Disciple – Chapter 94

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Chapter 94: The Late Precognitive Dream

Zi Mo was indeed used to it, however, he was less calm than before. Initially, his daughter was already eye-catching enough, yet her cultivation was even rising so quickly, wasn’t that clearly wanting people to think about her?

“Master, I’m back.” Just as they were talking, the little radish who was already at her chest-height had already hopped back. Compared to that cute and cuddly look before, the current Yu Luo had completely changed in looks. She was even more daring and livelier… to the point of overboard.

Yu Luo said with an excited look. “Master, today, I went to Artifact-Refining Peak. I saw Xiu Yuan, and then I beat him into a pulp.”

Zi Mo’s heart trembled. What!? Xiu Yuan? Wasn’t that junior-martial brother Zi Yuan’s precious nephew? Although junior-martial brother did not have a practitioner-pair companion, he had an Azoth Core stage little brother, who had a son just a few years ago. Currently, he was six years old, and was basically a treasure to them.

Why did he suddenly get into a fight with his own daughter for no apparent reason? Zi Mo felt like crying as he looked at his martial aunt. You need to teach her properly.

As though she had noticed his earnest gaze, Zhu Yao turned to look at Yu Luo, and finally spoke. “Did you win?”

“Of course!” Yu Luo pridefully waved her own little fists.

“Then that’s good.” Zhu Yao instantly turned cold and prideful again.

Zi Mo however, was dumbfounded. That’s it? ‘Then that’s good?’ Good my ass! Is there anyone else who teaches disciples like you?

“Yu Luo!” Zi Mo became anxious, and shouted.

Yu Luo was startled, as she finally noticed Zi Mo standing at the side. “Oh, father. You’re here as well.”

Zi Mo silently puked out blood. What did she mean by ‘you’re here as well’? He had always been here, alright?

“Father, I can’t talk to you any longer, master said that I have to break through into the ninth level of Essence in two years, I will be heading back to practice my arts.” After saying that, she waved her small hand, and then, hopped back into her own straw cottage.

Zi Mo: “…”

Was this still that obedient and polite daughter of his?

“Do you still have any other matters?” Zhu Yao silently glanced at Zi Mo.

Was she chasing him away? Zi Mo could only clench his teeth, and head down the mountain.

He wanted to have a discussion with his wife. Just how did martial aunt bring their daughter up? Not only did she not possess a single bit of the gentleness a girl should have, she even caused trouble for others every day. When she was still young in the past, it was still acceptable. All she did back then were just pranks, and since everyone saw her as a child, they did not fuss about it. However, she was already ten now, and she even possessed cultivation. They were no longer pranks, rather, she made direct moves against others. Usually, she would beat those new disciples whose cultivation level was lower than hers, and make them cry. Although it had yet to cause a huge scene, it was still very worrying, you know?

Especially when it concerned a disciple like Xiu Yuan who had a special status. People naturally wouldn’t head to Jade Forest Peak and complain to Zhu Yao, they would head over to find him instead.

Haah, as expected, children were the debts of their past lives, and he must have ruined his entire family in his past life.

Zhu Yao, though, had no worries about Yu Luo. Although she was young, she was extremely clever. Her temper could still be considered to be on the good side. She would not easily make a move against others, unless others were to say things in front of her, especially when they were regarding her spirit vein. And whenever she made her moves, she would measure herself well. She would simply teach them lessons, and would not really cause any actual harm to her opponents.

Zhu Yao gave her a very strict rule, and that was to never harm a human life. No matter what their true intentions were, life was the world’s most precious and fairest thing. Everyone only had this one chance at life, and no one else had the right to take it away.

The reason why Xiao Yi’s three views were distorted was because he had begun his life in the lowest level of society. Others viewed him as a mere ant, and that was the reason why he climbed up with all his might. The hilarious thing was that when he was standing at the peak, he became the same as the ones he hated the most, and no longer regarded other’s lives as something important. And he had even believed that he was right.

