14. Side Effect

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14. Side Effect

In a daze, I looked down on my body that has grown bigger.

Even if I say that, it doesn’t mean that it turned back to how it was in my previous life.

I didn’t have any children so I don’t exactly know, but this size should be around a 3 years old’s.
The height is around 90 cm.
The reason is that my head doesn’t quite reach the table that is standing beside the bed.
I probably got taller by nearly 30 cm and since I was alright after I just got down from the bed without thinking, my skeletal structure and muscles should also be sturdy.
If I compare this to how my body before I’ve grown got sore just from sitting in place for a longer time, this was a remarkable progress.

That being said, rather than being happy about how my body grew, I’m just baffled now.

First I touched my body all over for a while, then climbed up the nearby chair and grabbed a glass and filled it with water from a water jug from the same table.
The water jug was heavy so I used not just my two hands, but my whole body’s muscles, but still, these actions were impossible before.

I took the glass that I poured water in with both hands, then drank the water with accompanying ‘glug glug‘ sounds.


I wiped down the water that spilled from the sides of my mouth while I let out a sigh filled with a sense of accomplishment.

Then the door suddenly opened.

“――aah, sorry I’m late. Oh, is Julia still in her Growth Sleep? Mine has already ended―― hey, where is Ed?”

It looks like the one who entered was a talking Alfred-tousan.
Apparently, dad didn’t notice that I left the bed and sitting on a chair.

Dad knows that Julia-kaasan is currently in Growth Sleep state, huh.
Then, it should be alright to assume that the concept of Growth Sleep is commonly known in this world.

Judging by his words, it seems dad also went into Growth Sleep after the battle.

Alfred Chrebl (Viscount | Santamana Kingdom, Third Area Army Commander |《Castle Destroyer》,《Renowned Commander》)

39 years old

Level 40
HP 94/94
MP 81/81

Master class
[Leadership] 6
[Spearmanship] 5

[Command] 9 (MAX)
[Sword Skills] 5
[Bow Skills] 3
[Spear Skills] 9 (MAX)
[Unarmed Combat Skills] 3
[Dagger Skills] 1
[Horse Riding Skills] 6
[Water Magic] 3
[Wind Magic] 4
[Earth Magic] 4

《God of War’s Attention》(Has gained the attention of the God of War Marslat due to notable military achievements. Small supplement to the acquisition, learning speed, and effectiveness of skills related to battle. Becomes harder to be hit by stray arrows. Can more easily sense the intent to rebel in subordinates.)

The rise in level is 1 and the HP and MP values have grown accordingly.

The nickname of 《Renowned Commander》 has also been added, so it feels like his prestige as a soldier has also increased greatly.

But, that’s not the part that needs attention.

The [Command] skills has reached the counter stop and [Leadership] has also went up by 2.
The Goddess said that skills are more easily raised when used in real battle situations, but truly, they went up splendidly.
At this rate, a few more battles like this and [Leadership] will also reach the counter stop.
Well, if battles like this would occur frequently, then it would probably be very bad for the country, but maybe it’s not that ridiculous.

And finally, 《God of War’s Attention》
It’s seemingly different from a God’s Blessing, but for someone that stands on a battlefield, it includes many effects that a person would be simply thankful for.
With this, it’s a bit of a relief if there is a war, but from the family’s point of view, of course it’s much better if there aren’t even any chances for dad to stand on a battlefield.
I’m probably overthinking it, but I hope dad doesn’t get dragged into more wars simply because he gained the attention of the God of War.

The rise in level was 1, so dad’s Growth Sleep was most likely 3 hours.

After I entered Growth Sleep he finished with the remnant hunting and got some shut-eye after leaving the cleanup matters to the mustached knight, or probably something like that.
He probably wanted to stay awake until the cleanup has been completed, but apparently the Growth Sleep comes immediately after the tension of battle has dissipated.

…..well, that aside, it would be bad to ignore dad any longer.


“Uwa! Ed, you were there!”
Dad looked back towards me――

“H-hey, Ed… , aren’t you a bit bigger? Or rather, you just called out to me saying ‘dad’, right?”

Dad tilted his head so far it almost fell off and asked me.

“Reber appu.”

After growing, my mouth is functioning a bit better, but the sensation of my before-growth body still remains somewhat, so it’s kinda hard to talk.

By the way, I keep [Instant Interpretation] turned on.
I’ve become able to understand about half without it, but the talking part is not yet passable.

