Disciple – Chapter 346

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Chapter 346: I Dare You to Try Being Impudent

The idiot Miao Bo was unconscious for a full hour, and Zhu Yao bathed in blood for a full hour as well. Just as the fresh blood was about to coagulate, he slowly regained consciousness. He struggled to crawl up, gritted his teeth and sealed several meridians on his body. Then, he sat in a lotus position and began meditating.

The hell, at the very least, pick me up! What’s with plastering my face with blood?

Miao Bo meditated for half a day before finally opening his eyes. After recovering a little divine energy, he looked around, stood up, and left.

It can’t be? You’re throwing me away because I’m dirty now?

Miao Bo walked about two steps and stopped, as if he had recalled something. Then he turned around and picked Zhu Yao up.

Phew, at least this brat has a conscience.

Though his legs were still a little wobbly, he walked quickly and stopped right where his severed arm was. He placed Zhu Yao at the side and then sat down again. This time, he did not meditate for too long. After recovering a slight amount of divine energy, he cast an art that connected his severed arm back to his body.

This was the first time Zhu Yao saw an art that reattached limbs. Though she knew the art herself, she had never used it before. After all, she did not have a hobby of severing her own limbs.

The part where his arm was sliced shone, and then, he pressed his arm into the joint. The sliced area began to heal on its own, and in just a few moments, the joints were connected. Not even a single scar could be seen. Zhu Yao could not help but applaud the medical techniques of the Divine Realm. They were more technologically advanced than any modern medical techniques, and they were available to all citizens as well.

Miao Bo tried moving his reconnected arm, and it moved no different from before. He turned to look at Zhu Yao on the ground, cast an art to clear off the bloodstains on her body, and then sized up the blade for a moment. With a smile on his face, he said. “Fortunately, I had you.”

Mn, I feel the same way too!

“I must hurry now.” His expression sank. Taking a deep breath, he ignored the injuries on his body, forced himself up and summoned his flying sword.

Is he about to head on a long journey? Zhu Yao glanced at the storage pouch by his side. She recalled that before she returned to Lightning Divine Hall, she was placed in the storage pouch. Most likely, if she was placed back in, she could return once more. She instantly felt a little excited. Hurry and put me in, hurry and put me in.

However… He did not do it.

She wondered just what was Miao Bo thinking this time around, as he simply carried Zhu Yao along as he flew. He did not have any intentions of storing her at all.

The hell!

Though his wounds were healed, his divine energy were still not completely restored, so he was flying very slowly this time around. However, he did not have any intention to stop at all, as though he was rushing to a very important location. Feeling bored, Zhu Yao looked around, only to realize a familiar forest was right below her.

Wasn’t this the Severed Forest from before? Why did he return here?

Miao Bo flew into the depths of the Severed Forest. Four hours later, he then stopped above a cave. He placed a concealment talisman on himself before descending into it.

Only then did Zhu Yao have a clearer look. It was a humongous cave entrance reaching dozens of meters high. Though it was extremely broad, it was pitch-black inside, and there were faint traces of a revolving formation. Sharp stalagmites were hanging in the ceiling of the cave entrance.

Rather than a cave, it was more like a gigantic mouth.

“Who is it?” Suddenly, a loud roar resounded, and the cave entrance slowly closed. Two eyes with the size of wells appeared right above where the cave entrance initially was.

The hell, it really was a mouth!

The two eyes above the cave emitted out two red light rays, scanning the front of the cave like X-rays.

Zhu Yao simply felt Miao Bo tightening his grip on her hilt for a moment. He was even dripping with cold sweat as a he stood there unmoving.

The red light swept through their bodies and then retracted, as though no anomaly was discovered. Immediately after, the pair of eyes closed and its mouth began to widen once more, restoring its former cave look. This x-ray vision technology can’t make it at all. It’s clearly not as good as infrared sensors.

Miao Bo felt his entire body turn loose, and only then did he carefully moved into the cave with his hand tightly holding onto Zhu Yao. He walked extremely lightly, without making use of a single divine art, as he moved into the cave.

The insides of the cave were not as dark as Zhu Yao thought it would be. Instead, red and white glows of formations were everywhere. Various types of formations filled the cave. Zhu Yao took a closer look, and discovered that there were several offensive formations among them, encompassing various types. Tripping one of them would ignite all the others.

Miao Bo cautiously scanned his surroundings and did not activate a single formation. He seemed to be looking around for something in particular. Suddenly, joy filled his face as he walked towards a small inconspicuous formation at the right corner.

It seemed to be a teleportation formation, though it seemed to be mixed with some sort of spatial arts. Miao Bo walked directly into that formation, yet did not activate it straight away. Instead, he observed his surroundings for a moment first. Then, he heaved a deep sigh of relief, before circulating all of the remaining divine energy in his body, activating the formation in an instant.

