My Fox Immortal Wife – Chapter 20

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My Fox Immortal Wife – Chapter 20 – Happiness Came Too Suddenly

Liu Yi took out his phone. He looked into the screen to see his reflection.

He had neither appearance nor family backgrounds. Murong Die was a daughter of a well off family, how could she possibly fall for me?!

And there’s the whole immortal cultivation thing…

Sure enough, today must be a dream…

Wake up! Quickly! Wake up!

Murmured Liu Yi.

The little fox was still surprised from what had happened earlier. However, after hearing Liu Yi murmuring to himself, she could not resist scolding him.


“What?! Him?!”

Lan He’s loud voice brought Liu Yi back to the present.

Okay, it seems like this wasn’t a dream.

“Murong Die, you don’t like me but instead liked this rascal Liu Yi?! Are you blind?!”

Said Lan He toward Murong Die with a face full of anger.

Murong Die had wanted to say that Wang Lele was playing around. However, aftering hearing Lan He’s words, she changed her mind.

“Lan He, what do you mean by that?!”

Murong Die stood up. She stared at Lan He. Her aura of arrogance was drifting out from her body.

“Since when must I consult you regarding who I, Murong Die, likes?!”

“I… I…”

Faced against an angry Murong Die, Lan He suddenly didn’t know what to say.

Lan He’s grandeur had been seized by Murong Die.

In front of Murong Die, Lan He who was known as a super handsome guy and a seed player of the basketball team had lost his stage.

Lan He could not face Murong Die’s grandeur, thus he decided to change his target to Liu Yi. He turned around and walked aggressively with anger to Liu Yi. He grabbed Liu Yi collar and said.

“Liu Yi! If you’re a man, then accept my challenge! Only the winner shall obtain Murong Die’s heart!”

Mother f*cking bullshit!

Wasn’t this being hit when I didn’t even do anything?!

Liu Yi felt that he was deeply wronged.

“To try to compete with I, Lan He, for my woman, who do you think you are?! Why don’t you piss some urine and use that as an mirror to have a good look at your loser face?!”

Lin He was filled with anger. He was throwing all sorts of verbal abuses toward Liu Yi.

Originally, Liu Yi had only felt wronged. However, after hearing Lan He’s words, he started to get angry.

Motherf*cker! Who says a loser can’t have a girlfriend?

Must we allow those handsome guys to have harems?! Must we allow them to change their girlfriend everyday?!

I am an ordinary high school student, must I not be able to experience having a girlfriend?!

Why can’t I have girls liking me?!

Why must I deserve being set up by Ma Yixuan?!


Under Liu Yi’s accumulated anger, the red stream of qi within his body had started to speed up its flow.


The little fox within Liu Yi’s body gave a cry of surprised.

However, other than Lin Tong herself, no one else heard her voice.

Liu Yi suddenly felt that his surrounding air started to flow slower.

The world he sees had slightly changed.

Time had slowed down a bit. None of the subtle changes on the bodies of everyone present managed to escape his sight.

The coloration of both the surrounding and the people had also began to change.

The colorful world had now turned into a monotonous black and white.

And Lan He who stood in front of him had a hint of red on him. It was as if saying that this man wanted to attack him.

What… exactly is this…

Right at this moment, something came into Liu Yi’s mind.

His expression changed. He said coldly.

“Take your hands off me.”

“Say what?”

Lan He started laughing.

This Liu Yi was famous for his cowardice. No matter who bully him, he would still take it.

Who would’ve expected that he actually dared to talk back today!

Attaboy! You got balls!

Seems like you’re waiting to be beaten up!

“I didn’t hear you, speak again?”

Lan He responded with a threatening voice while bulging his muscles. His intent was very clear.

“I said, take your hands off me.”

Liu Yi responded with an indescribable cold voice.

Hearing that voice, even Lan He could not help but start shivering.

This Liu Yi, why is he acting so strange today?….

Was he possessed by demons?

“What if I don’t? What can you do? Fight me? With that tiny physique?…”

Lan He felt that he needed to keep his reputation in this situation. Having already lost to Murong Die in front of all these students, he was determined to take down Liu Yi.

If he didn’t, then how could he still show his face in class?!

“I knew that you wouldn’t do take your hands off me. In that case, don’t blame me…”

A crooked smile suddenly shown itself on Liu Yi’s face.

He suddenly extended his hand and grasped the arm that was tugging his collar.


Lan He suddenly felt an intense pain on his wrist!

Before he could even scream in pain, Liu Yi had already grabbed his arm and took his whole body for a swing.

Then Liu Yi moved backwards. With a wretched expression, he was knocked to Murong Die’s table, flipping it over.

Lan He, on the other hand, was also thrown to the ground. He was screaming in pain.

“Why… why did you hit me…”


Lan He was grabbing his wrist. The pain was so bad that he was sweating. He felt so wronged that he wanted to cry when he heard Liu Yi saying that he hit him.

“How could you hit someone?! Lan He, you’re a jerk!”

Murong Die was also shocked. Immediately after screaming, she turned to Lan He and started scolding him.

As for Liu Yi, he coincidentally fell onto Wang Lele. His head was comfortably lying on Wang Lele’s big and soft chest.

Liu Yi smiled again. However, the smile quickly faded and was replaced with a stunned Liu Yi. Happiness had came too quickly for him.

I… what did I do earlier?!

[TL: it seems like Liu Yi broke dude’s wrist, then circled himself with the dude, knocking himself back and onto Murong Die’s table acting like he was instead hit. Then he started yelling to Lan He, ‘why you attack me bruh’. No idea how he ended up on Wang Lele’s boobs.]

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