Omni-Magician 5

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Chapter 5 – Enough of your nonsense, let’s fight before we talk

Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

Busca had his driver prepare his horse carriage early in the morning. Taking the carriage, he crossed two districts before arriving in the most important street in Stan City, Stardust Avenue.

The manor of the Stan City’s lord lies on Stardust Avenue, therefore normal horse carriages were all prohibited from entering this street. Only carriages that belong to the nobles could have unobstructed passage here. Also, the most bustling area in the whole of Stan City was none other than Stardust Avenue. Busca ordered his driver to stop the carriage at one side of the avenue, as he tiptoed to look at all the fancy and expensive houses and various shops. Looking at all this filled his heart with envy.

“When will I, Busca, be able to own my own residence here …… Heh, now that my son Carrey is a guard at the lord’s manor and a rank four swordsman, his potential will be limitless in the future. He might even become a rank seven advanced swordsman. When that time comes, he can attain a noble title according to the law of Stan City. Managing my business here will no longer be a dream……”

Under the early morning breeze, Busca had his sweet daydream.

After that, Busca thought of Anthony’s Magic Cottage and gave a cold hmph.

“That little shop is nothing, now my son is working in the lord’s manor and it just so happens that today is his rest day. With Debbie that little brat’s handwritten conveyancing contract, the law will be unable to do anything to us even if we bring the whole magic store down. Let me see what they can do today!”

At this moment, Busca suddenly saw a big and tall figure walking towards him from Stardust Avenue. Wearing a full bodied black iron armor that was also marked with magic veins, if that wasn’t his son Carrey then who was? This set of black iron armor was the trademark of the guards working in the lord’s manor and it also had a defensive spell carved by a magician on it. If this set of armor was put out in the market, one could forget about buying it without a few dozens silver coins. However even if one had the money, it could not be bought as it wasn’t sold anywhere.

“Carrey!” Busca beamed as he went to him.


Carrey was a well built twenty year old man that looked quite fierce and malicious. With a puzzled face, he walked to Busca: “Why have you came? Did something happen?”

“Get in, we’ll talk about it in the carriage.”

Busca pulled his son up the horse carriage and ordered the driver to return and head straight towards Anthony’s Magic Cottage.

On the carriage, Busca went through what had happened the past two days before telling Carrey: “Locke and Quinn those two idiots, not only were they unable to get rid of the two children, they were even injured by that trash magician. It’s up to you now Carrey. Teach them a good lesson for me. Since the contract is in my hands, it’s alright even if you destroy their entire shop.

“It’s a piece of cake dealing with those two brats.” Carrey gave a cold smirk before asking in doubt, “However, according to what I remember, wasn’t that magician brat only a rank two magician. I heard that he wasn’t really interested in offensive magic and only knew some lifestyle spell, how could he had injured Quinn?

“Hmph, I too only understood what happened after that, that brat must have released the offensive spells by chance at that moment. Pity my Crystal Guard charm that I bought with thirty silver coins!” Busca said while fuming.

“So that’s it, this will be easy to settle.” Carrey replied with a vicious face, “This matter is a piece of cake for a rank four swordsman like me. See how I am going to teach them a lesson, Father!”


At that exact moment, Debbie was sitting on the steps in front of the door of Anthony’s Magic Cottage with a serious face.

Her cute little face had an aura of unexplainable determination. She wore a simple armor that Old George had given her as a present on her fourteenth birthday. The armor did not have a high defense and looked more like a cosplay prop to Ye Chui…… And now that Debbie is fifteen, her body had grown bigger and the armor was not as fitting, causing her body to look even slimmer when she wore it. With her great sword that was even much more bigger than her build at one side, reinforcing how unexplainably small her figure was.

The entire scene was extremely discordant in Ye Chui’s eyes.

The appearance of the young lady sternly standing her ground attracted the curious stares of the passerbys that walked past the store early in the morning, causing them to crowd around.

Ye Chui frowned as he carried a bag in his hand and went beside Debbie. He was still nervous about what was going to happen today and asked Debbie softly: “Can’t we think of other ways to settle this problem? For example asking the lord’s manor side for help?”

“We are only a small shop, the lord’s manor couldn’t care less about the situation of our small shop. Furthermore……” Debbie bit her lips, “According to the law, the magic cottage should already belong to Busca, even if the lord’s manor are willing to settle this matter, they would still stand on his side, unless we can destroy that contract.

Saying that, Debbie turned around and looked at Ye Chui, her eyes filled with concern: “Hammer, the wind is strong outside, get back into the house okay?

Ye Chui: “……”

His physique might be delicate but it couldn’t be so delicate that he was unable stand up to the wind right?

Ye Chui shook his head as he stepped out of the shop. However, a gust of cold wind swept by and caused him to give a sneeze uncontrollably. Ye Chui was immediately speechless, this body of his was really delicate to the extreme……

Looks like some working out was needed in the future.

He rubbed his nose and sat down beside the great sword maiden: “This magic cottage belongs to the two of us, both of us have to assume responsibility, let’s face them together later.”

Debbie could not help but reveal an expression of warmth on her originally grim face, however suspicion immediately flashed across her eyes “Hammer, why do I feel that you are not the same as usual recently. You used to always cower behind me over everything so why are you suddenly so manly now?”

Hearing Debbie’s words, Ye Chui was speechless. Deep down, he felt that it must have been quite difficult for the previous Hammer to find his manliness while staying at the side of this great sword maiden…… After some thought, he replied: “Boss have already passed away and before he left, he had entrusted me with you. As a man, I can’t always let you take care of me. There are some things I must do. Don’t forget Old George’s entrustment, you are my fiancee too.”

“Pfft, who wants to be your wife!” Debbie quickly retorted as her faced turned red. Following that, she suddenly saw the horse carriage that was speeding its way towards them. Raising her eyebrows and grabbing the hilt of the great sword with one hand, she lifted the great sword that weighed a few hundred pounds, “Here they come. Hammer, be careful when hiding behind me later. Don’t you worry, great swordsman is the strongest among all the swordsmen so I still have a chance even against a rank four swordsman.”

“……” Looking at the maiden’s determined face, Ye Chui shook his head. Maybe the previous Hammer would really had hidden behind Debbie but Ye Chui was different. He was a man and a man got to do what a man got to do at times like this.

Busca’s horse carriage had already came to a halt on the street in front of the small shop.

As the carriage door opened, Carrey, who wore his black armor, jumped down. When he saw Ye Chui and Debbie who were standing their ground, he gave off a look of extreme despise and looked down on the both of them: “Isolent fools!”

“Little sister Debbie, let me ask you one last time!” Busca jumped down from his horse carriage as he declared. However because he was oversized, he accidentally stumbled and almost fell down. Holding onto the horse carriage, he straighten his body and continued: “Hand over the magic shop obediently and I can consider letting both of you off. Otherwise, heh, the blade of my son will show no mercy.”


Debbie’s tiny arms lifted up and swung the great sword, pointing the sword tip towards Carrey: “Enough of your nonsense, let’s fight before we talk!”

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