Poisoning the World : Chapter 420

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Chapter 420 : Man and Woman Alone Together, Convenient Indeed

She shook her head and, when she was about to leave, Han Shanyue, who was resting on a rattan chair, suddenly turned his head towards her, as though he realised something.

Ning Xuemo was startled!

Although she could not see his facial expression clearly, she could feel that his gaze was on her.

They exchanged looks for a brief moment before Ning Xuemo composed herself,nodding gently towards him to indicate her departure.

Just when she turned around, the person in the hall spoke abruptly, “Wait a minute.” His voice sounded desolate as always.

“Is there anything else?” Ning Xuemo stopped her stride and stood at her original position outside the door.

“Come in and talk. Or are you worried that I will eat you up?”

“It’s late, and it’s not convenient for unmarried couple to be alone in a room. So, if Master Han has anything to say, please go ahead and get to the point.” Ning Xuemo did not move an inch from where she was.

“You are still concerned about that?” Han Shanyue spoke calmly without any emotion.

However, Ning Xuemo felt his remarks were mocking, and she could not be bothered to decipher the reason behind it, so she just turned to leave. Yet, she felt a force pulling her from her, and she found herself involuntarily moving backwards into his courtyard.

That force was too strong for her to overcome it. Then, once she was dragged into the vicinity of his rattan chair, that force suddenly disappeared, causing Ning Xuemo to almost fall on him. Fortunately, she stood firm immediately before it even happened.

“You…” She was infuriated and glared at him.

She was close to him, so close that she could smell the faint particular perfume on him.

“You are already my fiance, hence it is convenient if it’s just the two of us.” Han Shanyue explained to her and pointed to that stone bench and instructed, “ Sit over there.”

Ning Xuemo sighed silently, because their skills level were so far apart that it was not advantageous for her to confront him directly. She recomposed herself and sat on the stone bench nearby before looking at him, “What exactly do you have for me?”

“Why are you speaking so harshly to me?” Han Shanyue raised his elbow and rested it on the armrest of the chair. He then supported his head and, with his black luscious hair falling down to the sides, he looked less desolate and was a bit laidback.

He practically “dragged” her here and still expected an amicable conversation? How dare he!

Nevertheless, Ning Xuemo replied indifferently, “Then how else should I talk to you? You may be my fiance but have you never treated me like one? I’m just a concubine…”

“A concubine is still considered to be a wife, and I will be your husband in the future.”

Ning Xuemo almost choked. Husband? This word was unfamiliar to her! She would never be able to use this word on the man before her eyes. And moreover, this man may not even be her husband if she escaped successfully.

Yet, she was aware that this man before her was too perverted, and he knew how to extract memories from others. Hence, she sorted her emotions out and stood up, “It’s getting really late, if there’s nothing else, I would like to take my leave.”

“How are the preparations with the wedding dress?” Han Shanyue asked her from behind.

“It’s just marrying a concubine, why bother with a wedding dress. At most I will wear a new set of clothing on the day itself.” Ning Xuemo answered without a care. She would not be the bride on that day anyway.

“You really didn’t make any preparations?” Han Shanyue asked again.

Three more days before the wedding day and she had been going out every single day but yet she did not prepare anything for the wedding?

Of course she would not, she was not really into marrying him!

In order to avoid suspicion, she blushed a little and explained, “This… is my first time, so I don’t know what is there to prepare, hence… I allowed Old Zhong to settle everything for me.”


The force is always with Han Shanyue. You have a great Jedi on your hands, Luke Skywalker.

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