Poisoning the World : Chapter 391

Hey guys~ Okay, is it just me or does anyone feel like they’re also suffering from second, third, and fourth male lead syndrome? I mean, Ning Xuemo is literally surrounded by so many cute and caring guys and it’s SO HARD TO CHOOSE. Ugh. Ning Xuemo needs to have one of those imperial harems or something. If I were an author and I wrote a story with so many wonderful guys, I would probably end up shipping her with all the guys. 😛

And of course, for Kanhokthorn Leadkeattiwong, a little something ~

Collages are actually so much fun to make. If you guys ever need to make an art project, make a collage. They look super great too~

And of course, join the Celestially Demonic Rabbit Sect! Here’s a link to the discord~

Without further ado, Chapter 391~

Translator : Kenny (guest translator!)

Editor : giantrabbit

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  1. DOHere says:

    Thank you for the chapter~

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