Disciple – Chapter 67

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Chapter 67: Promotion Ceremony

Naturally, Zi Mo would not mind such details. Wandering practitioners seeking admittance into Sects was a common occurrence, it was just that Nascent Soul Reverends were extremely hard to rein in. Usually, the lives of wandering practitioners were extremely difficult, and those who were able to cultivate into a Nascent Soul stage practitioner were extremely few, most of them would be used to living their own way, and would not think of being bound by Sects.

Hence, if there was a Nascent Soul Reverend thinking of admitting into a sect, only an idiot would not agree to it. And, in Ancient Hill Sect, other than the Peak Lords who were Nascent Soul Reverends, there were only another few dozens of them. With another Nascent Soul Reverend, their position would be more stable.

“For Reverend to choose to admit into our Ancient Hill Sect, is my sect’s greatest honour. I wonder which Peak in my sect is Reverend thinking of entering?”

“I have not thought about that yet.” Zhu Yao honestly replied.

“Then does Reverend has a specialized field? For example, refining pellets, refining artifacts, or creating talismans.”

“Refining pellets, refining weapons, creating talismans, I…” Zhu Yao lowered her head and pondered for a moment, and answered with serious look. “don’t know any of them!”

Zi Mo’s legs gave way, and he almost fell off. There’s actually people like you who haughtily express their incapabilities?

The corner of his lips twitched for a few moments, and Zi Mo’s face instantly darkened. Every Nascent Soul stage practitioner, no matter how hard they cultivated, they would at least need a hundred years before they could form their Nascent Soul. They would be at least be proficient, or had learnt much of a particular craft in a hundred years, yet, he actually did not know any of them! Just how did he live till now?

“Then… Then which Peak does Reverend prefer to build his cave residence in?”

Was she allowed to say Jade Forest Peak? After all, she had lived there for so many years, and she had developed feelings for it. However…

Looking at Zi Mo’s expression, if she were to say the truth, she would most probably be beaten to death, right!

“I have a few interests in taming beasts, and coincidentally, I had just taken in a ninth rank demonic beast. Why don’t I head to the Beast-Taming Peak? What does Sect Master think?”

“That’s a very good idea!”

Zi Mo had planned on this as well. Hence, he quickly called a disciple to inform the Peak Lord of Beast-Taming Peak to prepare a new cave residence, to welcome a new Elder. Then, he headed to the various Peaks to inform of this matter as well. While he was at it, he informed everyone that Xiao Yi had successfully broken through into Nascent Soul as well, and selectively informed the various sects, that they were going to host a promotion ceremony.

Ancient Hill Sect had gained two Nascent Soul stage Elders in an instant, and Zi Mo felt that he could finally have a good sleep at night. Oh right, they even gained a ninth rank demonic beast.

Zhu Yao was very satisfied with her new residence. Compared to that cottage on Jade Forest Peak, this cave residence was basically an imperial palace. Not only did it have three small three-floored manors, there was a courtyard at the front and a small field at the back. There was even a big flower garden, a small bridge and a pond in the middle. It basically did not have a sense of narrowness at all.

Her room was in the manor which was deep inside the flower garden. She heard that the two manors in front were used for the disciples she would take in in the future. With her characteristic of experiencing near death in three days, and an actual huge death in five days, she would only be able take in corpses instead of disciples. It seemed like that place over there would be empty forever.

Ancient Hill Sect’s treatment to Elders were really good. Almost every Peak had one or two Nascent Soul stage Elders, and usually, they need not care about matters regarding the Sect. There were naturally the various Peak Lords who were in-charge of these matters, and there was a regular supply of nourishment provided by the sect. However, if a big incident were to occur in the sect, and there was a need for the Elders to come forward, the Sect would not be courteous about it.

Actually, she had her own plans for choosing the Beast-Taming Peak. Because, the Beast-Taming Peak’s position was at the south-west, and the one with the highest cultivation was not the Peak Lord, but Sovereign Feng Yi who lived at the top of the mountain. She was Xiao Yi’s master, and was the most important member of his harem.