She did not wish for Yu Luo to become someone like that. She did not wish for her personality to twist because of her extremely low self-esteem, yet, she did not wish for Yu Luo to become someone too conceited either. Hence, the little radish had to have her own bottom line, and this bottom line was enforced by Zhu Yao. And that was life.

But in this cultivation world where a human life was like a stalk of grass, it was not an easy matter for Zhu Yao to make her understand that life was more important than everything else.

Although the BUG mark on Yu Luo’s face was very faint, and could not be seen unless she looked closely at her, it still had yet to disappear. Zhu Yao did not know if she was educating her in the right direction, on one side, she was afraid that she would not have strength to defend herself due to her being weak, while on the other, she was afraid that she would become too strong and head into the extreme.

Even Zhu Yao was a little anxious. Oh bug, just what kind of bug are you?

On the year Yu Luo was twelve, she had broken through into the ninth level of Essence, and when she was fourteen, she had already reached the level of an Essence Paragon. Even as a holder of the heavenly spirit vein, her cultivation speed was still astonishing. From what she heard, the personal succeeding disciple of Sword Peak who had passed on, was a holder of a heavenly spirit vein as well, and he had reached the level of an Essence Paragon at the age of fifteen back then.

What was the name of that person…? She couldn’t remember.

Yet, Yu Luo was even faster than him by a year. Zhu Yao decided to have her wait for a year to stabilize her realm, before allowing her to break through into Foundation.

However, on the very night before Yu Luo was to break into Foundation, Zhu Yao’s late-coming precognitive dream, finally arrived.

This time was no exception, she had once again dreamt of a person’s lifetime. However, the strange thing was, this person was not Yu Luo, but a woman named Mu Meiyan. Speaking about this Mu Meiyan, her life could be considered as tragic.

She was not a disciple of Ancient Hill Sect, rather, she was the grand disciple of Azure Melancholy Clan, a second-rate deity sect. She had an extremely good background, as the daughter of the Sect Master, her reputation was boundless while she was still alive. However, one day, heretic practitioners suddenly came, and her clan was exterminated.

After a narrow escape, following the words of her own father before his death, she sought refuge in Celestial Indus Sect, and was taken in as a disciple of Sovereign Qi Han, who was at the cultivation of Demigod. In the beginning, it was still an acceptable life, with things like working hard and studying hard to reach the top going on. And Qi Han, on behalf on her father, would bring raging storms for her if she wanted.

Until the day little junior-martial sister Yue Hanxin came up the mountain, and Qi Han had taken her as his disciple as well. This Mu Meiyan instantly became an expired daylily. As she was unable to beat her, she used various methods to plot against this little junior-martial sister of hers.

Unfortunately, this little junior-martial sister had various immunity buffs, and was able to save herself at the end of every ordeal. Her female lead cheat was at full force as well, large number of fans gathered around her, and even her master, Qi Han, who was said to have practiced the Emotionless Sword Art, was moved as well. Her Mary Sue power was incredible without a doubt.

In the end, because of Mu Meiyan’s plots, bits of Yue Hanxin’s past were revealed. This little junior-martial sister of hers was actually not just a regular practitioner. She was Fairy Greenjade, who had sacrificed her own life to defeat the Heavenly Devil ten million years ago. A strand of her incomplete soul drifted in the world for ten million years, before she finally managed to reincarnate herself in a female child’s body, and she once again began her cultivation.

Mu Meiyan was like an evil supporting female lead, courting her own deaths the entire time. Not only did she help her little junior-martial sister gather a huge number of fans and lovers, she even found her past memories, not to mention gaining a huge amount of hate in return. People like the number one heretic practitioner, the grand disciple of a sect, a deity who had encountered difficulties, and even her master Qi Han, all hated her to the bone.

Zhu Yao silently gave a thumbs-up to this person for her mocking skills. Someone like her was definitely the main tank in online games, even bosses would chase after her and hit her in the face.

