Disciple – Chapter 265

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Chapter 265: Common Enemy of Little Animals

Zhu Yao reached the bottom floor and subconsciously tried to cast an art to summon her flying sword. Then, she realized she had already returned. After making an awkward face, she silently pulled out her car key, and walked to that second-handed worn-down car. The entire journey was a bumpy ride. It had been a long time since she drove, so she basically drove at a turtle crawling speed, and ended up being honked by the cars behind her till she reached the company.

Unsurprisingly, she was late!

The game company she worked at was rather tolerant to their employees, being late by… a few minutes would not result to a cut in salary. Following her memory, she directly went to the human resources department to cancel her leave, before heading over to the planning department. The moment she walked through the door, she saw that fat cat lying on the cabinet at the side.

Zhu Yao had never been liked by animals since young. When she lived in her old home back then, she would often be chased by the neighbours’ dogs down several streets. She was bestowed with the title: Dog Go Crazy. Mn. The moment dogs were to see her, they would immediately go crazy. When she was young, the number of times she was scratched and bitten by cats and dogs was countless. Thus, she raised the habit of retreating automatically the moment she were to spot a furry animal.

For some reason, she unexpectedly gave that fat cat another glance today. When she recalled the days in the cultivation world where she was sought after by various beasties, and that heaven-defying World Favourable Impression, maybe… Her strange physique had improved for the better? At a moment of impulse, Zhu Yao could not help but experiment a little.

She weakly reached out her hand, stretching towards that fat cat. “Meow Meow.” Come, let me stroke you.

Strangely, that fat cat actually did not resist, nor did it walk away. It instead narrowed its eyes and leaned towards her hand.

It’s effective, it’s really effective! Zhu Yao had an excited look on her face.

Just as she was about to touch the fat cat’s head, the cat suddenly opened its mouth, and “ahmu”, bit on the gap between her thumb and her index finger.

“…” Alright, as expected, there wasn’t any change at all. That was why, she hated little animals the most. “Aiya. It hurts, it hurts…”

“Boss, why did you offend this fat cat all of a sudden?” Mouse walked over, and looked at her with an expression that seemed as if he was looking at an idiot. “You already get scratched by this cat five times a month, yet you still dare to touch it on your own accord. You sure have guts!”

“Stop with the nonsense.” Zhu Yao glared at him. “Hurry and think of a way to make it release me. My hand is about to tear off.”

“Alright!” Mouse refreshingly responded, and then he lightly patted on the cat’s head.

“Meow~” That damn fat cat instantly loosened its mouth, and rubbed against his palm with a satisfied look, displaying various cutesy and flighty behaviours.

The hell, this pervy cat which preferred men over women!

Zhu Yao hurriedly retreated a few steps back.

“You’re bleeding.” Mouse hugged onto the fat cat with one arm, and pointed at her hand with his other available hand. “There’s medicine in the lounge. Go and treat it for now. It’s best that you get yourself inoculated or something.”

“Mn.” Zhu Yao nodded.

“Haah, I really wonder what the Big Boss is thinking. He clearly knows that you’re afraid of animals, yet he still wants everyone to raise cats.”

There was an unreliable boss in her company. He would often come up with ridiculous policies, and this cat was one of them. A year ago, it was unknown what kind of crazy thought flew into the boss’s mind, as he wanted to cram a cat into every department no matter what, saying that it was to attract fortune. The one in her department was raised the fattest of them all, and it was also the most tyrannical one. The first few days it arrived, it scratched every single colleague in the department. After that, when it had gotten used to the environment, it then began to treat people a little better, other than Zhu Yao.

She hurriedly cleaned off her wound, and realized that only a thin layer of her skin was cut off, nothing that serious. She casually stuck a band-aid on it, and then prepared to head back to work. However, she realized that her boss was presently waiting in her office, and in his hands, was that fat cat.

Zhu Yao had the impulse to storm out of the building.

“Yao Yao, you’re here.” The man sitting on the chair picked up one of the cat’s paw and waved it at her, his face was filled with smiles.

“Fatty, why are you here again?” Zhu Yao glared at him.

“Aiya, isn’t it because I missed you after not seeing you at work for a week?” Fatty threw her a flirtatious look, the fats on his face trembled a few times.

Zhu Yao could not be bothered to deal with this damn fatty, as she turned around to pour a cup of water for herself. “If you have something to say, say it now. If you want to fart, then do it quickly.”

“Hoho, I indeed have something important to inform you.” He pointed at the chair in front, hinting to her to have a seat.

Zhu Yao narrowed her eyes. “Sure, throw that cat out first.”

Fatty had a complicated look. Stroking the pet which was extremely smooth to touch, he stood up with a reluctant look, and hugged the cat out. “Meow Meow, this emperor shall patronize you later.”


“Yao Yao!” Fatty sat back on the chair. “Actually, it’s not a big issue. It’s just that during the period you were on leave, I made a very important decision.”

“What decision?” Zhu Yao sat down.

Fatty scratched his head, and said with a chuckle. “It’s nothing much actually, just that the company requires a few technical adjustments for its future.”


“I sold the company!”


Zhu Yao immediately spat his entire face with water, and then slammed the cup onto the table. “What did you say? Fatty Yu, if you have the guts, say it once more!”

“Calm down, calm down.” Fatty stood up, picked up the document folder on the table and fanned her.

“How am I supposed to calm down?” Flames of fury instantly surged, and Zhu Yao charged right up to him. Though this company belonged to Fatty, the games operated by the company were all made by them from the ground up. Their current state of affairs was excellent, yet he actually said he sold it. “Fatty Yu, do you believe I will kick you?”

