Disciple – Chapter 332

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Chapter 332: Five Words Floated in the Air

The female lead raised her two hands up into the air, and loudly said. “Spirit Guiding Beast, my most loyal companion. Are you willing to form a contract with me?”

Zhu Yao’s action to release control paused. She turned around and then squeezed Ling Tian girly, who was just about to log on, back down.


Just as that beastie was lowering its head and was about to speak out human words… “I…”

Zhu Yao’s face was filled with astonishment!

“Sesame!” She could not help but call out.

That demonic beast stopped halfway. Its entire body suddenly shook, and even its three pairs of wings trembled a little. It hurriedly turned its head around, and with its widened bell-like eyes, it looked straight towards the direction of the crowd. Its entire beast head began to distort, as if it was stretching out a smile. However, it revealed a mouth of sharp beastly teeth, making it look terrifying instead.

“Ouu~~” That beastie leapt up, suddenly pouncing towards the human crowd. With a boom, several practitioners were injured from its rush. It finally stopped when it arrived in front of Zhu Yao, staring straight at her. “Mis… Mistress…”

Zhu Yao’s face darkened. It really was Sesame!

“Mistress…” Sesame looked as if it was glowing, as it pounced onto her. It did not care if it was crushing her, as it constantly nudged (pressed) against her body with its beast head that was even larger than her entire body. It’s roars were filled with grievances. “Mistress, mistress… It really is you! This beastie isn’t dreaming, right? When you weren’t around, I missed you so much… Auoo… How can you cast beastie aside? I’m born as your beastie, and I will die as your beastie. I don’t want to leave your side~” It complained as it cried, completely ignoring the crowd of people at the side whose chins had already crashed onto the ground from shock.


Crowd: … Is this really a high rank demonic beast? I have never seen such a shameless one though?

Sesame sized up Zhu Yao with its sad, teary eyes. “Mistress, with these looks of yours, I can’t recognize you at all… Eh? Mistress, you have a chest this time! So mysterious.”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Raising her leg, she kicked at him. “Scram!”

Mysterious, your brother-in-law! Would it kill you not to bring up this old lady’s sad situation? I finally managed to have a pair of boobs this time! And they are even borrowed, you know?

Imbued with spiritual energy, her kick struck Sesame and instantly sent it rolling. However, Sesame was not the slightest bit furious, and instead crawled back with a joyous face. “Ouu… Mistress, your kick is still as vigorous as ever, it sends me into ecstasy! This feels so nostalgic. Come… Don’t be courteous, kick me again~” After saying that, it instantly shrank back to the size of a large dog, rolled on the ground and revealed its white belly. “I’m prepared. Mistress, come… Don’t pity me for the frail flower that I am, kick me with all your might.”

Zhu Yao: “…”

Fan Zhishan: “…”

Crowd: “…”

Five words floated in the air: The hell is going on?

Zhu Yao felt like the veins on her forehead were about to explode. Taking a deep breath, she chuckled in front of the crowd. “I’m sorry, please give me five minutes.” She had to adjust her family beastie’s power mode.

She picked up Sesame by its neck, and then cast an art that erected four earth walls around them, blocking everyone’s line of sight. A moment later, ear-piercing miserable screams could be heard from within.

“Mistress… Ah! You’re actually hitting me for real! Yamete… It hurts, it hurts, it hurts!”

“Aiya, I’m going to die, I’m going to die…”

“Don’t… Don’t hit the face~~!”

“Wait, you can’t hit me there! Ouuu~~~ I was wrong, mistress!”

His screams lasted for exactly five minutes, with each scream sounding even more miserable than the one before. Those who heard the screams would be beyond saddened, and those who listened would shed tears. Yet, among the practitioners present, no matter what cultivation levels they possessed, not a single one of them released their divine senses to investigate the situation inside the walls. Instead, they turned their heads away with tacit understanding.

Five minutes later, the walls finally disappeared, revealing two human figures. One was a refreshed young woman, while the other was a young man with a swollen face.

“Spirit Guiding Beast…” Fan Zhishan finally regained her senses, and she looked at Sesame with utter disbelief.

Sesame which had taken up a human form behaved more normally than before, and simply did not bother to glance at her. All he did was hold his pig-like swollen face and let out a chilling breath.

The demonic beast Bai Li next to her however took a step forward. With a slightly perturbed expression, he looked at Sesame. “Your honor… How can you…”

Sesame glared at him. “Shut your mouth. Can’t you see this one’s harem is in flames?” Do you think it’s easy to locate my mistress? I even had to be endure this domestic violence.

“Harem?” Zhu Yao looked at him with narrowed eyes.

Sesame’s face stiffened. “No, no, no. How can mistress possibly be in my harem? You’re at the top, at the very top. I’m the one in the harem. I’m the little beastie in your harem~”



“Your honor…” Bai Li was still unwilling to let this go. “Didn’t you promise to form a contract with Zhishan?”

“Contract?” Zhu Yao turned to look at Sesame with an inexplicable smile. Her thoughts were clearly written on her face: Your wings sure have grown, along with your own views. You actually dare to form a contract with someone else?

Sesame’s body shivered. It immediately glared at Bai Li. This thing here is wrecking his reputation on purpose, right!?

“Who promised you that? Back then, I simply said that I will pretend to see her as my owner, to give you guys some help. Like hell I will want to form a contract with you! I only have a single owner!” After saying that, it immediately turned to look at Zhu Yao with flattering eyes. It then said with a soft vibrato. “Right? … Mistress~”

Can you motherf**king speak while standing up? Stop hugging onto my legs!

