Poisoning the World : Chapter 396

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Chapter 396 : A Willing Hostage

“Have I  given her a punishment yet? The fact is that she is quite suspicious, and if we don’t investigate the matter thoroughly, the state will be in turmoil.”

“Precisely, Crown Price. This lady is too odd. Even if we assume that she has no ulterior motive, she is still the ill-fated one that is destined to be alone all her life. I’m very sure that this matter is related to her curse, as she not only caused her parents’ death, but also the death of all her relatives. She might even implicate the nation too…” Another lady continued to add fuel to the fire.

Four imperial bodyguards agreed in unison and arrested Ning Xuemo in an instant.

Ning Xuemo wanted to laugh. How did a mere groundless accusation become the official reason for her arrest? This Old Emperor really lost his mind.

Yet, she did not utter a word, but the little qilin became so furious that all his fur stood up. And then, his body started glowing blue, revealing his true form. He transformed into a majestic qilin beast and stood in front of Ning Xuemo. He then charged toward the four imperial guards and bared his fangs at them. “Who dares to apprehend my master? You’ll have to go through me first!”

The guard that Xi Jue left behind then stood beside Ning Xuemo and declared in a cold tone, “She’s someone whom my master wishes to protect; hence, I will not stand by and do nothing about it.”

Suddenly, the atmosphere at the court became  tense.

“Ning Xuemo, are you staging a rebellion?” Emperor Le Xuan’s voice calmed down.

Damn it. She has never enjoyed her life ever since she started living in this darned country! She really wanted to revolt!

However, her current situation did not seem optimistic at all, not only was she still in the Imperial Gardens, but she only had a qilin and an Imperial bodyguard by her side; escaping would be impossible!

But if she did not fight back, she would be thrown in prison, and she would not be as lucky as the previous time to escape the prison alive.

Since this matter had greatly endangered his nation, the Old Emperor openly expressed his intent to kill her! Not only would the qilin be sacrificed, he would also eradicate her to prevent such a case from ever happening again.

Hence, Ning Xuemo would never let them throw her in prison, and it seemed like the only way out was to take the risk and force her way out of here.

She slowly stood up and spotted a whole army of guards rushing into the main hall as though they were ready to take action.

“Xuemo, don’t be rash. Father will not make things difficult for you…” Ji Yunhuang appeared all of a sudden and took a few strides forward, paving his way toward Ning Xuemo through the army of guards.

“Huang’er, watch out!” Emperor Le Xuan called out anxiously.

Before he finished his sentence, Ning Xuemo had already made her move, and in that instant, she drew the sword from Ji Yunhuang’s waist and placed it across the prince’s neck. “Pardon me, Your Highness!”

And in that moment, she took Ji Yunhuang hostage.

Emperor Le Xuan’s expression immediately changed, “Ning Xuemo, are you rebelling now? Let the prince go!”

Ning Xuemo hid herself behind Ji Yunhuang with her blade positioned at his neck, specifically on the area where the main arteries were located. “Your Majesty, your unfair judgement to execute me, left me no choice but to resist! Now all of you, move away!”

Determined to take Ji Yunhuang as a hostage, she proceeded forward while little qilin and the guard left by Xi Jue covered her back instinctively.

With the prince in her hands, the troops had no choice but to make way for her…

“Ning Xuemo, you do know that walking out of here like this means that you are pitting yourself against the whole country?”  Emperor Le Xuan sounded even more disheartened.

“I had no choice. If I didn’t resist, Your Majesty would have turned me into a corpse by dawn! And since either way still results in death, I will take a gamble for my life!” Ning Xuemo was not a bit hesitant about her actions.

“I only wanted to escort you to a quiet chamber to sober up. I meant no harm at all! After all, there are too many unexplainable mysteries surrounding you. Hence, if you were to tell us the identity of the one who formed the blood pact, I will not make things difficult for you.”


See, Ning Xuemo is a perfect reason why you don’t drink alcohol at a party with the Emperor/President/Famous person/Your Boss. Let’s see how she’s going to get out of this stick situation…

My favorite vegetable is cabbage, but onion is pretty close. Love them so much <3 Though in sandwiches, lettuce is my go-to. I hate cabbage in sandwich. 😛

What’s your favorite singer/genre of music?

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  1. joellyanne says:

    Why don’t she just immigrate to a different country That no one knows her then she would have a much more peaceful life than what she has now. Thanks for this update.

  2. Whenever Xuemo’s life starts to change for the better, someone will quickly trample it and she will fall down on the floor once again. Even the Hanwhatwasit? If he’s the Male Lead, he’s really not doing a good job. It’s frustrating me huhuhu. I might need to read some spoilers to carry on. TT

    Thanks for the chapter.
    My favorite music is Kpop yo~

  3. Eksentrysyti says:

    Still annoyed that the main culprit basically threw her into the fire and is still unwilling to bail her out. If he didn’t open his stupid mouth and give her the title “Heavenly Destroyer, Calamitous Star”. Han Shanyue’s the biggest douche ever. He’s repeatedly trying to kill her, for what?

  4. Maki says:

    welcome Kenny & Marci 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
    thank you!! ❤️❤️

  5. Ye Qiu says:

    Fav singer is Xiao Qu Er (小曲儿), fav genre is ancient chinese song. You can serch it at youtube or 5sing if you want to give it a try. And thank you for the chapter ☺

  6. PowDark says:

    Did the envious people see this? poor Xuemo is already in disgrace of the curse imposed by the ancestor, then the greasy vein already disgraced the life of the poorer still. lol l hope she gets safe and screw everybody.

  7. Morbid Eel says:

    This Emperor is really stupid. They already know that the person who is capable of forming that contract is on the same level as the Ancestor. Since that person helped Xuemo is it really a good idea to do something that will potentially offend them?

    Han Shanyue is the culprit but the rest of the idiots around are the accomplice.

  8. Valeriy says:

    Cabbage and radish! Can you guess which novel I’m referring to?

    Thank you for the chapter <3!

  9. glassmask says:

    Awwww…cant wait for the next chapter. Thank you so much for this chapter.

  10. glassmask says:

    I hope someday it will be made into dramas

  11. Pancake says:

    Thank you for the chapter! Relient K NeedToBreathe <3

  12. Reading Demon says:

    I really want to know who the male lead is. Afterall the only one that I feel have a good personality so far is Xijue but his family is a big problem. Han Shanyue is hinted to be the male lead but I feel that the only thing he ever does after separating with her is trying to get her killed. The red clothed man is a crazy psychopath, and that crown prince is an idiotic wimp. And her ex fiancé is her ex fiancé who cheated on her, so no matter how much better his personality becomes he is not going to get together with Xuemo. And last but not least, there is Number Two! However he is most likely dead. What an interesting list of male lead candidates~!

  13. passingbyreader says:

    So uh… anyone else remember that whole “don’t take revenge against her” oath that was done so long ago? Granted this probably doesn’t exactly fall under that oath, but you’d think the emperor would at least try to not anger her.

    Not to mention this entire fracas was meant to be a giant speed dating thing setup for her, this really doesn’t look like trying to keep her in the country lol.

    *shrug* This novel’s fun, but aggravating in the sense of the logical connections feel weak.

  14. DOHere says:

    pff, what aout her mnsion and her money and her servant and her tiger? 🙁

  15. midnight2630 says:

    yeah~ she was totally stupid for getting drunk at such a place

  16. MoonRaven says:

    Music – ‘My Romeo’ by Jessi (South Korea), Santana’s hit songs, General and I OST duet, soundtrack from Korean drama Goblin, Journey, ELO, Pink, Katy Perry ….

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