Poisoning the World : Chapter 401

Hey guys~ Here’s Chapter 401 (OH MY GOD DO YOU SEE HOW SHORT THIS POST IS TODAY????)

By the way, I have a really exciting announcement for you all at the bottom of the chapter~

One last thing : thank you all for giving me novel suggestions! I actually talked to a few people and you’ll figure out the novels I’ve decided to translate on my website *oops, did I just say that out loud?* But I was talking to Kiki from isohungry, and I really want to give Consort Overturning the World a shot as well! So we’ll see how that goes…

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Translator : Rabbit

Editor : Eris

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2 Responses to Poisoning the World : Chapter 401

  1. yuu says:

    hope u pick that novel..i really love glutton mc..

    another glutton mc novel..i forgot the tittle..but she transmigrated into fat young miss but died bcoz of her foster sister..

    i hope both got pick too..

  2. DOHere says:

    Thank you for the chapter~

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