Poisoning the World : Chapter 433

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Chapter 433 : Just Have to Get Used to It

Ning Xuemo would never want to hold hands with this master in front of everybody, especially in the presence of Ji Yunhuang.


She subconsciously pulled her hands back, but this only resulted in Han Shanyue holding her fingers even tighter.


Although his fingers looked very delicate, they were filled with strength, and even before Ning Xuemo could break free of his grasp, her fingers were already sore from his grip.


Of course, Ning Xuemo did not want to stir up trouble, so she let him have his way.


After Ji Yunhuang finished his pompous officialese and commanded the hundreds of officials to make way for them. Han Shanyue then acknowledged him with a nod and led Ning Xuemo to the carriage among the troops.


The path to the carriage was laden with a snow white rug, and there were civil and military officials lined up at both sides. Ning Xuemo followed Han Shanyue and walked on the rug, she felt like a celebrity walking on the red carpet without the different kinds of flashing lights shining on them.


This occasion was exceptionally lavish, and although Ning Xuemo had seen all aspects of society, she still felt a bit nervous about it.


She knew very well that Emperor Le Xuan valued this newly appointed heavenly master a lot but never to such a great extent.


Looking at how things were, this was very much comparable to how things would have been done if the emperor were to lead his people by himself…


And it was also not too inferior compared to that of the Venerable Emperor’s outing.


She glanced at Han Shanyue who was beside her. He looked so calm and composed as though he was used to such arrangements; he was not at all bothered by it.


However, he was after all a martial arts master who did not express his emotions across well, or was he really used to such grand events?


It could be that he was a schemer or that he had a very prestigious status…


Then suddenly an idea struck her mind; could this Han Shanyue really be the Venerable Emperor himself?


As soon as this thought came to mind, she trembled a little.


“Scared?” Han Shanyue seemed to be able to sense her inner thoughts and gently turned his head to face her.


Ning Xuemo was stunned, but she smiled back, “ A little as I have never attended such an event.”


“You’ll be fine once you get used to it.”


Ning Xuemo smiled again, this time trying to fish out any information out of him. “Heavenly Master seems to be quite calm about all of this. Could it be that you are already used to it?”


“What do you think?” Han Shanyue threw the question back at her.


“Heavenly Master is too mysterious for somebody as ordinary as me to be able to guess.”


“We’ll have a lot of time together in the future, so you can stay by my side and continue guessing.”


Darn it! This person’s lips are sealed tight.


Soon, she was led by Han Shanyue to the front of the carriage.


This carriage’s style could be described in a few words- luxurious but low profile.


The carriage, mainly black and snow white jade in color, was embedded with glossy black obsidian gemstones. The shaft was also dark gold, emitting a slight fragrance.


Gold rimmed Chinese cedar!


No, this quality seemed to be even more sturdier than Chinese cedar! And the sound it made was even better too!


This kind of wood could be said to be as valuable as gold. To craft a tiny piece as an ornament was said to be very extravagant already and to make it into a shaft…


It was indeed a gesture from the imperial family! Very outstanding.


The old emperor sure invested a lot to make him stay!


Ning Xuemo suddenly realized that her request to the emperor for ten thousands gold taels was too cheap…


Just when she was about to board the carriage in the public eye, she heard something coming from behind, “Master, I’m coming…”


The little qilin came like a streak of blue light, leaving a tornado-like wind in its wake, and then it jumped into Ning Xuemo’s embrace.


It missed being in the embrace of its master so much…


… Little qilin, let’s go beat up that tyrannical Han Shanyue together, okay? Han Shanyue = epitome of enlightened despot/absolutist #APEuro

I really want to photoshop a picture of some ancient Chinese guy (Ibuki Satsuki draws them really nicely) as Han Shanyue onto a fat sheep (and then pin it to a dartboard). If anyone is up to doing a drawing of Han Shanyue x Fat White Sheep, send them to [email protected]! I would love to see some fan art, and I’m sure Han Shanyue would “love it” too~

If I had to devote my life to one thing, what would it be… One of the readers, Ruki, said freeloading, which I loved. 😛 I’ll admit it. I’m lazy. But my second pick would be… Solving government corruption, I guess. I see a lot of it because of its presence in my family and to be honest, it’s really sad. But if I cloned myself and became President, all the senators/representatives, and all the judges… #RabbitTakesOverAmerica

How were the holidays for you? Eat anything special/gross? Got a really cool present that you’ve been dying for?

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