A bright red light flashed. Everything within the cave suddenly underwent a change. What seemed to be stiff and hard rocks earlier, suddenly turned into fibres of muscles. The cave shone bright, as the surrounding stone walls turned into walls of meat. Traces of dripping liquid could be seen as well, as the ground turned into a large and soft meat which began to move a little.

This was actually really the mouth of a beast!

This idiot came here to serve himself as food?

“Who!?” A furious roar resounded all around.

Miao Bo directly inserted his last strand of divine energy, and the formation activated at the same time as well. The scenery in front of them changed, and they arrived at a room lighted up by candles. Miao Bo’s legs gave way, as he fell and sat on the ground. His head was drenched in cold sweat and his face was miserably pale. His expression was filled with fear.

He panted for a long while before finally regaining his senses. He looked around, and then, he suddenly laughed. His laughter grew louder, and his expression was slowly replaced with excitement and joy.

“Finally… I’ve finally entered!” He spread out his four limbs as he laid on the golden floor tiles. After a long while, he managed to suppress the madness in him, stand up, and walk towards the front.

Only then did Zhu Yao finally regain her senses. She finally understood why this person wanted to hold onto her all this while. He must had known that there was something he wanted here right from the start, but the entrance just had to be that rock-like monster’s mouth. Coincidentally, she seemed to have a concealment ability, and he was then able to infiltrate in while using her to conceal his presence.

So the idiot isn’t stupid at all. This plan of his sure is well thought out.

Miao Bo rested for a while, before he began to search the place. He seemed to be aware that this place did not pose much danger to him. He did not conceal himself at all as he moved forward. The place was huge, and though the place was really extravagant, it was very empty. He turned to the right in an instant and walked deep in, where he opened an ancient and exquisite door.

The furniture set-up inside was extremely simple, with just a single square-shaped table. A bottle with a green jade bottle within was placed on top of it.

Miao Bo’s eyes shone, his face was filled with ecstasy. He hurriedly walked forward and grabbed onto that bottle.

“Divine Will Condensing Dew!” He exclaimed out, his hand held tightly onto the bottle.

The hell is a Divine Will Condensing Dew? I’ve never heard of it!

Miao Bo had already lost all patience as he pulled out the bottle cap and gulped down the content. He then immediately sat on the ground in a lotus position, meditating and adjusting himself. The divine energy around his body began to condense, while at the same time, a few impurities were expelled out.

It was actually a medicine for purifying the body and condense one’s divine will. Zhu Yao finally understood. In the beginning, she was wondering just why was Miao Bo’s divine energy so scattered despite being a Earth Deity. He did not seem to have experienced the refinement of the lightning tribulations, and was incredibly weak.

There was only one possibility under such circumstances, and that was… he snuck up here! He did not experience the refinement of the lightning tribulations. This could explain why he had such a low standing here. Furthermore, to regular Deities, they would have no use for this “Divine Will Condensing Dew”, yet he desired it so much. Most likely, he simply wanted to use it to expel out the impurities within his body, and become a true Deity!

Wait a minute!

Expel impurities…

She recalled the Dirt Removal Art she learnt in the beginning. It had the same effects as well. And usually, the way to cleanse a body was… take a crap! Miao Bo isn’t going to take a crap too, right!? There isn’t a toilet here, hey! Is he going to deal with it right here and now?

No! Her entire blade felt uncomfortable all over.

She did not have any interest in spectating others ‘picking flowers’! She was just an innocent and naive sword, please let her go.


A soul-consuming background noise rang out.

Here it comes…

Miao Bo’s expression changed, as though he had just thought about this serious physiological problem. He held onto his stomach and looked around, his face was filled with anxiety. Realizing that his surroundings were clean and spotless without a single tissue to be found, the background noise from his stomach rang out even clearer. At that moment, he could no longer care about anything else and charged right out of the room.

Fortunately, he did not pick her up. Zhu Yao heaved out a sigh of relief, when suddenly, the door was slammed open again.

The hell. Warrior, why are you back here?

Miao Bo’s face was already green from holding back. As he walked in, with every step he took, a sound, that could only be made when a pungent odor were to leak out of a human body, would ring out. Pupupu. They rang out as clear as ever.

At that moment, Zhu Yao even had the thought of dying. The hell is this idiot trying to do? He can’t possibly want to take her along even when he’s picking flowers, right? Is there a need for such heavy tastes!?

Miao Bo had a complicated look as he looked around, a mist of shamelessness floated within his eyes. The intervals between each unique background noise grew shorter. He finally gritted his teeth, turned towards a corner of the room, and then… swaaah! He pulled down his pants!

