That’s what the author is implying here.


Can you just imagine everyone bowing down towards the great god, Han Shanyue? Only privately, what no one except Ning Xuemo knows is that he’s a jerk…

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