NPT C22 Part 1

No Protection Tonight


Chapter 22: Public Target (Part 1)


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“Mei, go buy some sensible clothes for Feng when you have some free time. It’s a bother to see him always wearing the same outfit.” Tangge said.

Tangsao did previously offer to go shopping with me for clothes, but I denied. If Tangge were to take notice, there might be some unwanted misunderstandings.

But now, Tangge was the one who brought up the issue first, and there didn’t seem to be any discontent in the tone of his voice. He didn’t seem to have a problem with me spending time with Saozi.

Though, it did make sense. Maybe Tangge had previously worried that he might be cheated on, since it wasn’t impossible that a country bumpkin like me to fall for Saozi’s seductions.

However, things were different now. If others were to judge from my current standpoint, Liu Jie was a beautiful young girl of high status, and Saozi was already married; any normal guy would definitely pick Liu Jie. Still, I just had to disagree. The happiness and excitement that I experienced with Saozi was definitely something Liu Jie could never give me.

“Mm, then let’s go in the evening. We should send him back to school first, or else he’ll be late.” Saozi replied.

Ten minutes later, I arrived at the gate. To my surprise, Liu Jie was waiting for me at the entrance, and walked up to me with a big smile on her face.

She hooked her elbow with mine, and my heart started to race from the soft bounce of her chest. My mind traced back to what happened in the car.

“Feng, what took you so long? You should’ve come with me after all.” Liu Jie pouted her lips. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. How on earth could the speed of Saozi’s Honda Fit compare to a million-yuan Porsche?

Of course, I could tell that Liu Jie wasn’t actually disappointed, she just missed me.

“Well, that wouldn’t have worked. Your dad was in the car, too.” I shook my head. Having a free lunch fall out of the sky was already good enough for me.

“Aye, I don’t like him at all, he always rambles on nonstop. If you were there, he would shut up.” Liu Jie complained.

“Ahem, Classmate Liu Jie, we’re on campus now, so we should keep our distance.” I let go of her, and she didn’t seem very happy about it. “Hmph, I don’t care, I’m still going to hold you.”

Then, she took my arm again, and we strolled into the school grounds. I felt powerless against her charm.

Student romance was supposed to be banned on campus, so the two of us were quite a sight.

“Who is that, how did he get with Liu Jie?”

“I know that guy, he’s the new top brass around here. His name is Zhuang Feng.”

“Zhuang Feng? That guy who f**ked up Guo Tao?”

“Who else? There’s no one with balls bigger than his at our school!”

I didn’t pay attention to them, and took Liu Jie upstairs into the building. I noticed that her hands were soft and delicate, and unconsciously squeezed them. Her cheeks reddened slightly.

“Hmph, doofus.” Liu Jie rolled her eyes. She seemed rather sensitive.

When we neared the classroom door, I saw a tall and stocky guy standing at the frame. Liu Jie’s brows furrowed at the sight.

“Li Zhiyuan, why are you here?” Liu Jie asked, annoyed.

“What, why aren’t you happy to see me? Because you’re cheating on me?” Li Zhiyuan sneered. Cheating? I remembered Guo Tao saying something about Li Zhiyuan and Liu Jie on our first encounter.

Could she be the kind of girl to have a fickle heart? That would be a relief to me, then.

“Stop lying, there’s nothing between us right now.” Liu Jie huffed.

Li Zhiyuan ignored her, and said, “Well, for now, anyways. And it’s best for you, punk, to stay away from Jie. She’s not someone you can handle.”

“What do you mean ‘handle’? You’re the worst.” Liu Jie got angry, and slapped him across the face.


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