My Fox Immortal Wife – Chapter 14

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My Fox Immortal Wife – Chapter 14 – You’re a Super Nice Guy

Liu Yi really liked Ma Yixuan.

From his point of view, Ma Yixuan was an innocent pretty girl, not one bit contaminated.

However now, Liu Yi was so hurt that he wanted to cry.

As the saying goes…

For every girl that you cannot get, there’s always another man who would f*ck her till she vomits.

Judging from the contents of her message, not only was Ma Yixuan not pure, her heart was also very evil.

She actually asked the head of those hooligans, Yuan Shaojun, to not only beat him, but to beat him badly so that he would be forced to move.

Immediately, Liu Yi’s heart was broken into pieces. Even using the super strong 502 glue, it’d be impossible to glue it back.

Even if Ma Yixuan didn’t like him, she didn’t have to do such a thing!

She actually wanted to do such a thing to him…

Immediately, Liu Yi lowered his evaluation of Ma Yixuan exponentially.

The goddess that was all high and above had instantly became a demoness in Liu Yi’s heart.

Ma Yixuan! Oh Ma Yixuan! I, Liu Yi, had mistaken you for someone better!

Liu Yi was immensely depressed. Nothing can go through him anymore.

He dropped his head onto the table, no longer able to take in anything.

And as if because he overused his powers, Liu Yi soon began to be overcome by a strong sense of sleepiness.

He was unable to control himself. Although he was fighting to keep his eyes awake, his eyelids soon began to close. Like two terribly heavy iron gates, his eyelids, little by little, began to fall.

Liu Yi had entered a heavy slumber.

“Liu Yi! Liu Yi!”

In his trance like state, Liu Yi heard a girl calling him.

“Who… who’s calling me?…”

Liu Yi saw that he was surrounded by a pitch of darkness. Wasn’t I laying on the table in class? How did I get here?

Like the dark abyss of hell, Liu Yi was unable to see anything at all.

Liu Yi started to get a hint of fear in his heart.

Where is this?!

Liu Yi was filled with nervousness.

“Idiot… this is the world of your subconsciousness!”

And at that moment, that girl’s voice once again resounded.

Liu Yi turned around. What he saw was an image of a beautiful woman of about 1.7 meters.

That image of a beautiful woman was very fuzzy. From the looks of it, it should be a girl with an exquisite figure that causes one to drool over.

However, as for her appearance, it’s indistinct because there was a layer of fog around her face, hiding it.

“Dumbass! Do you not know who this lady is anymore?!”

Hearing that familiar voice, Liu Yi suddenly remembered. He looked at the image and shouted in surprise.

“My dear older female immortal sister, you finally came out! I’d been dying to see you!”

“Really? Seems like you want to become an immortal cultivator now?”

The little fox cannot help but chuckle within.

Humph humph. This fool seems to have taken the bait to become an immortal cultivator. Not bad not bad. Seems like I can develop him!

“No no, that’s not it. Today I was bullied by others and will likely be jumped tonight! Could you please lend me some of your power so that I won’t suffer so much when they beat me up?”

Seeing Liu Yi’s eyes that was filled with expectation, Lin Tong almost vomited blood and died.

This good for nothing…

This bastard…

He’s done for!!

“Lend you my ass! Why can’t you man up for once?! As long as you start cultivating, you’ll gain power and no longer would have to take beatings anymore!”


Liu Yi blinked his eyes. He suddenly understood.

“I understand! I understand now!”

He clapped his hand. The little fox was really happy.

Looks like he can still be developed…

“After I cultivate, I’ll gain strength!”


“And once I gain strength, my athleticism would also increase!”


“Once my athleticism increases, I’ll be able to run faster! Then when I get a beating again, I will be able to run away! With my super fast speed like a rolling dung, let’s see how any of them would be able to catch me then!”


The little fox almost died from anger.

This good for nothing! This useless idiot!

This guy won’t be able to accomplish anything!

“You… can’t you strive a bit more?!”

The little fox scold Liu Yi.

“Did you plan to have others beat you up your whole life?! Did you not dare to fight back after gaining power?!”

“But my grandfather said that fighting is bad…”

“Your grandfather again! What exactly does your grandfather do!”


“Motherdamnshitf*ck…. how are you still alive then?!”

“F*ck, I ain’t no pig!”

“Liu Yi finally understood that he had been scold by the little fox.

Sure enough, all foxes are cunning. He won’t be able to win in a fight of words against her!

Sigh. Oh grandfather! You taught me all those things, why didn’t you teach me how to face pretty women….


I hate you!

Liu Yi wanted to cry.

How come I am so miserable. The woman that I like wants to find people to beat me up.

I encountered a little fox… and she called me a pig!

I’m such a lovely boy, how could I possibly be a pig?!

“Regardless, whether you’re a good for nothing or a good for nothing, you still need to follow this lady and learn the arts of immortal cultivation!”

Lin Tong bluntly stomped her foot and said with a delicate roughness.

“Why must I?… not like I’m sold to you!”

Liu Yi was unconvinced.

“Why must you? Because you should fight for yourself!”

Said Lin Tong immediately after turning her eyes.


Lin Yi was blinking stupidly. He didn’t understand why the little fox would say such a thing.

“You really are a fool!”

The little fox saw Liu Yi’s stupid appearance and sighed.

“And you’re also a super nice guy…”

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