Zhu Yao reached out her hand to turn that distorted pig face away. Looking at his face anymore than that could cause nightmares.

With how the scene had played out, even an idiot could guest that this Spirit Guiding Beast had taken this unknown young lady as its owner.

“You… Who in the world are you?” Cao Qi stood out with a furious look. This proper succession ceremony was just about to be completed, yet it was actually cut off by someone.

Zhu Yao did not bother to continue her act either, as she instantly removed the mystic artifact that was concealing her looks, revealing her former beauty. In an instant, different mixes of emotions could be seen on the faces of Fan Zhishan and the few people of Spirit Heaven Palace. The female lead especially had turned deathly pale.

Zhu Yao chuckled at Fan Zhishan. “Long time no see, my good sister. Oh! Right, I forgot to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Ling Tian, the former Sect Master of Spirit Guiding Hall!”

She intentionally emphasized the word “former”. In an instant, it was as the place was an exploded boiler, as everyone began to discuss among themselves. Fan Zhishan and her group of men however, all had darkened expressions.

“I heard that I suddenly gained a younger sister.” Zhu Yao swept her gaze around, and then looked at Fan Zhishan smilingly. Letting out a long sigh, she said. “Haah, seeing that I have cultivated for several decades, I will naturally feel joyous to have a new relative. Though you look…” She intentionally sized her up for a moment, and all she was lacking now was calling her ugly. “Though you look so very… different from me, I will still believe you. But as for your claim that Spirit Heaven Palace had taken the wrong child back then, I don’t agree to it at all. It’s not like they were blind… Uh, of course, I’m not saying that you’re ugly!”

Crowd: “…” You’re obviously saying that.

“If you want to enter Spirit Heaven Palace, then say so directly! Why the need to come to my Spirit Stone Mountain and offend my contracted spirit beast? You need to know that though Sesame is already a tenth rank demonic beast, he has very small guts. He can’t bear to lay eyes on faces, uh… with poor features. What if you scare him? Oh, isn’t it, Sesame?”

Sesame immediately nodded heavily in concert. “Mistress is the most beautiful, mistress is the best, mistress is marvelous!”

The discussions from the various sects and clans grew louder. Clearly, this was a good drama piece where the fake was trying to impersonate the original, and take over her authority. The condemning eyes of the crowd shifted towards Fan Zhishan’s direction.

The few Hall Masters of Spirit Heaven Palace had the biggest reaction out of everyone present. Other than Cao Qi, everyone single of them was glaring furiously at Fan Zhishan.

“Just what is going on here?”

“Sect Master Fan, you best give us an explanation. Back then, we believed you because you said you awakened the Spirit Guiding Beast.”

“What Sect Master Fan? The Spirit Guiding Beast basically don’t acknowledge her. She’s just an imposter.”

“She had almost destroyed the inheritances that had been passed down in our Spirit Heaven Palace for so many years.”

As expected of the female lead. In a situation like this, she was still able to reveal a frail look with tears welling up in her eyes. She looked at the crowd with an innocent face. “I… I didn’t… You have all misunderstood.”

Unfortunately, the people of Spirit Heaven Palace were all fuming and ignoring her frailness. There were even some who summoned their weapons and wanted to step forward to capture her.

Suddenly, a demigod-stage pressure instantly enveloped the crowd. A few of the agitated Spirit Heaven Palace disciples especially had been slammed directly onto the ground.

The area instantly quietened down, as everyone raised their heads and turned to look at the only Demigod practitioner present – Sovereign Pi Shi.

“Sovereign, what’s the meaning of this?” A Hall Master of Spirit Heaven Palace asked in a displeased manner.

Sovereign Pi Shi stepped forward and instantly shielded Fan Zhishan. His cold eyes swept across the crowd and finally stopped on Zhu Yao’s figure. Frowning, he unconsciously leaked out a hint of killing intent.

Sesame who was still hugging onto her leg earlier, instantly flared up and similarly released its pressure in full power, pushing his pressure back.

Pi Shi was stunned. Clenching his fists, he retracted his pressure and solemnly said. “Fellow practitioners! The matter today is merely a misunderstanding. My disciple simply got too excited in meeting her relative, which led to these chains of events. It was this one’s fault for not teaching her properly. However, Zhishan is after all still my disciple, and I will punish her myself. There’s no need for fellow practitioners to do it on my behalf.”

“You…” The crowd from Spirit Heaven Palace turned furious. He was clearly trying to protect her.

Pi Shi simply let out a cold snort. Other than that demonic beast which was a little hard to deal with, he did not actually take anyone else here seriously. It was not that he could not battle it out either, but they were after all the ones at fault today. If he were to make a move, he was afraid that the reputation of Sleipoup Sect would take a blow. “If fellow practitioners think that there’s anything inappropriate, please feel free to look for me.”

Before waiting for anyone’s response, he arrogantly left with Fan Zhishan.

The tenth rank demonic beast called Bai Li followed closely behind the two of them and left as well.

Leaving behind the various sects and clans with mixed looks.

Zhu Yao shook her head. It was truly impulsive for Pi Shi to protect her in such a manner. He was a little too arrogant. If his strength could suppress the entire cultivation world, it would have gone well. Zhu Yao’s master was strong to the point where no one would dare to make a single noise, and if he had similar strength, the crowd might indeed endure it. However, he was merely a Demigod. Though there were very few Demigod practitioners, he was still not the only one in this cultivation world. Other first-rate deity sects could still push out three or four of them.

This blatant act of shielding his disciple had undoubtedly ignited the anger of the masses. Though it was true that no one had spoken up back then, this debt was still clearly taken note of.

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