My Fox Immortal Wife – Chapter 9

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My Fox Immortal Wife – Chapter 9 – I’m Afraid of Heights

“Waaahh…. mama… a monster… came to eat Lil Ying…..”

Seeing Liu Yi’s unkempt appearance and dusty body, the loli thought that he was a forsest monster and immediately started crying.

Immediately, Liu Yi didn’t know what to do.

Oh Heavens! What is happening…

“Little girl, this older brother is not a monster. I’m a human!”

Liu Yi pulled his face as he said those words.

He wanted to show that his face and everything else was real and he’s not a monster morphed into a human shape.


The little loli sniffled and then looked at Liu Yi pitifully.

This loli was way too cute. Her teary expression was a lethal weapon.

Thought Liu Yi. Fortunately, he wasn’t a pedo.

“You can try pulling if you don’t believe me.”

Liu Yi bend his back and placed his face toward the loli.

The little loli outstretched her hand and pulled Liu Yi’s face gently.

“It’s true… it’s even a bit warm… sorry big brother, Lil Ying thought that you were a monster…”

Finding that Liu Yi was a human, the loli finally wiped her tears away and stopped crying.

“What’s wrong with monsters? What’s bad about monster?…”

The little fox once again started mumbling in Liu Yi’s ears.

Liu Yi felt as if this fox had been chanting at him as much as Tangseng did to Sun Wukong.

“Little girl, where’s your mom?”

asked Liu Yi.

“Mom went to the parking lot to get the car…. Lil Ying was playing here… but balloon flew to tree…”

Upon seeing the giant Mickey Mouse balloon that’s stuck to the tree, the little loli started crying again.

“Lil Ying, don’t cry. Big brother will help you get your balloon.”


Asked the little loli timidly after looking at the four to five meters tall tree.

“But…. this tree is very tall…”

“No problem, leave it to me!”

Said Liu Yi. He bend over and pretended to tie his shoes but instead lowered his voice and asked the little fox.

“Your immortal strength… could that let me jump four to five meters?”

Liu Yi asked expectantly.

“You’re nuts! Did you think this lady is your super battery?!”

Unable to help herself, the little fox started attacking him with all kinds of words.

“Four to five meters tall, you need to at least open the first Star Jade and official enter the path of immortal cultivation!”

“That whatever Star Jade you spoke of… can I open it right away?”

Liu Yi quickly asked.

“Of course you can’t!”

The little fox immediately started scolding. “You good for nothing, did you think that you can become an immortal cultivator with just a word or two?! To open the first Star Jade and enter the path of immortal cultivation requires a lot of preparation! For an average person, it’ll be very difficult to even enter! You, however, was super lucky. You met this lady! With my help, you won’t have to walk all the detours in your preparation!”

“If that’s the case then let’s talk about it next time!”

Liu Yi looked at the teary eyed loli and decided that he have no time to prepare for the whole immortal cultivation thing.

He took a deep breath. Once again, that strange feeling within his body began to swell up.

His whole body’s blood circulation had began to accelerate.

“You crazy bastard! You’re wasting this lady’s immortal strength again!”

Lin Tong quickly shouted. “Hey hey hey! Stop! Don’t do this! You’ll extract everything out of this lady!”

Too sinister!

Hearing that, Liu Yi’s face reddened with embarrassment. However, he did not stop.

He stepped back two steps. Then he accelerated toward the tree. Like the wind, he immediately left behind a huge cloud of dust and instantly rushed up the tree.

Liu Yi felt as if he was a master of parkour. He stepped on the tree trunk and managed to run up there continuously!

In a couple steps, he noticed that it was as if there was a magical attraction on his feet pulling his body and sticking him to the tree trunk.

However, this magical attraction soon disappeared. His body suddenly sank and started falling toward the ground.

At this moment, Liu Yi had ran about two meters. He screamed and then quickly hugged the tree trunk.

He slid down the tree trunk a bit before stopping on the tree trunk.

This scared him so much that his heartbeat started pumping extra fast. The little loli was down on the ground screaming incessantly.

“Big brother, are you superhuman?!”

Superhuman?… what kind of superhuman is this…

I’m about to scared to death….

It was the first time Liu Yi did something this thrilling!

Liu Yi’s heart was beating so fast that it was about to pop out. He wiped his cold sweat and felt very chilly on his forehead.

“You really are insane! This lady’s immortal strength, you wasted it just like that!”

Lin Tong was in a immense heartache.

“Pleasure from helping other people is the foundations of one’s personal character!”

Said Liu Yi quickly.

“As if this lady care about that! This lady isn’t human! This lady is… is a female immortal!”

“Yes yes yes. Miss female immortal, please don’t let me screw up. Just a bit more and I can get the balloon.”

Said Liu Yi as he took another breath. Once again his blood circulation began to accelerate and his body immediately felt a lot lighter.

Borrowing the strength from this sensation, Liu Yi was like a monkey. In a short while, he climbed up to the top of the tree and retrieved the little loli’s balloon.

“Wow! Big brother is awesome!”

The little loli was clapping down below.

And just when Liu Yi was about to climb back down, he suddenly began trembling and sweating an immense amount of cold sweat.

“What’s wrong big hero? Go back down! Or do you want to spend your whole life atop the tree?”

Lin Tong’s mocking voice once again rang in Liu Yi’s ears.

“I… I…”

“You what?”

“I’m afraid of heights…”


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