My Fox Immortal Wife – Chapter 23

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My Fox Immortal Wife – Chapter 23 – No Compassion

After saying those words, Lin Tong really wanted to slap herself.

Dear heaven! Lin Tong! Why did you say those words?!

If this cause Liu Yi to be suspicious of yourself, won’t all your effort be for naught?!

Whip yourself!

Yes, whip yourself!

Lin Tong tried to quickly correct herself.

“My grandfather had said that there are more good people in this world than bad people! There exist love between people. They are found above trust. As love as you trust others, then everyone would be a good person in your eyes. If you don’t trust others, then everyone will be a bad person.”

What Liu Yi said once again surprised Lin Tong.

Am I…. too bad of a person?…

Lin Tong could not help but think.

Wrong! I’m not even a human!

Master had said that in this world, if you don’t deceive others, then others would deceive you.

Thus, I might as well deceive others first before they do the same to me!

However, toward this Liu Yi…. Lin Tong had a feeling of guilt…


F*ck it!

In this world, if one doesn’t look out for himself, then the heaven and earth shall destroy you!

Should I feel benevolence toward him, then I’ll be sealed in his hand for the rest of my life!

That’s right… that’s it…

I must certainly think for my own good…

Liu Yi…. his life and death have nothing to do with me!

Lin Tong kept telling herself in her mind.

“Well, you just have to continue strengthening the red stream of qi!”

Lin Tong’s mindset had came back to reality. She said. “That white stream of qi, if you don’t have to touch it, then don’t touch it, okay?”

“Mmmhmm, I’ll do everything the big sister female immortal says.”

Lin Yi kept nodding.

He didn’t want to turn into that horrible and scary him again…

He wanted to continue being the Liu Yi he had always been!

Liu Yi, give your best! You must certainly suppress the white flow of qi!

“If you’re going to not listen to the lecture, then just stay here and practice.”

Lin Tong’s expression wasn’t good looking either. She said with a resentful voice. “Although the streams of qi could move on their own, but if you were to control them to assist your cultivation, then your cultivation speed would increase. Your first star jade had already been opened. However, there’s currently no immortal strength within the star jade. Continue practicing here and try to gather up force into the star jade.”

“Okay! I understand! Just wait for my good news! Big sister female immortal, I, Liu Yi, will certainly save you!”

Said Liu Yi. He closed his eyes and began to concentrate on gathering the qi.

Controlling the red stream of qi within his body, he began to continuously move it through his body via the Heaven’s Circulation.

In fact, he had also noticed that after using the amorous ripple hand on Murong Die, Murong Die’s state of mind had became real strange and his body’s red stream of qi had also increased a lot.

But… why was that the case?…

“Big sister female immortal!”

Liu Yi suddenly opened his eyes and asked.


Lin Tong was startled. She was still in a distracted state and was surprised by Liu Yi’s sudden interruption.

“I touched Murong Die with my amorous ripple hand, that shouldn’t be a good thing right? So, why did my red stream of qi increase?!”

“It’s… it’s simply because…”

Being a fox, Lin Tong was very cunning.

Instantly, she thought of a response.

“You used the amorous ripple hand on Murong Die which led her to have feelings for you. With increased feelings toward you, your red stream of qi naturally also increased. That’s because…. the red stream of qi represents the power of love!”

“Oh oh! So that’s the case!”

Lin Yi nodded. His heart was at rest and immediately he began to start practicing again.

However, he began to ponder again.

Just by touching Murong Die with the amorous ripple hand and the red stream of qi increased this much…. if I were to push her down… or… if I were to touch all the girls in the class with my amorous ripple hand… then won’t my red stream of qi grow out of bounds?!

No no, you can’t do that, better forget about it…

Grandfather had said, one should be wide and open when chasing after a girl; one should conquer the girl’s heart directly!

To use the amorous ripple hand… that’s way too despicable!

Liu Yi reminded himself and then continued to practice.

Afternoon. The class was over. Everyone had left to go get food. However, Liu Yi was still lying on his desk motionless.

“Hey, bruh, it’s time to eat! Yo!”

Chen Cai pushed Liu Yi to wake him up. However, Liu Yi didn’t respond.

“Sigh. Must’ve been masturbating last night. Dude’s sleeping like a log.”

Chen Cai tried to push Liu Yi a couple more times. Seeing that Liu Yi wasn’t going to wake up no matter what he does, he decided to go buy lunch himself.

“Huh? Sis Die, your Liu Yi doesn’t seem to eat lunch!”

Wang Lele was about to leave with Murong Die for lunch. Seeing that Liu Yi was lying there, Wang Lele suddenly cried out in surprised.

“What does him eating or not eating have anything to do with me?!”

Murong Die gave Wang Lele an eye. “Speak again and I won’t bring you to lunch with me!”

“Boohoo, please don’t… I’m hungry…”

Wang Lele held her chest and said. “If I don’t eat, then my boobs would starve and become smaller…. I don’t have Sis Die’s looks… if my boobs gets starved smaller… then no man would want me….”

“Psh… if they get any bigger than you’d need a damn cart to push you around!”

Teased Murong Die.

“Hehe. That’s an over exaggeration… you really don’t care about Liu Yi?”

