Poisoning the World Chapter 387

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Chapter 387 – Drunk

Just as the two were about to start drinking, Xi Jue’s face changed again and he hurried out once more…

Just like this, in less than an hour, Xi Jue had already made four trips back and forth.

Naturally, the bodyguards followed along behind him during those four trips.

Emperor Le Xuan was deeply concerned by this and asked, “Is the Prince not feeling well?”

Xi Jue’s pale and wan face turned red, “It might be because I was exposed to cold air. My stomach hurts a little, but it’s much better now.”

Just after saying that, his face changed. After quietly cursing, he rushed out once again…

As it turned out, the Prince had diarrhea.

The people present looked at each other with dismay. Finally, many of them turned their gazes to the half-drunk Ning Xuemo.

The Heavenly Calamitous Lonely Star turned out to really be true. The Prince only sat at the same table as her to dine and now his stomach was uncomfortable…

After a long while, one of Xi Jue’s bodyguards returned and bowed to Emperor Le Xuan, “Your Majesty, the Prince is indisposed and allowed this servant to come to request leave on his behalf.”

Emperor Le Xuan faintly nodded his head, asking a few questions in concern.

That bodyguard answered them one after another and, after finally expressing his thanks, he said, “The Prince has told this one to escort Miss Ning home tonight.”

He turned around and stood behind Ning Xuemo stoically and coldly.

Even though Ning Xuemo had drunk a large amount of alcohol, her brain was still functioning. She frowned, “No need. You should go serve your Prince. I have bodyguards and maids.”

Her bodyguards and maids were all outside waiting.

That bodyguard didn’t move from his position. He firmly said, “The Prince has spoken, I cannot disobey.”

Alright, then let’s follow his requests.

Ning Xuemo did not pay any more attention and continued to drink wine.

That little qilin was also someone who liked to see chaos. It also used its two claws to drink cup after cup of wine.

It drank wine even more happily than water. In the time it took Ning Xuemo to drink one cup, it had already downed four.

When Ning Xuemo finally found out, the blue fur on its body had already turned into blue scales. With a thump, it fell onto her body, snoring happily as it slept.

Ning Xuemo was speechless, “…” She originally thought that because it was a majestic qilin its liquor capacity must be really big.

Apparently, it was also a weak drinker. Now it had turned into a kitten with scales. In a while, she would have to carry him home too.

The Imperial banquet was not just a simple feast of eating and drinking. Those noble young ladies also took the chance to show off their talents in front of each other.

Some girls were gently singing, some gracefully dancing, yet others were playing the pipa or sword-dancing… it was as lively as a blazing fire.

Ning Xuemo lazily looked on, pouring herself another cup of wine from time to time. It was incredibly lively around her, yet she, in the middle of all this splendid festivity, felt incomparably lonely.

This liveliness was not a part of her, and she was not a part of this place.

A young miss from a wealthy family came up to offer a soft and gentle dance. After finishing, there was another wave of cheering and clapping.

Ning Xuemo’s reaction speed was slower from the drinking. She only started clapping when everyone else had finished.

The lonely and monotonous clapping was very out of place and seemed very abrupt. However, it felt as though she was making fun of the dancer.

That miss was instantly livid and shot a glance at Ning Xuemo, “Is Marquis Ning feeling that this miss’ dancing is not good?”

Ning Xuemo had really drunk too many cups of wine. She nodded her head, honestly answering, “It’s okay. It cannot be considered bad, but it cannot be considered good either. The waist is not soft enough, some of the moves aren’t precise enough, and the arms and legs are a little too stiff…”

That young girl was speechless, “…”

She coldly laughed, “Looks like Marquis Ning is a dancing expert. Today is due to the benevolence of the Emperor, allowing us all to come to this banquet. Why not let Marquis Ning to offer a dance? Let us see.

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