Poisoning the World : Chapters 441 – 443

Hey guys! Oh my god, December has been a mess so far. First there were finals for the editors, then there were finals for me, then there were the holidays, and can I mention how much I hate ham? And turkey? Like, I’m totally fine with a couch, Netflix, and instant noodles, you know…

Anyways, here’s Chapters 441-443! And there will be more coming soon~

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6 Responses to Poisoning the World : Chapters 441 – 443

  1. glyic says:

    ummm i think you mean chapter 431-433? haha

  2. potatoloverchan says:

    ehhhh how come its 341???? Why theres no Chapter 431??? Was there amy time skip something something that i didn’t know about?

  3. DOHere says:

    Thank you for the chapter~

  4. Foenix says:

    What about chapters 331-340? I don’t think I saw them?

  5. waterdance68 says:

    Is it supposed to be 331-333?

  6. Quinkong says:

    I can’t seem to find chapter 443! Someone help

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