My Fox Immortal Wife – Chapter 6

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My Fox Immortal Wife – Chapter 6 – School Is More Important Than Immortal Cultivation

I haven’t return home last night. Had it been like every other day, then mom’s going to kill me for sure.

Luckily for me, mom was doing overnight shift last night and dad was also away for his work.

Liu Yi’s mother was the supervising nurse of a large hospital. Although the position sounds good, it’s very busy.

Doing overnight shifts and such are a common thing for her.

Yesterday would surely be the other days. Mom would have certainly left dinner on the kitchen table for Liu Yi to reheat.

However, Liu Yi’s mother most certainly did not thought that her well behaved son would have stayed out the night!

Had she knew, then Liu Yi would certainly receive a beating from her.

Liu Yi’s father was a purchaser. He runs around the country purchasing stuff. Thus, the time he gets to return home every month is limited.

It’s an ordinary small family.

Liu Yi was also an ordinary senior high school student. He was ignored by others all his life. He wasn’t handsome. His family wasn’t rich nor do they have power. His wasn’t smart and his sucks at sports. He’s simply one of those people that sucks at everything in school.

As such, Liu Yi, with the exception of a couple good friends, was pretty much a transparent person in class.

But it was also this Liu Yi who ran across a little fox immortal!

A hateful little fox immortal that turned his right hand into the amorous ripple hand!


You didn’t have to do this to me!

I still have a lot of uses for my right hand ah!

You didn’t have to ruined it like this!

Liu Yi looked at his right hand. He wanted to cry.

How must he live his life now?!

Won’t it be a complete mess now?!

“So many people had begged this lady to teach them the amorous ripple hand before and I refused to teach them. To receive such a godly capturing technique, how come you instead grew unhappy about it?!”

The little fox Lin Tong was floating in front of Liu Yi. She asked as she holds her front paws.

“The hell would you know! There’s a lot of uses for my right hand!”

With a long face, Liu Yi asked. “Can I ask for a cancellation? I don’t want it!”

“This…. of course….”

Lin Tong was about to speak. Suddenly her cute little eyes turned around. Then she said.

“…Of course not! You have to cultivate to become an immortal so that you can cancel the amorous ripple hand. Otherwise you’d have to live with it your whole life!”

Lin Tong’s words was like a thunderbolt to Liu Yi.

He was shocked silly from her words.

Must I really cultivate to become an immortal?

But… this Lin Tong doesn’t seem to be reliable at all!

“Be good. As long as you obediently follow this lady, becoming an immortal practitioner is not hard at all!”

Lin Tong continued to try to entice Liu Yi. “As long as you follow this lady, then your future will be set! No longer will you have to worry about wooing girls

How come this sounds like what people say to make you join the triad?!

Liu Yi’s mind was in a mess.

Right when he was hesitating, his phone suddenly rang.

The sudden rang of the phone scared Liu Yi so much that he quivered. Seeing that, Lin Tong started ridiculing him.

“Cheh! What a coward! To be scared by the ringtone of your phone, what a loser! Looks like this lady would have a lot of things to teach you…”

Lin Tong muttered in her heart. To have a cowardly fool as her apprentice, looks like there will be hard times ahead.

But in order to allow my body to break free, looks like I had to teach this idiot!

Fortunately I am in his body and can help him cultivate from within. Otherwise, if we were to go with this idiotic mortal’s understanding abilities, he’ll be doing pretty good if he were to be able to successfully open the first star jade and join the lower mortal realm.

Sigh, what bad luck!

It was her first time leaving the mountains to obtain essence yet she met a female immortal of the immortal realm and was sealed into the mortal’s right hand!

Destiable! Abominable!

Who know what this hateful mortal uses his right hand for!


I must quickly get this mortal to the mid level of martial cultivation, then I’ll be able to leave this seal!

“Say what?! Teacher might be looking for me? Just tell him when you see him that I went to the bathroom and will be right back!”

Liu Yi was scared witless. His legs were shaking.

Their teacher is well known for his strictness throughout the school!

Liu Yi didn’t want to punished by his teacher!

If he were to be punished by his teacher in front of the whole class, then he would surely be greatly humiliated.

It’s one thing to be humiliated in front of other people.

But if he were to be humiliated in front of Ma Yixuan, then Liu Yi would never be able to lift his head up ever again.

Even if he was to receive an ass ramming next door, he still cannot allow himself to be slapped in front of his goddess!

This was the motto of a loser!

“Come, troubled child! Allow this lady to guide you into the magical world of immortal cultivation!”

Right when Lin Tong was filled with confidence, hesitation and the thought of going all out, Liu Yi shouted.

“F*ck! I’m f*cked! I need to go back to school! As for the whole immortal business, we can talk about it later!”

Immediately after saying that, Liu Yi rushed off toward the park’s exit.

He was rushing to the bus stop, if he did not get back to school on time, then he really will be f*cked!

He would be punished by the teacher, humiliated in front of Ma Yixuan and, finally, had his parents called by the school!

Noo! That’ll be a damned tragedy then!

Liu Yi frantically ran. He arrived at the bus stop to wait for a bus to school.

“Hey hey hey! You! How could this lady’s interrupt my speech! Let me tell you, this lady will be your master from now on! You better respect your master! Also! What is there that’s more important than letting this lady out…. than immortal cultivation?!”

“School! School is more important than immortal cultivation!”

Said Liu Yi in a completely serious manner as he stood at the bus station.

“If I don’t go to school, then I won’t be able to have qualifications! If I don’t have qualifications, I won’t be able to find a job! If I can’t find a job, I won’t be able to find a wife! If I can’t find a wife, then I can’t give birth to a child! If I can’t give birth to a child, then I won’t be able to let the child attend school….”
“Mortal, your life is tragedy!”

Unable to help herself, Lin Tong said. “Fortunately for you, you met this lady. This lady is your life’s beacon, your lucky star…”

“Shit! F*ck! I didn’t go home last night, I don’t have any money for the bus! My god! Miss fox immortal, my life is a f*cking tragedy after meeting you!”

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