Poisoning the World : Chapter 400

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Chapter 400 : Concubine Who Pours Tea and Brings Water

“Your Majesty, I can accept your terms and conditions.” Han Shanyue, who had been sitting on top, suddenly voiced out.

Emperor Le Xuan stared blankly for a moment before rejoicing about what he heard. His eyes brightened. “That is wonderful! Many thanks, Sir – no, it should be Heavenly Teacher… W-we will immediately prepare everything for you.” He was so happy that he began rambling.

Han Shanyue was a person that every nation wanted to rope in. There were countless sovereigns who offered him only the best conditions, all because he was a Heavenly Teacher. However, he refused them all.

When he came to the Vast Sky Nation, Emperor Le Xuan did everything in his power to get him to stay. Unfortunately, Han Shanyue never agreed. Even though Emperor Le Xuan was regretting this, there was nothing that could be done.

It was rumored that Han Shanyue’s skills in martial arts were immeasurable. Up until now, everybody had only heard of his skills, but now they had finally seen it in action! Today, if it wasn’t for him, Emperor Le Xuan and his subjects would’ve been wiped out by the red clothed musician.

Just the thought of it was frightening. The red clothed musician had even escaped. Who knows when he’d return… Le Xuan Emperor was originally worried about this, but now those worries were swept away! As long as Han Shanyue was here, why should he be afraid of the red clothed musician?!

“However, I do have one condition.” Han Shanyue said.

“No need to hesitate, Sir. We’ll agree to it!”

Han Shanyue looked over toward Ning Xuemo and walked over. She could feel the hairs on the back of her neck rising as she stayed on high alert while hatefully glaring at him.

“Ning Xuemo, do you hate me?” Han Shanyue finally asked.

Ning Xuemo didn’t say anything and only sneered at him. Could this be her answer? In her heart, she wanted nothing more than to cut him up into ten thousand pieces.

The corner of Han Shanyue’s mouth twitched when he saw her reaction. He then turned to Le Xuan Emperor to set an outrageous condition. “Your Majesty, I lack a concubine by my side who will help me grind inkstones, pour tea, and fetch water for me. I see that she isn’t bad. Will Your Majesty bestow her to me?!”

Emperor Le Xuan was speechless.

Everybody else also became speechless. It was as if a bolt of lightning had split their minds.

Ning Xuemo opened her eyes wide and looked at Han Shanyue as if he was mental.

Emperor Le Xuan composed himself before speaking, “Sir, did you not say that she was a black star who brings calamity to her husband? Why are you offering marriage?”

“My life is harder than hers.” Han Shanyue indifferently replied, saying that his life was much more difficult than hers, so he wasn’t afraid.

Emperor Le Xuan composed himself once again, “Sir, it’s not that I don’t agree, but I just find it odd. With your social standing, which woman doesn’t desire you? Why this black star? It wouldn’t be good if she jinxes you. I suggest you consider another woman.” His gaze swept around to the women present. “I’m certain that whoever you choose, they would definitely agree.”

This was definitely not a lie. Han Shanyue’s abilities, looks, and social standing made him a perfect gentleman of all women! Even if he simply wanted them to warm his bed, they’d be eager, much less the maids and concubines!

All the women present immediately stepped forward; some of them even tried standing out.

However, Han Shanyue never held any interest in these women, merely saying, “My standards are high. Plain women will not be able to move me, and I may even jinx them.”

All of the women present immediately turned pale and stepped back.

Emperor Le Xuan felt a bit awkward about this. “But… But…”

Han Shanyue shot him a glace of indifference. “Your Majesty be at ease. While I may have experienced a hard life, I will only jinx my wife and nobody else.”


Han Shanyue… Hm… Was all his attacks on Ning Xuemo meant to let her become his concubine? If so, Han Shanyue, that’s not the right way to do it…

Speaking of which, I’m thinking of picking up a new novel to translate. Just for fun, you know? Anyone have any novels to recommend?

Alright. What’s your dream destination for travel?

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  1. Eksentrysyti says:


    It only took 400 chapters. I suppose the author’s going to finally get started on building this ship?

  2. Ro Boat says:

    In case you guys are wondering, he had to do it to save her. If he didn’t she’d be in a whole lot more trouble. At least the can finally start to begin building.

  3. Nina-chan says:

    a concubine… not the wife…..

  4. Jovey says:

    Ohhhh! Still an asshole 😆. Could you finish the Princess Agent translation? Been ages since anything been translated

  5. Jihoon says:

    I would recommend picking up Secret Service Princess: The Cold Prince’s Black Belly Wife … but really I don’t even know if it’s good. The sypnosis makes the novel sound appealing though .

  6. Anonymous says:

    boi we need her as a main wife smh

  7. Anonymous says:

    And I wanna go to korea 🙁

  8. Kimiko says:

    Dream vacation is to go back home to Guam 🙂

  9. Random Lurker says:

    I raised my middle finger when that shitty teacher started speaking. Screw you, d*** teacher! Screw you! Doesn’t matter what you’ve done for Xuemo in the past, I still hate you to my marrows!

    • chibimi says:

      Han Shanyue has skill to annoy and make me facepalm with his contradictory actions.For now, I want immediately send male lead to moon…

  10. passingbyreader says:

    Eventually they’ll start being nice to each other. … maybe possibly. … Probably not….

  11. joellyanne says:

    Now his intent is revealed. He is so long winded he should just state that’s what he wants instead of making NXM life difficult.

  12. Maki says:

    Thank you!

  13. 00 says:

    I have too many destinations that i want to visit, lol the shortest answer would be “travel all around the world”
    So… for the novel thing…. how about picking up “bacchus”(called even “jiu shen”)?

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  15. Nameless says:

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  16. Morbid Eel says:

    but hate leads to the dark side and the dark side leads to wrinkles

  17. #WinterNotForIce says:

    The ML HAS to suffer!!!How dare he?!
    Put a green hat on him!!Make a big harem (you already began it anyway)!!
    Submit this damn stupid ice-carved man!!
    Make him learn how he should treat his wife!!
    BULLY HIM!!!!
    At least he was cute!
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  23. Deuterijum says:

    How about speeding up this one

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    That Han Shanyue seems to have a problem relating to the…humans. His methods are VERY wrong. He just can’t seem to do anything that will not get him hated by her. He should turn back into a baby again. That would get him ALL the kisses he wants and MORE.

  30. Z says:

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