Originally, according to the timeline in her dreams, Xiao Yi should have only formed his Nascent Soul fifty years after he left the secret realm. And when he was facing his lightning tribulation, he encountered an inner demon tribulation in his heart, and had experienced a narrow escape before his Nascent Soul formation was successful. Yet, because of this, he was extremely injured, and when he needed to restart his cultivation all over again, he was saved by his master’s Water Spirit.

That’s right, it’s one of the five that could summon Shenlong when all five were gathered… ah pui! It was one of the five Spirits that could bring about the end of the world – the Water Spirit! She did not know why the Water Spirit was in Sovereign Feng Yi’s hands, and even more so, did not understand why she would take it out only when her disciple was about to die, and when he had only a single breath left.

Because in the dream, the main point lied in…

Feng Yi had to be naked to treat her disciple’s wounds. As often as it gets, this cold-hearted and expressionless flower that could only be found up high in the mountain peak, was easily taken down by Xiao Yi. Then, during the treatment, there were developments of unhealthy and disharmonious movements that could not be written down.

Of course, these were all from the initial timeline. But in reality, Xiao Yi had formed his Nascent Soul fifty years earlier, and the lightning tribulation he should have gotten, was guided to herself, and had her own butt bloom from all the zaps. Not only did he not experience the Inner Demon Tribulation he should have gotten, she had even allowed him to successfully form his Nascent Soul without any pain and worry.

Recalling everything that she had done, the first time, so as to save them, she killed a fox demon, she died, and then, Xiao Yi formed his Azoth Core. The second time, so as to stop the berserk Metal Spirit, she saved them again, she died again, then Xiao Yi formed his Nascent Soul later on.

The hell, she was actually Xiao Yi’s cheat, right!? How could the Metal Spirit compare to her? It’s simply horrendously weak!

When she realized this truth, tears fell from her eyes!

Zhu Yao decided to return to her manor, eat a packet of spicy gluten, and calm down.

I wonder if my life hacking master knows how to make them?

In the early morning, Zhu Yao was woken up by Zi Dan. Zi Dan was the Peak Lord of Beast-Taming Peak. His biggest hobby was to raise demonic beasts in his own mountain, if there was not a need, he would not leave his home. Hence, back then, she was not that familiar with him.

Zi Dan was riding an absolutely imposing, an awe-inspiring… pig! That’s right! What this dignified Peak Lord of Beast-Taming Peak was riding on, was actually a wild pig. Zi Dan treasured this pig-like demonic beast more than a priceless gem. Every day, he would sleep and eat with it, and even his figure was developing to match its long horizontal figure.

That’s right. The Peak Lord of Beast-Taming Peak was a fatty. He was alive and kicking fatty who had an estimated weight of three hundred kilograms.

When this fatty leapt down from the pig beast and sprinted over to her, she suddenly had the imagination that the entire mountain was shaking.

“Little brother~” Zi Dan smiled like a cheerful chrysanthemum flower, and as he sprinted over, he raised his leg and strongly crossed over the door’s ledge, and his figure squeezed into her home.

St… Stuck!

He was actually stuck at the door!

“Little… Little brother.” Zi Dan’s chrysanthemum flower-like smile stiffened, and pleadingly reached out his hand. “Help out your big brother for a bit.”

Zhu Yao sighed, and resigned herself to grab his hand, and pull the radish out! She finally managed to pull out of the doorway.

Zi Dan, as though this was his home, poured a cup of water and gulped it down.

“I say, little brother. I have already told you this a long time ago to change it into a wider door. Yet, you just don’t listen.”

You were stuck at the door.

Why are you blaming me for that?

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “Senior-martial brother Zi Dan, why are you looking for me?”

“Oh right, I almost forgot!” Zi Dan patted on his big thighs, and his fats instantly shook two to three times. “I’m here to call you, so that we can head to the promotion ceremony together. You’re a newcomer, so it would be a little awkward if you were to head there alone. It’s best if you were to head there with me.”

So Xiao Yi’s promotion ceremony was today. Zhu Yao instantly felt a little excited.

“Let’s hurry, let’s hurry. The various sects and clans have already arrived, we’re the hosts, you know. It’s not good to be late.” As he said that, he pushed her forward.

“Since that’s the case, thank you, senior brother. Let us go now then.”

Zhu Yao thought of the matter regarding the Water Spirit, and walked out unhesitatingly. After only a few steps, she suddenly heard Zi Dan’s voice again.

