Poisoning the World : Chapter 399

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Chapter 399 : The Person Xi Jue Wants to Protect

“Father, Xuemo is definitely not a demon! She is truly the daughter of Marquis Ning! No doubt about it!” Ji Yunhuang exclaimed.

“Yunhuang, how can you be so sure of that? You should know that a high level demon does not emit any demonic aura. If she is not a demon, then explain all these strange phenomenons that are occurring around her? Moreover, she can’t even tell us who helped her to form a blood pact with the little qilin…”

“Father, Xuemo had already stated that she received her higher calling recently… Or maybe there was an expert who provided guidance and changed her for the better. Furthermore, she hasn’t done anything harmful to the Vast Sky Empire. And as for the blood pact, maybe she really couldn’t remember how she did it or that the expert who helped her previously had intended to erase her memory to it. Father, Xuemo is still Marquis Ning’s daughter after all, and she even had contributions to the Vast Sky Empire in recent matters. If not for her, I would have lost my life… And if you continue to convict her based on groundless accusations, I’m afraid that it will disappoint many loyal officials…”

Emperor Le Xuan’s expression darkened and said, “Huang’er, even if we don’t consider her other offenses, just the act of taking you as a hostage is a mistake so grave that it leads to the execution of the whole clan!”

Ji Yunhuang was determined to save her and claimed, “Father, I am a willing party, hence it has nothing to do with her!” Because nobody was speaking up for Ning Xuemo,if he did not plead for her, she would really die here…

Emperor Le Xuan already had his suspicions, but he didn’t expect his son’s love for Ning Xuemo to run so deep that, in order to protect her, he actually admitted being a hostage! Did he not know that the imperial censure could easily turn his confession against him and evoke him of his crown prince title?

Had this child gone crazy?

Emperor Le Xuan calmed down, “Enough of this nonsense!”

He glanced at Ning Xuemo and he felt that she was truly a jinx throughout; a femme fatale indeed!

If she were to continue living, then his brilliant son whom he held so much pride in would be ruined in her hands!

“Apprehend Xuemo first, and we will follow suit with trials, and, if she is truly innocent, I will release her,” ordered Emperor Le Xuan. However, he knew at this moment that he would not leave her alive, especially as someone who brought forth ill fortune, she must be disposed of as soon as possible to prevent such case from ever happening again.

“Father!” Ji Yunhuang continued.

“I have decided! Say no more!” Emperor Le Xuan gestured with his hands and ordered his men to arrest Ning Xuemo.

Ning Xuemo sneered a little before closing her eyes.

Little qilin was so infuriated that its eyes turned red! He and the imperial guard left by Xi Jue guarded Ning Xuemo’s sides carefully.

“I will fight with my utmost against those who dare to touch my master!” Little qilin roared and bared his fangs.

“She is someone whom my master wants to protect, and whoever arrests her means putting yourselves against my master!” The bodyguard Xi Jue left with her also emphasised in a cold tone.

Everybody was being cautious as nobody wished to offend the Bright King family clan, and if somebody from the clan insisted on safeguarding Ning Xuemo, no one would have dared to touch her. Everyone looked around in dismay before shifting their vision to Emperor Le Xuan.

Emperor Le Xuan’s expressions became even darker, “Bodyguard Xia, she is a citizen of the Vast Sky Empire and this is a matter of great severity and I have to pursue it! As for now, I apologise and one of these days I will seek your master’s understanding personally.” Then he gestured to the entire imperial bodyguards.

The scales on little qilin were already trembling, and when it opened its eyes, it was already prepared to die for this cause.

The atmosphere in the hall tensed up instantly, and a war could break out anytime.

“Your Majesty, I can accept your terms and conditions.”


Oh my goodness. I think I like Xi Jue more and more as this goes on…

Does marching band count as a sport? It better. That’s my favorite sport 😛 (I’m literally the most unsportiest person you will ever meet. Literally)

By the way, what do you guys want in a teaser? Pictures, gifs, names, give me suggestions~ #needsinspiration

What’s your favorite meme? (Someone asked me to ask this question and I don’t even really know what a meme is…)

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    I am seriously annoyed with the ancestor. He is right there!!! Why is he doing all those things to harm her?!?! And how is he the fricking ML? With the way things are going Xi Jue have a higher chance of getting together with Xuemo.

    • Yuetta says:

      I know right? His actions pale out compared to other characters and he is starting to annoy me. If he truly is the male lead I hope the writer would make him redeemable first!

  3. Reading Demon says:

    Thank you for the chapter~!

  4. joellyanne says:

    This emperor is so bloody ungrateful and that ancestor HSY, no wonder NXM hates you as you are the one who caused her all these calamity. You better do something or else I will curse you to death from the beginning of all your ancestors and lineage and wherever you came from as well as the author. Thanks for this chapter.

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    I was stressed, thanks, thanks for the chapter!

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    And as always, thanks for the chapter ^-^

  11. Jenny says:

    At this point HSY will have no chance with NXM, but maybe his other identities will. However, right now I like Xi Jue better.

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    BAM In.Your.FACE
    But that probably won’t happen.

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