He actually stripped his pants! He actually stripped his pants without a hint of internal struggle to speak of!

Eh! His buttocks are rather white… Ah pui! The main point was, he actually chose to deal with it in this room for real!

Uncle Policeman! There’s a ruffian here!

An intensely venomous chemical gas instantly filled the room. Zhu Yao held her breath with all her might. She was wrong, she shouldn’t have left that weapon storage room right from the start. She shouldn’t have helped him defeat those three Gold Deities. Otherwise, she wouldn’t need to encounter such a dangerous biochemical weapon.

Zhu Yao risked her life to hold her breath, and her heart began to turn a little stuffy. Finally, her vision darkened. She pushed herself too hard…


When she once again opened her eyes, Zhu Yao saw Yu Jin’s irritating face. She instinctively blurted out, “Buttocks!”

Yu Jin who was still carrying a smile on his face earlier, instantly darkened.

“What did you say?” He instantly flared up. “You actually said this face with world-class beauty looks like a pair of buttocks? Which part of it looks like a butt to you?”

Uh… She didn’t say his face look like one though?

Zhu Yao pushed his face away and sat up. She looked around, realizing that she had once again returned to the straw cottage at Lightning Divine Hall. “Where’s my master?”

Yu Jin summoned a water mirror and seriously checked his face. Mn, it’s still beautiful! Only then did he feel relieved and reply her. “Little Yanyan went to look for you.”

“Look for me?” Zhu Yao was stunned.

“Mn. Didn’t you say you turned into a sword previously? He went to look for the object that you possessed.” Yu Jin nodded. He sized her up for a moment, and then a hint of doubt surfaced. “I say, little little grand disciple! Is there something special with your soul? Why are all of the soul suppressing objects and techniques ineffective on you?”

“Special?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. “It’s especially weak, does that count?” She gets disconnected like how often backend servers do.



“When is master going to come back?”

“When he finds the sword that you’re possessing, he will naturally return.” Yu Jin reached out his hand, wanting to stroke her head. However, his hand was slapped away by Zhu Yao in disgust, and he sighed. “Oh right, how did you return this time?”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She didn’t want to talk about it!

“Let’s not bring up the past.”

“Uh…” What did she mean? “Oh right, before Little Yanyan left, he left behind a voice transmission talisman. If you have urgent matters, you can try sending him a message with the talisman.” He passed her a golden talisman paper.

Zhu Yao joyfully received it. Just as she was about to insert spiritual energy, she suddenly recalled this body of hers had zero levels, and she immediately returned it. “Activate it.”

“…” Why do I feel as though I have turned into this master’s and disciple’s follower!? I’m clearly the senior here!

“Hurry, hurry, hurry!” Zhu Yao nudged him in disgust.

Only then did Yu Jin reached out and tap it. The voice transmission talisman released out a white glow.

“Master.” She immediately called out.

Yu Yan’s voice instantly rang out. “Yu… Yao. You’ve returned?”

“Mn.” She nodded. She suddenly recalled that this was a phone call and he could not see her at all, so she continued. “I just woke up. Master, where are you?”

“Thisthower Mountain.”


Thistower Mountain Sect Master Feng Jin deeply felt that this was the definitely the most exciting day he had since he started cultivation a few tens of thousands of years ago. A hundred years ago, he felt that his cultivation had crossed the bottleneck and had signs of making a breakthrough. He finally chose this very day to make a breakthrough into a Heavy Deity, and had resisted all eighty-one tribulation lightning bolts. The moment he officially rose into a Heavy Deity, he felt his divine energy had all turned golden and sparkly.

He decided right at that moment that he would host a celebratory event of some sort, and invite those old farts from all four great continents, so that he could gloat in front of them for once. However, the moment he crawled out from the lightning tribulations, before he could even express that joy of his, a white-robed man, who was releasing a chilling aura that enveloped the entire three hundred and sixty degrees of his surroundings, appeared next to him.

“Thisthower Mountain Sect Master?”

When that person spoke, it was as if his voice could form ice. It was so cold, Feng Jin could not help but shiver for a moment.

Who is this? How dare he talk to me in such a manner? He instantly grew a little furious. As a Sect Master who was a rather renowned expert in the Southern Continent, how could he possibly endure being belittled like this?

“How dare you! Who are you?”

However, that white-robed man did not even look at him, and simply selfishly said. “I want to investigate all of the divine artifact storage rooms of Thisthower Mountain.”

Divine artifact storage rooms? Is this person here to seize the divine artifacts of Thisthower Mountain? And his first request is even all of the divine artifact storage rooms.

Feng Jin immediately refuted. “Impudent!”

Then… That person really showed him what impudence really was.

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