“Aiyo!” Fatty hid to the side. “Let me finish. The games in our company had such good prospects, that’s why we have to take this opportunity to sell for a huge price. Yao Yao, you must know that although this game company belongs to an organization, the organization mainly deals with real estate. No matter how well we do on the internet here, we won’t make that big of a progress. Wouldn’t it be better to accept the organization’s suggestion, and incorporate ourselves into an internet figurehead? We’re still making games, so it doesn’t make a difference to you, just that your boss has changed.”

“…” Zhu Yao calmed down. What Fatty said was not illogical. Though, after working for so many years, to suddenly hear that the company was sold, she would still feel a little unsatisfied. “Nevermind, I don’t understand operational matters. Since you have already sold it, let it be then.”

Fatty was a little unexpected to find her flames quelled so easily. Seeing that she was no longer flaring up, he heaved a sigh of relief. “Oh right, the new company will be bringing forward a general manager to take over my position. I will be returning to my old home tomorrow.”

“Ou!” Zhu Yao nodded.

Fatty’s expression instantly sank. “We are after all old classmates. Before I go, don’t you have something to say to me?”

“Die early, and go to the afterlife early!”


“Reincarnate properly, and be a human again.”


“Oh, right. Fatty Yu, I will have the colleagues send those cats in the company back to your home.”

“I’m called Yu Banban.” Why had he never heard her call his name correctly ever since they were young?

“It’s about the same. In any case, they both sound girly!”

“…” Being friends with her was a terrible mistake.

Probably because she had transmigrated once before, Zhu Yao’s persistence towards the company had dampened quite a bit. Back then, she had only pulled in a few little companions. They made a few small games, and established an unknown small company. Then, she encountered this old classmate Yu Banban, a rich second generation, and ended up selling the company to him. With funds in hand, they slowly made the company bigger. Now that Yu Banban said that he wanted to sell it, as a worker, she indeed did not have the qualifications to say anything. Though Fatty was a little unreliable, his business sense was still pretty good. Since he felt that selling it was a good idea, then naturally, he had his own reasons.

After thinking it through, the resentful thoughts within Zhu Yao had all disappeared. Presently, most of the people in the company were handing over their work, and as a game planner, she suddenly had some free time. Thus, she idled for while, before deciding to leave early.

Her master was still at home after all, and she could not put down her worry at all. Though she had taught him several things in the past few days, she could not help but worry. Nothing will happen if he’s left alone at home, right? What should I do if he accidentally gets electrocuted? What if I have forgotten to turn off the gas? What should I do if someone had come over to check the water meter?

The more she thought about it, the more worried she became. Thus, she bade farewell to Fatty, and hurriedly left for home.

While she was journeying back home, she even took notice of her surroundings, afraid that she would hear news of an accident occurring at a certain place. Fortunately, she returned home safe and sound. Opening the door with an uneasy feeling, she actually saw a certain master, sitting on the chair quietly.

He had already changed into modern attire. Dressed in white shirt and black slacks, she simply could not bear to cut off that black silky hair of his, and had in the end combed it into a bun and tied it at the back of his head. Sunlight shone on him, and it felt as if a white gentle light was sprinkling down from all over his body. It was presently afternoon, and he was sitting on the chair next to the dining table, looking at her with his head raised.

The usual ice-cold face, was emitting out a few hints of warmth, as if he was someone from a painting for a moment. He was beautiful to the point where it was hard for people to breathe.

“Master…” Emotions instantly surged within her heart, as she pounced right towards him. “I miss you so much.” I really want to gobble him up!

Yu Yan put down the cup in his hand, and reached out his hand to stroke her head. “You have only gone out for four hours.”

“Four hours, two hundred and forty minutes. It’s a very long time, master!”

“Are you done with your work?” He casually pulled her over to sit on his thigh.

“Mn!” Zhu Yao wrapped around his neck, and hugged a little tighter. “Master, did anything happen at home?”

A light flashed in Yu Yan’s eyes, and then he shook his head. After pondering for a moment, he said. “But your master has a few doubts.”

He looked as if he was about to materialized into ‘Hundred Thousand Whys?’ again. Her heart skipped a beat, as she diverted the topic. “So thirsty. Let me first get some ice water.” After driving all the way back, she was indeed a little thirsty.

She hurriedly rose to her feet, and casually pulled open the refrigerator door…

Klang. The refrigerator that was still standing tall earlier, instantly turned into countless components, crashing onto the ground. Only the refrigerator door remained in her hand.

Zhu Yao was dumbfounded. Just what happened?

“I was just about to ask you, where do I install this part of the mystic artifact?” Yu Yan passed her a large circuit board.

A long while later.

“Master, can I discuss something with you?”


“Can you not be prodigal?”

His eyes swam away for a while, before he said with a stern look. “I fixed it back.”

“…” The circuit board is still outside, and you’re telling me you fixed it!?

My heart hurts so much!

What’s a prodigal? A certain master did not understand. However, he had sensed his disciple’s depressed emotions. Was it because she was unable to drink ice water? Mn, as a good, qualified master, he should take good care of his disciple. Thus, he poured a cup of water, and with a twist of his hand, the entire cup was instantly filled with frost.

“Here!” Drink this.

Zhu Yao had face that looked as if she was about to cry, as she received it. “Master…”


“You can’t drink unboiled tap water, even if it’s frozen!”

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