Poisoning the World : Chapter 422

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Chapter 422 : Ning Xuemo, Come With Me!

These days, the Marquis Ning Residence has experienced an eventful time. Those officials stayed as far away from the residence as possible.

Originally, Ning Xuemo’s residence never got many visitors. Therefore, when her front doors seemed particularly empty, she did not put it to heart. However, thinking about it now, this was indeed very abnormal! Now that she was the Heavenly Master’s concubine and with the Heavenly Master living in her residence, there would be no reason for those clever and scheming officials to come and ‘congratulate’ her!

Thinking about it now, it seemed like this Heavenly Master had already turned down all these offers, and no one else dared to come.

“You’re not a citizen of Vast Sky Empire. If you wanted to come visit, how could they stop you?” Ning Xuemo raised a cup and poured some tea. “Come. As a guest, you should first drink a cup.”

Xi Jue did not take the tea. He raised his hands and wrapped them around hers. Under the light, his eyes were like fire, “Xuemo, come with me!”

The youngster’s hands were not big, yet they were quite strong. He held her wrist so tightly that Ning Xuemo felt pain. She raised her eyes to look at him, yet her feet did not move at all. “Go? Go where?”

“Anywhere! Anywhere is better than waiting here! Could it be that you are actually going to marry that guy?!” Xi Jue started moving, dragging her along.

However, Ning Xuemo’s feet seemed to be rooted to the ground. She also did not pull back her arms, only asking, “Xi Jue, where could you bring me? Does your Bright King clan dare to compete against Han Shanyue?”

Xi Jue choked, “These are my actions and have nothing to do with the Bright King clan! Even more, he’s only a painter. He doesn’t have much power in reality. Even if he’s hailed as Vast Sky Empire’s Heavenly Master, so what? He can’t possibly dispatch troops against Bright King clan simply because of this. Furthermore, even if he went against the Bright King clan, that doesn’t mean we’ll lose. In that case, victory would still be very uncertain. I believe that Emperor Le Xuan isn’t that stupid…”

Ning Xuemo sighed. Even though Xi Jue was extremely smart, he was still a fifteen year old child-

“Xi Jue, do you really believe that Han Shanyue is just a useless person without any power or influence?”

Xi Jue paused. “Am I wrong? I’ve sent out people to spy on him. While his whereabouts are a mystery, whenever he appears, it’s always only one person. Even if his martial arts skills are high, he’s only a painter. Even Vast Sky Empire didn’t help him boost his reputation. How could he contend with the Bright King clan?”

Ning Xuemo could not help but rub her forehead and pat his hand, her tone of voice incredibly sincere and earnest, “Xi Jue, you are the Bright King clan’s future heir. You cannot consider things this simply.”

Xi Jue’s eyes widened as he stared at her. “What do you mean?”

“Think about it carefully. Han Shanyue became famous sixty years ago. He has so many rare and priceless treasures in his possession. This type of fat sheep, if he does not have any hidden bodyguards or abilities, then how could those big families just sit back?”

Xi Jue was speechless.

This was actually quite true. Regardless whether it is a country or a faction, all needed lots of money to keep operations going. There could never be too much money. Not all money was attained through honest means; there were hidden operations going on. For instance, assassinating the rich for money, ‘robbing the rich to help the poor,’ etc…

And this Master Han was a suitable fat sheep.

Ning Xuemo continued speaking, “No matter how strong a person is, it is still not enough to go against the power of a country.”


I really want to photoshop a picture of some ancient Chinese guy (Ibuki Satsuki draws them really nicely) as Han Shanyue onto a fat sheep (and then pin it to a dartboard). If anyone is up to do that… send them to [email protected]! I would love to see some fan art, and I’m sure Han Shanyue would “love it” too~

Poor Xi Jue though… Too naïve…

I’m biased towards Star Wars, but I really like Star Trek too… Spock is amazing. ‘Nuff said. 😛

What’s your favorite potato chip/crisps brand? Do you like them baked or regularly fried?

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