Poisoning the World : Chapter 410

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Chapter 410 : Must Be A Female Qilin!

This princess had always been immensely haughty and arrogant. Now, her arrogance completely vanished, and she resembled a drowned bird…

Ji Yunyao never thought that her body’s imperfections would be revealed so blatantly in front of people.

Clearly, she was freezing, yet her face was as swollen as a purple eggplant!

She wanted to jump back into the water and drown herself in shame.

Thankfully, these soldiers were all very tactful. Seeing that she had crawled onto the shore, they immediately retreated and disappeared.

Ji Yunyao was so angry that smoke came out of her ears. She looked around her, roaring, “Where is that sl*t?!”

Gu Xiaoqi had arrived by her side. She took off her own cloak and gave it to Ji Yunyao, lightly saying, “She already left.”

Ji Yunyao tightly wrapped the cloak around herself, angrily shouting, “This sl*t is so malicious! She pushed this Princess underwater. This Princess will go find Imperial Father to ask him to punish her!”

Gu Xiaoqi quietly laughed. Her Imperial Father could not even curry her favor. How would he dare punish her over a trivial matter such as this?

If she went to complain, wouldn’t she be embarrassing herself?

What’s more, Ning Xuemo never made a move. She did not even open her mouth. What complaint could Ji Yunyao raise?

Gu Xiaoqi lightly sighed. “Junzhu, at the moment, she’s very important in the eyes of the Emperor. If we were to complain now, it would not be of much help. It’s better to wait and bide our time.”

Originally, Ji Yunyao was angry at Gu Xiaoqi for shouting for help. After hearing her words just then, her heart calmed down, and she felt that this Gu Xiaoqi was still pretty considerate.

She also knew that this was not a good time to report about this situation. However, she just wanted to find a way to make this less embarrassing.

“Xiaoqi, do you have some good ideas?”

Gu Xiaoqi’s eyes flashed, and she nodded her head. “Junzhu, we must wait for an opportunity. No matter what, I’m always supporting you.”

Ji Yunyao nodded her head. She knew Gu Xiaoqi was overly concerned. If she had her as her right-hand man, essentially she would have a bank of information wherever she went.

Ning Xuemo, Ning Xuemo, Ning Xuemo…

She repeated that name over and over in her heart with clenched teeth. Her fist became tighter and tighter.

Gu Xiaoqi had hooked her arm with Ji Yunyao’s to take her to change clothes. Naturally, she felt Ji Yunyao’s muscles contract. The corner of her lips raised.


Because Ning Xuemo had already agreed to marry Han Shanyue, Emperor Le Xuan finally relaxed.

He did not force Ning Xuemo anymore. Thus, Ning Xuemo easily left the Imperial gardens while riding on the little qilin.

However, a whole entourage of soldiers followed her. They were sent by the Emperor under the pretense of protecting her. In reality, he was just scared that she would run away.

Ning Xuemo on the little qilin was in the front, while nineteen soldiers were in the back.

Naturally, they attracted a lot of attention.

After so many events and situations, most of the people in the country knew that she had a little qilin. Since it was like this, Ning Xuemo felt no need to hide this from everyone.

Today, the little qilin was especially awe-inspiring. His blue scales shined like pearls, and he arrogantly walked as if he was a king. He looked exceedingly haughty and prideful, garnering cries of astonishment from everyone he passed. Some kids were extremely curious and followed behind them…

“Qilin! It’s a qilin! So amazing!”

“No, it’s beautiful! Look at his horns! They’re so graceful! It must be a female qilin!”


Female or male… Is it really a female? Hm…

I actually like my coffee black with two sugars, any tea in general, and for frappes… Cookies and cream! Or Strawberries and cream! You see a trend here?

What is your favorite dim sum place? #needsrecommendations

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