“Little brother…” Zi Dan once again reached out his hand, and weakly spoke up. “Help… Help your big brother again.”

He’s stuck again…

Zhu Yao: “……”

Forming a Nascent Soul was the most important step in the path of cultivation. The path to cultivation was very, extremely difficult. Firstly, one’s spirit veins were the ticket to entering the cultivation world. As long as you possessed spirit veins, you would be able to take in spiritual energy and attain Essence. However, among the Essence stage practitioners, only one out of a hundred people would be able to successfully build their Foundation. And out of a thousand Foundation stage practitioners, only one or two were able to reach the Azoth Core stage. Continuing on, for Azoth Core stage practitioners to promote to Nascent Soul, less than one out of ten thousand of them was able to do it. Hence, it could be seen how difficult it was to form a Nascent Soul.

But in Ancient Hill Sect, following after the mighty Sovereign Yu Yan, there was actually another person who was able to form his Nascent Soul successfully in a mere hundred years or so. The various sects and clans naturally felt hatred when they had gotten these news. However, what could they do about it, when the target of their hatred was the number one deity sect? No matter how much they were biting and breaking their teeth deep in their hearts, they would have to swallow them into their stomachs, and show their faces at their promotion ceremony. In reality, it was a show-off ceremony.

When Zhu Yao arrived at the great hall, everyone had already arrived. Inside the great hall, it was not like outside where everywhere was decorated and illuminated, the people standing there were all Nascent Soul stage practitioners of her sect – the Peak Lords of the various Peaks, and the few Nascent Soul stage Elders. It was a rare occasion for the three Sovereigns to be present as well, and sitting at the center was Sovereign Feng Yi.

She still had the prideful mountain peak flower look, and did not even bat an eye at “him”, the stranger who had suddenly appeared. Xiao Yi was standing behind her, mn, and the word “BUG” on his face was still as clear and refined.

Zi Mo however was rather enthusiastic, as he immediately walked over. Then, he introduced her, the new Elder with the “ninth rank demonic beast”, to those Elders who did not usually appear much. When everyone present heard of this, their attitudes which were initially still a little cold, instantly became enthusiastic.

Zhu Yao silently felt that she seemed to be incomparable to a beast!

However, Reverend Hong Chou did not seem to care. After lightly glancing at her, she snorted coldly and turned back, her face was filled with disdain.

What happened to the promised true love? When she was a little infant back then, Hong Chou would bring her to watch the moon and stars, and call her cutie. Now that she had changed her avatar, Hong Chou actually snorted at her.

Damn lolicon!

“So it was Senior-martial brother Soi, this little one here is Xiao Yi.” Xiao Yi walked over, and courteously bowed to her. In the cultivation world, strength was what mattered. The two of them were both at the elementary Nascent Soul stage, so their positions were equal. However, he had a Demigod stage master, yet, he called her ‘senior-martial brother’. He sure had given her quite a lot of face. Even Zi Mo satisfyingly nodded at him, and felt that he had good eyes.

However, a trace of dissatisfaction flashed past Feng Yi’s face, and a moment later, she recovered her expressionless face.

There’s always a need to give some face to newcomers, after all.

“Junior-martial brother Xiao Yi!” Since he was giving her such enthusiasm, she obviously would not so illogical to not take it. “So you’re junior-martial brother Xiao Yi, the one who had just formed his Nascent Soul. Congratulations, junior-martial brother Xiao Yi.”

With just a few words, she had stably gained her position as a ‘big brother’.

The corner of Xiao Yi’s lips twitched for a moment, and he hurriedly hid it right after. After giving a few polite words, he once again returned to stand behind Feng Yi, and he looked like a good well-dressed role model.

Zhu Yao, however, was attentively inspecting him, yet, no matter where she looked, she felt there was something amiss. Ever since the Wood Spirit had followed her, her ability to sense Wood Spirit had become extremely strong. However, currently, she was actually unable to sense even a hint of wood spiritual energy in his body. Didn’t he have the metal and wood duo spirit veins?

She suddenly recalled about the Heavenpulse Lotus. Could it be that he had taken the Heavenpulse Lotus that could reconstruct his meridians, and had washed off his wood spirit vein, becoming a single metal spirit vein holder?

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