My Fox Immortal Wife – Chapter 25

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My Fox Immortal Wife – Chapter 25 – I Want Your Sword
Original by Ram de Night, Translated by James

The fat chick had walked in. She was even chewing on a leek.

Her pair of small eyes swept through the class and landed on Liu Yi. She then chuckled.

That shiny piece of leek on her teeth, it was so bright that it almost blinded Liu Yi.

Oh my f*cking gawd! Favorable impression level fifty eight!

You’ve got to be kidding me!

And at this moment, the number floating above the fat chick’s head had jumped higher.

Favorable impression level increased by one!

Oh my f*cking shit! It’s fifty nine now!

Must’ve been when our eyes met earlier!

Too f*cking scary!

Holy, gotta get my eyes back, I don’t want that thing to jump again!…

However, even though the favorable impression level increased, the Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra did not have any response to it….

Hooh, so this Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra was also picky… it doesn’t do anything unless the person’s a beauty.

Liu Yi grew a bit disdainful of the Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra.

So… not all love are equal…

Oh well, I’m rather picky too.

Liu Yi also grew a bit disdainful of himself.

That Heart Sutra was exactly like its master…

As grandfather had said, subordinates imitate their supervisor’s vice, I must certainly fix my own attitude first.

Liu Yi started to secretly check other people out again. This eye of favorable impression was pretty fun.

Liu Yi turned around and saw Ma Yixuan walking in.

Ma Yixuan was wearing a white T-shirt and blue school pants. However, they were unable to block her extraordinary figure.

Her school jacket was wrapped around her waist like a small skirt. It was very cute and attractive.

Liu Yi couldn’t help himself and glanced at her a couple of times.

Upon seeing the favorable impression level that’s floating on her head, Liu Yi’s heart once again grew cold.

Negative thirty eight.

What the heck….

So I, Liu Yi, am a three-eight to Ma Yixuan?!

[TL: 三八 aka. three-eight in chinese have a couple of meanings depending on usage. One of the common meaning was bitch, slutty, gossipy, etc. However, in taiwan, it have more of a meaning of silly or airhead. Apparently three plus eight equals 11(十一) which could then be combined to make the word ‘tu’(土). Tu is used to describe someone as a bimbo, bumpkin, etc. ]

It’s one thing if it was positive, however it was negative!

This was beyond acceptable….

Am I really that worthless to Ma Yixuan?

However, Liu Yi cannot think of anything that he had done wrong to Ma Yixuan.

Before he knew of that Wang Dashan person, when Ma Yixuan said she’s thirsty, Liu Yi would immediately run and buy water for her.

When she says that she’s hungry, he’ll go and buy her fruits and crepes for her to eat.

The result was him spending his lunch money and having to starve.

However, this didn’t matter to Liu Yi because he’s satisfied as long as he could see Ma Yixuan’s smile.

Unfortunately, everything he had done was to no avail.

They did not give him any favorable impression to Ma Yixuan, instead, he was given a negative thirty eight…

Liu Yi really wanted to laugh at himself. However, he was unable to laugh.

Instead, he felt like crying.

A very uncomfortable feeling.

“What’s wrong? Are you not feeling good?”

Unprecedented, Lin Tong was concerned for Liu Yi.

“I’m fine. I’m okay. My grandfather had said that a man must be strong.”

Your grandfather, your grandfather…

Lin Tong gave a real big side eye. She was in a bad mood.

This dumbass only have his grandfather in sight!

I’m also technically his master!

How come he was never respectful toward me?!

Lin Tong was in a bad mood. She wanted to scold Liu Yi. Right at this moment, Liu Yi’s best bud and desk mate Chen Cai walked in.

With a crepe in his mouth and a crepe in his hand, he was walking while swaying back and forth.

He was simultaneously checking out the girls in the class as he walked.

This pervert…

“Yo Liu Yi, so you’ve woken up. Here, I brought an extra crepe. Take it and eat it, don’t die next to me, that’ll be real scary.”

Bros are the best after all…

Liu Yi was very touched by Chen Cai. Suddenly his sight went toward the numbers on Chen Cai’s head.

Holy shit! Favorable Impression Level eighty eight!

God damn! What the heck is with that?!

Seeing Chen Cai’s wretched appearance, Liu Yi felt a numbing sensation throughout his body. He felt like kicking Chen Cai out the window.

This guy…. he’s not GAY right?!….

No, that’s impossible…. I’ve known this guy for quite some time now… he’s obviously a straight man with only girls in his sight….

There was even a time where he pretended to tie his shoe during the PE class to peek beneath the skirts of the girls… and ended up getting beaten up by them after being found out…

This kind of pervert, he shouldn’t be gay.

“What? You don’t want it?…holy shit! When did you bought a burger?!”

Chen Cai noticed the half eaten burger on Liu Yi’s table.

“Something’s wrong! You clearly didn’t go out to buy food! This burger… don’t tell me some chick gave you that!”

Chen Cai gave off a weird shriek.

Murong Die and Wang Lele had walked into the class right at this moment. Wang Lele heard Chen Cai’s weird shrieks and saw the half eaten burger on Liu Yi’s desk. Immediately, with a surprised expression, she held her hand over her mouth and turned around to look at her Sis Die and said.

“And here I was wondering… why Sis Die was eating her burger so fast… you ended up giving it to Liu Yi to eat!”

“It didn’t taste good…. I threw it away and he picked it up, don’t start having your imagination run wild!”

Said Murong Die unnaturally as she looked toward the outside of the window.

“Oh my god….”