“Level up….? I see, your body got bigger due to a side effect of leveling up. You have certainly defeated many enemies with Goleth on top of the list.”

“Ophen happen?”

“Hn? Asking if it happens often? For one, they say if sudden level ups occur in a short amount of time it’s possible to grow in height and develop more muscles. They also say that the effect is especially extensive in case of small children.”

But the Growth Sleep was too short if that’s the case?, said dad with a doubtful expression.


“…well, for a not even 1-year-old baby to defeat enemies is not something that normally occurs. No wonder if something strange happens.”

For the time being I pour some water into the glass on top of the table and hand it over to dad.

“Ooh, you are thoughtful. Thank you…… rather, much too thoughtful!”

After that retort, dad drank up the water at once, with a “Puhaa!”.
Contrary to his elegant appearance it was a middle-aged-man-like way of drinking. Well, at 39 he is middle aged.

Dad put the glass down on the table and said with a serious expression while pouring himself a second glass of water.
“――Really sorry, Ed.”


I didn’t know what he was talking about, so I sincerely tilted my head.

“About Goleth. I know that you were the one that took him down, but at time I made it out to be Julia’s achievement. Since I didn’t think anyone would suddenly believe that a half-year-old baby took out the enemy leader.”

Well, that’s for sure.
Rather, the declaration of ‘――My wife took down the Head of the enemy!’ from that time had this kind of meaning behind it.
That was some quick thinking in that situation.

“Also, if people realize that you are not a usual baby, then many bothersome things could happen because of it. I was thinking that as a father, I can’t let you be burdened by things like that.”

That’s perfectly reasonable.
In truth, even I find it troublesome as someone that was 30 years old in the previous world.
I’m a person that was almost isolated in the workplace because I refused to go socialize after work and instead went to play fighting games.

“…thank you”

Words of gratitude easily left my mouth.

“No, thank You, really. This battle would have been very dangerous if you and Julia weren’t here. We may have lost.”

Indeed, rather than the numbers disadvantage, the enemy had a monster named Goleth.
If he wanted, he would’ve been more than able to blow through the gate of the fortress with a throwing spear heavily enchanted by [Enchant Magic].

“If you didn’t make me understand that time, perhaps I would have lost Julia too. I didn’t realize at all that Julia was so distressed.”

It’s probably about how Julia-kaasan said before the battle, that she would’ve left the house with me if things didn’t change.
I was also surprised about that one.

“Since Ed made me realize Julia’s feelings I brought you two to the fortress with me and as a result we managed to repel the <Black Wolf Fang>. It’s all thanks to Ed.”

Dad said while looking straight into my eyes.
It’s kind of embarrassing.
I reply while shaking my head.

“Ai didh nashing”

“Ai? Aah, you said I. I see, you prefer I(ore-俺).”

Come to think of it dad uses I(boku-僕) to refer to himself.

“――In the future you are sure to become an amazing fellow. My sons―― Ed’s older brothers are also exceptional, but from you I feel something of an entirely different level. Dreadfully so.”

Dad hugs me tightly.

“But, you are still our small child. Please don’t do anything too dangerous.”

He probably refers to the battle with Goleth.

I thought that time, that the battle is going nowhere, so I purposefully didn’t block Goleth’s attack on the fortress wall and lured him in to let his guard down and keep attacking the wall.
After confirming that Goleth used up all his throwing spear that were enchanted using [Enchant Magic], I threw back the first throwing spear at Goleth.
And with the maximum momentum, using [Physical Magic].

Goleth took that spear attack head on, since he didn’t have any spears at hand and couldn’t counter-attack.
No, I think part of the reason was that he believed he took me down along with the fortress walls.
Therefore, even if he had a spear at hand, Goleth may have been unable to react in time anyway.

I was just taking that risk because I felt that it was the right thing to do, but watching something like that happen right in front of them, it couldn’t have been easy for a parent.

“Aihm sowwy”

“It’s all right. I believe I know what your aim was. Your magic power, courage, and decisiveness are all inappropriate for your age. I was surprised. By surprised I mean―― It’s damn impossible!”

Mr. Dad is prone to make retorts, apparently.
Well, Julia-kaasan is the silly type, so it’s not strange to develop that trait.

“――dha mersheneries?”

After defeating Goleth I went into Growth Sleep right away, so I don’t know what happened after that.

