No Protection Tonight


Chapter 31: No Restraint


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Her sultry words- especially the “I want you”- stirred ripples in my heart. No, Saozi is trying to seduce me because she’s drunk, the worst thing I could do right now is yield. If she remembers when she wakes up or if Tangge catches us together, that’ll be the end of me!

“I can help with anything else, but not this. Tangsao, let’s wash your face first.”

“Feng, do you think I’m dirty?” Saozi tugged hard at my ears.


“Then what the hell are you on about? Forget about it, I’ll just change myself. Hold me steady, my head’s swaying a bit.” Tangsao gave up, exasperated.

She nagged at me to close my eyes and not peek. I didn’t make trouble and held her arm in place while keeping my eyes shut. The raspy sound of cloth against skin spiked a feeling of exhilaration in me; though I was trying my hardest to recreate what was happening in my mind, I didn’t have any thoughts of peeking. Maybe, this was what being a true man was.

Every second was torture for me. After a while, I felt as if something aromatic was in front of me.

Saozi said that she had finished, and I instinctively opened my eyes. A pair of sexy **** were placed right in front of my face. The two large and firm **** were quite a shock to me.

“Ah.” Before I could react, Saozi placed both palms on the back of my head and pressed it to her chest. By some miracle, my mouth caught one of her little pink grapes!

Though Saozi was trying to keep it down, she still moaned bewitchingly, clearly showing her enjoyment. She murmured in my ear, “Feng, I feel tingly, can you help me?”

I suddenly slammed back to my senses, wasn’t she just changing clothes? Why had it turned to suffocating me?

She held my head, not allowing me to let go of her. To be honest, I didn’t really want to, since her chest was both soft and warm like a massage. The blissful feeling was unlike anything I’d ever experienced.

But I didn’t understand what Saozi meant by “helping her”. Could it be that she wants to…? I shook my head in horror and muffled, “No, we can’t do that!”

Saozi paused, and let out a laugh. “No, not that. I want you to bite me.” She blushed as she explained.

I had never been so nervous before. When I watched p**n with Saozi back then, I was often light-headed imagining how the male actor must’ve felt, though I’d never had the courage to ask Saozi. But today, she had asked me herself. Along with the circumstances of our delicate setting, I almost lost control.

Though I was an amateur, I still learned plenty from watching AVs. First, I teased her by licking gently, then I started to roll her nipple between my teeth. Her body kept shaking, and her skin flushed crimson from her cheeks to her collarbone. The sight of her was almost magical in its seductiveness.

I was wary at first, but Saozi told me that the door was locked and we were safe. With her encouragement, my other self was revealed.

Because I sat on the toilet, the position was near perfect. In the beginning, it was Saozi who was holding my head, but I ended up with my palms against her back, caressing her gently. I was afraid that she would stop the beautiful moment if she wasn’t satisfied.

My blood boiled in excitement upon the thought that Tangge was still in the house. There was an inkling of doubt that Saozi was only doing this to bribe me into not telling him about the toothbrush incident, but I didn’t care.

After a few minutes, she started to twitch uncontrollably in pleasure. She sighed in bliss against my ear, almost making me come.

Then, she collapsed in my arms messily. I couldn’t drag my eyes away from her cute laziness.

I didn’t know how much time had passed, but I didn’t dare to keep doing anything in fear of Tangge waking up. I stood up to let Saozi take a shower, and she held her breasts as she told me to go out like a young miss.

Ah, it was a shame that my eyes didn’t have any recording abilities. The shape of her bust was extremely beautiful; I wouldn’t imagine that there would be any man who wouldn’t get a hard-on looking at her.

When I went back to my room, I was so agitated that I couldn’t sleep. Cuckolding was like jerking off- the pleasure comes first, and the guilt later.

My biggest fear was of Tangge learning of our secret and using it to threaten me into borrowing money from Liu Jie or something. Just when I was starting to fall asleep in the morning, a series of knocks sounded on my door.

“Feng, get up, get up!” It was Saozi. S**t, did something happen!

I hurriedly opened the door. “What, Saozi.”

“You still have school today, what are you still in bed for? Eat your breakfast and we’ll get going.” She urged.

Ugh, I almost wanted to pass out from fright before hearing what she really meant. I peered across the hallway, and Tangge was still sleeping in his room. He probably didn’t wake up last night.

When we were almost at the school, Saozi asked me if I slept well.

I quickly nodded my head.

She blushed and said, “Did they scare you?”

“A bit. Saozi, you’re way too big.” Though with a bra on, she didn’t seem so large. As for whatever sizes my perverted classmates always talked about, like 36D or something, I was sure Saozi’s measurements exceeded them.

“Psh.” She chuckled and said, “Ah, I really shouldn’t drink anymore. All hell seems to break loose when I do. Feng, you don’t blame Saozi, right?”

“No, not at all. No matter how you treat me, I won’t ever do that.” I stated.

“Really?” Her slender brows furrowed.

“Mm, as long as you’re happy.” I nodded truthfully.

“Little idiot, why are you so good to me? We’re- I’m your Saozi.” She bit her lip.

She must’ve been about to say something along the lines of “we’re not possible together”, but stopped because she didn’t want to hurt my feelings. Though honestly, I didn’t even know myself why I always couldn’t help but stand up for her or why I cared for her. Maybe I was running away from something.

“It’s exactly because you’re my Saozi. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to study.” My excuse was sound, but in the back of my mind, I thought that I was a coward for not being brave enough to take the step in the other direction.

“Okay, see ya.” Saozi stopped the car and waved goodbye.

Just as I stepped off, a bunch of students recognized me.

“Whoa, isn’t that the basketball star in our school?”

“Yeah, I haven’t seen him for a few days at least. I thought that he ran off with Coach Sun.”

“Eh, why are there bandages around his head?”

“He probably got pummeled by Li Zhiyuan.”

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