Wang Lele’s hand was still on her mouth in shock.

She grew up with Murong Die.

Never had Murong Die ever given her food to boys before…


Did the sun rise from the west?

Wang Lele’s eyesight quickly fell onto Liu Yi’s body. She was checking him from head to toe as if he was a prisoner.

“What are you doing?!”

Murong Die noticed Wang Lele checking Liu Yi out and quickly pushed her away.

“He’s not handsome… looks just like a regular teenage boy… Sis Die, where exactly did you find him attractive?”

“Why are you so nosy?! Who said that I’m into him?! Say stuff like that again and I’ll tear your mouth!”

“Could it be that Sis Die is in heat?”

Wang Lele was holding her chest. She said with a Sherlock Holmes pose. “Shouldn’t be… it is currently not Spring…”

[TL: Chinese word for in heat = go spring. So Wang Lele was like, this wasn’t spring… she shouldn’t be in heat.]

“Little wench, you’re the one in heat!”

Murong Die pinched Wang Lele’s boob. “Look, you’re even about to start lactating!”

“Meanie… Sis Die is making fun of my boobs again…”

Said Wang Lele after brushing away Murong Die’s hand.

“Humph, don’t be so cocky about your boobs, they’ll get even bigger after you give birth!”

“There’s nothing to be afraid of! When that time comes, I’ll have my husband help me suck it!”

“You… you win…”

Murong Die had admitted her defeat.

As for Liu Yi, he had also found an excuse and got Chen Cai off his case.

He still have to start practicing his cultivation more so that he could prepare to run away tonight!

“Young master Lan, what brings you here today?”

In an internet cafe nearby, a couple hooligans were standing by Lan He. They were watching as Lan He played ‘ZhengTu’. His character was equipped with the best equipments causing all these hooligans to be extremely envious.

[TL: ZhengTu (征途) = most popular mmo in China in 2008.]

“F*ck. Some f*cking dog shit got me in a real bad mood today!”

Said Lan He as he killed a couple weak players in the game.

“Aiya. Which idiot provoked our young master Lan? I shall help you take care of him. Young master Lan, just give me a highest quality sword… that’s strengthened…”

“I’ve already got Kevin on the case. That son of a bitch is certainly going to die this time!”

Said Lan He fiercely after killing two high level and well equipped players.


Sneered a hooligan with a scar behind his ear.

“Kevin? More like Kevshit! He’s just a senior high schooler. How the f*ck could he be compared to us real gangsters.”

The hooligan with a scar behind his ear took out a butterfly knife and started flipping and waving it around his hand. Dude’s pretty skillful.

“Whoever our Black Dragon Gang wants to take down, none of them were able to escape. Since that retard have made young master Lan so angry, I, Ma Wei, shall help that retard do some bloodletting. What say you, young master Lan?”


Lan He started becoming interested.

“Brother Wei is really willing to come forward to help me take care of him?”

“Of course… young master Lan, how do you want to take care of him?”

Said Ma Wei while laughing evilly. He was still playing with his butterfly knife.

“I just want one of his leg. If Kevin can’t handle that, then I’ll have to thank brother Wei for your trouble.”

“One leg? That’s a trivial matter to our Black Dragon Gang.”

Ma Wei chuckled. “however Kevin who only knows how to bully high school kids, I fear that he don’t have the guts to do it.”

“In that case, thanks Brother Wei for your troubles. When the matter’s taken care of, I shall give each of you a thousand yuan. Consider it my treat to some alcohol.”

Said Lan He.

“I don’t want a thousand yuan, I want your ten star +12 sword.”

Said Ma Wei pointing at the game screen.

“Aiya… Brother Wei, the value of my sword… I suspect that you also know it…”

This sword was worth over a hundred thousand yuan.

Even though a hundred thousand was only pocket money for Lan He, he didn’t want to give away the sword that he spent a long time to finally strengthen to ten star and +12.

“Young master Lan, you’re not giving away this sword for free.”

Ma Wei laughed. “A sword in exchange for a friendship with our Black Dragon Gang… I think you don’t need me to explain! In the future, if young master Lan have any problems he wants to take care of, then it shall be our whole Black Dragon Gang’s problem!”


Lan He gritted his teeth.

The Black Dragon Gang was a large youth gang. To have a friendly relationship with them was certainly good for him.

In the future, if there’s more retards like Liu Yi, he could just say a single word and the Black Dragon Clan will help me take care of it.

At that time, Lan He would be able to tyrannize this area. Who would dare provoke him?!

When thinking to this point, Lan He heartache from giving his sword lessened.

“I will trade you the sword right away. I will be in Brother Wei’s care henceforth!”

“Haha! Easy! Easy!”

Ma Wei’s eyes were a little red once he saw that highest quality sword in his inventory.

He himself had spent quite a bit of money in the game too. The game was like a scam, the probability of a successful strengthening was low as f*ck!

All the money that he made in the gang was spent on strengthening his weapon… however, it’s still a piece of shit!

He was a bossman in reality. Everyone had to respect him. A lot of little hooligan punks had to call him Brother Wei when they see him.

However, in the gaming world, he’s a rubbish that gets killed by others in seconds.

This caused him to be very unhappy!

Ma Wei felt that he was a hero with the quality of a hero, how could he be bullied by others like that?!

Thus, he didn’t want money or anything else! He only wanted Lan He’s highest quality sword.

With this highest quality sword, he would be unstoppable in the game world! Hahaha!

“In the future, anyone who dared provoke young master Lan shall become this Ma Wei’s enemy! Young master Lan, just wait for my good news!”

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