“Aah, about 70 percent of the members of <Black Wolf Fang> have been wiped out or captured. As for the remaining 30 percent, the plan is to interrogate the captured ones and make a list of names that will be added to the list of wanted criminals in the whole country. Pursuing those that run towards Sonorato is too difficult, but just in case we will notify the other fortresses and request that we put up a cordon.”

Apparently, since they were not an official army, but an army of bandits, they are not considered prisoners of war, but arrested prisoners.

“Whai didh dey come here?”

“Aah, you want to ask why did they appear here and not at the Zakholtz Fortress we originally thought, right? Or rather, you understood what we talked about even before today, huh.”

Dad was already tired of making those retorts and just sighed.

“Apparently, the information of them heading towards Zakholtz Fortress itself was their work. The commander of Zakholtz Fortress is a 15 years old boy, that inherited the position of the family head only a few days ago, you see. His Majesty asked me to support him if anything happens, but that backfired on us this time.”

I see, there were such circumstances.

“Whai were dey det shtrong? Dey were jhust a mershenery ghoup, bhut dey spred infohmation and had chatapuht.”

“You noticed an excellent point. Or rather, you noticed it too well! ….well, I should stop with this already, right?”

Fhuu, dad sighed, and

“Due to the internal conflicts dragging on, both the national army and the feudal lords’ personal armies in Sonorato were mostly annihilated, you see. By taking in the remnants of the defeated regular armies, the mercenary groups that were fighting in Sonorato could increase both the domestic and foreign ability of their intelligence units, it seems. However, I didn’t think they would be able to manipulate information inside Santamana as well. That catapult siege weapon was probably also seized during their internal battles.”

“What wash deir aim?”

“Indeed, you don’t assault a fortress if you just want to pillage. If they went as far as manipulating intelligence to reduce the number of forces within the fortress, their aim may very well have been taking over the fortress for themselves, just as Nebulos said. ….ah, Nebulos is my secretary.”

“…ushing dhis fortressh ash a beashead and invade Santamana?”

I still can’t articulate well enough, but what I wanted to say was ‘Using this fortress as a beachhead and invade Santamana?’.

Both of dad’s eyes were opened wide because of my words.

“Most likely, just as Ed said. This fortress was designed for solid defense, so it’s a perfect place to have the first base. Increase their forces from the nearby villages and towns, conquer a few fortresses and towns and declare their independence from Santamana. It’s possible they were thinking along those lines.”

“can go well?”

“That, I can’t say…. The <Black Wolf Fang> is mighty, but Santamana has the powerful Imperial Guards. However, apparently with the ceasefire agreement in Sonorato, there are quite a lot of mercenaries that are now unemployed and if Goleth was able to take the fortress and send out a notice, he could have organized a force of over ten-thousand. There are also rumors that <Yatagarasu>, an infamous assassin group with connections to <Black Wolf Fang>, wants to move their headquarters to Santamana, since they can no longer work within Sonorato.”

“Ranzrakk forshes not too few?”

“Yeah, too few. I requested additional reinforcements from His Majesty the King not too long ago, and it was finally the time that it was put together. The troops under my command are divided into two between the town and the fortress with soldiers alternating in between, but even then, this situation, in which they are constantly under pressure, is continuing. There was also this matter this time, so I want to let them rest or it will affect the morale.”

Dad stood up after drinking all the water from the glass.

“――well then, I have to go now. It’s been 6 hours since Julia went into Growth Sleep, so probably she has one more level’s worth to go. In that case, she will probably wake up in the middle of the night. Oh dear, the level difference between us will widen once again.”

To be exact, Julia-kaasan’s level went up by 4, so she still has 2 level’s worth of Growth Sleep remaining, but dad has no way of knowing.
Or rather, he is bothered by the level difference, huh.

“When the cleanup of this battle is finished I will probably need to go to the capital. I have to report this matter to His Majesty and request reinforcements for the fortresses near the border. Ah, that’s right, when I’m going to the capital I will also take you two.”

“Me thoo?”

“I want to confirm your status with a high-level cleric once. Julia’s level also went up, so she also probably wants to confirm her own status, so it’s the perfect opportunity. That being said, it’s still some time away. You two will first return home, then after things calm down around here I will follow after you. Since it’s on the way to the capital it doesn’t become a time loss either.”

Dad only said this and then left the room after kissing the sleeping mom on her cheek.

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    This guy is a lot calmer than I would expect a guy to be when he is able to talk to his 6 month old son about war strategies…

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