“We… we’re not really close… forget it…”

Murong Die remembered earlier when she was touched by Liu Yi. Her whole body felt weak and her chest was overflowing. Immediately she felt ashamed.

“If you’re not going then I’ll leave you.”

She ran out the door. Wang Lele was chasing after her.

At the same time, outside the school gates.

“Kev bro, that wussy Liu Yi didn’t come out for lunch!”

A dude dyed with a red hair was walking around the gates for a long time. He then went to Kevin who was waiting nearby and said.


Kevin kicked the gates of the school. He spit on the ground and cursed.

“This wussy is certainly afraid to come out! Bitch is hiding inside! F*ck, let him hide! Let’s see how long that bitch could hide! We’ll get his ass afterschool at night!”

“That’s right! We’ll beat his ass to a pulp at night! This bastard dared kick Kev bro, he’s searching for death!”

“Haha. Make sure to beat his ass till he almost die tonight!”

Sneered Kevin.

“Break his legs! Let’s see how he can go to school then!”

“That… should we really do that?”

A student nearby heard that and was a bit scared. Isn’t this going too far?!

They’re all students. It’s fine to fight and all… but… to cripple someone… they’re a bit afraid of doing such a thing.”

“Haha. Bros, rest assured.”

Kevin took out his cell phone. He shake it twice and said.

“This Liu Yi is a f*cking retard. In order to get on Murong Die’s good side, dumbf*ck actually went against young master Lan. Earlier, young master Lan gave me a call. He said if we catch this dumbf*ck, then break one of his leg. He will pay for the medical fee and should something happen, his family will take care of it. Furthermore, he said that he’ll give us 200 bucks each to break his leg. When the time comes, we’ll break his leg and then go have ourselves a drink afterwards. Then we’ll book that internet cafe for ten days straight and play League all day, ain’t that shit nice?!”

“Can… can we really do that?…”

Even though the money was very alluring… to break someone’s leg… if something really were to happen… what are they supposed to do if they’re expelled?!

“F*ck! F*ck you afraid of?!”

Kevin gave the guy who was being scared a kick and scolded. “If you’re scared, then get the f*ck outta here! It’s not like you guy’s don’t know who young master Lan was! Dude’s dad is the official in charge of the education bureau. If he can’t settle some small shit like this, then how could he still be called young master Lan?!”

“Do! We’ll do it!”

A group of students walked forward.

“Ain’t that shit just a single leg?! Not like he’s going to die! Let’s beat his ass!”

“That’s right… if something happens then we have young master Lan!”

“Yeah! Beat his mom! Burn his family!”

Only then did Kevin start nodding in satisfaction. “Mmmhmm. Bros, let’s not do anything else today. We’ll surround the school so that this wussy won’t be able to run away in the afternoon when we’re back in class! If we don’t break one of his leg today, then I, Kevin, shall be his bitch!”

Right when these guys were planning all loud in the middle of the school gate, they didn’t know that their plans were being heard completely by two passing by girls.

“Oh no oh no…. Liu Yi is so dead this time…”

With a pale expression and holding a can of coke, Wang Lele said to Murong Die who was next to her in a real low voice.

“Never had I imagined that Lan He was such a crazy guy… he even found this little hooligan Kevin to beat Liu Yi up! And to even break Liu Yi’s leg… oh heaven… this world is a mess, I want to go back to Mars!….”

“You better go back asap then….”

Murong Die’s mind was also in somewhat of a panic.

How did the problem become so big?!

What if Liu Yi really get his leg broken?….

Then… tomorrow’s competition, won’t he be unable to do that?

Sigh. This is no time to worry about the competition….

“Sis Die, should we tell Liu Yi?!”

Wang Lele asked Murong Die for her opinion.

“This… this have nothing to do with us…”

Murong Die’s eyesight swayed a bit. “This is a problem between those stupid guys… why must we bother with them?…”

“You really aren’t going to bother?”


“That what if someone dies?!”

“That have nothing to do with us!”

“Then… okay then… Sis Die is very heartless…”

“I was heartless to begin with… you… do you have Liu Yi’s phone number?”

Suddenly asked Murong Die as she was looking at another direction.

“Hehe. Sis Die is still thinking of Liu Yi!”

“Nonsense…. I just don’t want to see blood on the ground when I leave the school!”

Murong Die continued to look else, she refused to see Wang Lele’s eye. “I thought you knew that I faint when I see blood.”

“Yes yes yes, that’s right, you faint when you see blood… but… I don’t have Liu Yi’s number…”


Murong Die was a little dumbfounded.

“How about… Sis Die go and tell Liu Yi about this herself?…”

Said Wang Lele as she looked at Murong Die. She blinked a few times like a puppy dog.

“Stop joking! I’m not going!”

Murong Die gave Wang Lele a state. “What does his life and death have to do with me?! Why must I go?! If you wanna tell him, then go yourself!”

“Aiyahyah… then Sis Die really don’t care about Liu Yi’s life and death?”

“Why must I care about him?! I, Murong Die, have no interest in him to begin with!”


“Super real! Little rascal girl, stop bothering me, move aside!”

“Aiyah…. then okay, Liu Yi could just be beaten to death!”

Wang Lele nodded and said with a face full of smile.

“You…. have no compassion!”

Murong Die once again gave Wang Lele an eye.

Wang Lele felt that she was being very wronged!

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