Let alone being expelled from the sect, Mu Meiyan was even captured by someone. Because she was the holder of water and wood duo spirit veins, she became a furnace for a heretic practitioner. In the end, she was ooxx by people the entire time, and her Nascent Soul cultivation took a massive fall, to the cultivation of Essence. Before she died, she heard from rumours that her little junior-martial sister who had gathered a bunch of lovers, did not choose a single husband in the end, and ascended by herself. While her master, whom she had been secretly in love with for a long time, was zapped to death by the heavenly lightning bolts during his ascension when he tried to follow after her little junior-martial sister whom he was infatuated with.

Zhu Yao pitied this unlucky supporting female lead a little, however, there were definitely things to hate when it came to such pitiful people. The entire time, she was the one who courted her own death. No matter how much of a saint the female lead was, she was unable to stop Mu Meiyan’s own footsteps towards death’s door.

Zhu Yao had thought that the dream would end here. Just when she was about to retort that this entire scenario had completely no relationship with little radish, the sound of thunder roared, and the connection was formed.

Because, the supporting female lead was reincarnated!

That’s right, this was actually a time-reversing reincarnation story. And, out of all things, she did not reincarnate into her own body, instead, she reincarnated in the body of Zhu Yao’s disciple, little radish.

The little radish in her dream was a little different compared to the one she brought up. The little radish in the dream was cowardly and weak, and was suffering from extremely low self-esteem. Because of her water heavenly spirit Vein, she was pointed at by people everywhere she went, unlike the current little radish who was basically feared when seen. The places her little radish passed by, people would simply react in fear.

But in the dream, for her own safety, Zi Mo had never taught her any mystic arts. Hence, she, who did not have any ability to protect herself, had always secluded herself in Sword Peak and had never stepped out even a single time. Until that day when she was twenty years old, during the Great Inter-Sect Tournament, a disciple who came from another sect, unintentionally broke into her courtyard, and his lust took over him after seeing her beauty.

The hungry wolf pounced on the lamb, and because little radish could not bear the humiliation, she bit her tongue and committed suicide.

And then… dun dun dun, the supporting female lead reincarnated perfectly. Because the little radish was willing to die, the supporting female lead did not experience any rejection from the soul of the body’s former owner, and she immediately took over her body.

The craziest thing was, because of this reincarnation, the little radish’s water spirit vein underwent a mutation, turning into the ice spirit vein.

After that were events like levelling up by fighting various monsters, and settling scores with the female lead. In the end, the supporting female lead’s counterattack was successful, as she managed to gather the men that should have belonged to Yue Hanxin, the actual female lead. Not to mention the people she gathered were especially formidable. She played rogue the entire time, as they only had ***, and had never spoken about forming actual relationships, including Qi Han, her master in her past life.

While Yue Hanxin, her little junior-martial sister, was not to be taken lightly either. She was after all, a reincarnated deity, and in her past life, she had even defeated the so-called “Heavenly Devil”.

After suffering such a blow from Mu Meiyan, she awakened her past powers, regained her spirits, and swore that she would fight with the supporting female lead to the death. Thus, the two people began a war of a grand scale that lasted for twenty thousand years.

One had her powers from her past life, while the other had a large number of male party members. The strengths of both sides were rather equal, and naturally, Mu Meiyan won in the end. However, she then died because of heavy injuries. By then, he entire cultivation world was pretty much destroyed by the two of them, and had basically turned into a dead land.

Zhu Yao’s expression darkened from watching this. Although she had seen many novels where supporting female leads made their counterattacks, she had never seen one that was so thorough like Mu Meiyan’s. Forget about those bunch of old scores she had to settle, why didn’t she let off Zi Mo and his wife, little radish’s parents? And she even claimed that it was in the name of justice, to exact revenge for the former owner of her body.

Exact revenge, your sister! Helping her kill her own parents was considered as exacting revenge? Just how did this supporting female lead get such an idea? Zhu Yao really wanted to consult her about it.

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