Disciple – Chapter 262

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Chapter 262: Fortune to the Empress

Yue Ying suddenly tightened his hand, and slammed his palm onto the defenseless Wang Xuzhi. A black imprint instantly appeared on Yue Ying’s body, carrying a soul devouring might. It grew large in an instant, and the black mystic patterns on it were like a sharp blades, as they pierced straight towards Wang Xuzhi’s chest.

“Little wimp!” Zhu Yao fiercely widened her eyes, as if she had returned to that moment when Xiao Yi said Wang Xuzhi was already dead. Her heart instantly stopped, and as though it was out of reflex, she immediately activated a mystic art which she had left in little wimp’s divine sense before this.

At almost the same time, when the black mystic patterns were just about to penetrate into little wimp’s skin, his figure blurred, and the person who was enveloped by darkness, had instantly turned into Zhu Yao.

The black devilish formation was struck on her body, and the pain that came from her bones and limbs was something she had never experienced before.

“Big sis Yao…” Yue Ying was stunned right there and then.

“Yu Yao!” Yu Yan cried out of shock, and he immediately summoned his own sword intent. An enormous white dragon flew straight forward while carrying immense pressure. Yue Ying was defenseless for a moment, and was instantly struck a few meters away. Yu Yan held onto his heavily injured disciple, and even his hands were shaking uncontrollably. “Yu Yao…”

Various light particles suddenly appeared, as they slowly scattered out from within her body, and then, they disappeared without a trace. He inserted spiritual energy into her body, only to be scattered the moment it entered.

Yu Yan grew even more anxious. The black formation Yue Ying used earlier was probably targeted on the soul. He had a premonition, that if his disciple were to leave this time, she

“Big sis Zhu Yao!” Little wimp pulled onto her hand, and tears instantly poured out. Body Movement. When had she planted a mystic art like this in his own divine sense?

“Master…” Zhu Yao felt that the corner of her lips was leaking out blood, and it felt like something was pulling her entire body, as if she was about to be torn apart alive. “Yue Ying?”

“Big sis Yao…” Yue Ying was just standing three steps away, wearing a blank look, as if he was trying his hardest to deny something. “Why? Is he really that important to you?” To the point where you would not hesitate to save him even if your soul scatters? Soul devouring. The mystic art he activated earlier could swallow one’s soul.

“Just what did you to big sis Zhu Yao?” Wang Xuzhi madly walked over to Yue Ying, grabbed his collar, and threw a fist at him.

After being given a punch, he lightly moved his fingers and fixed Wang Xuzhi on the spot. Then, he suddenly laughed. “Soul devouring… That’s fine… That’s fine as well! In the future, big sis’s soul shall merge with mine, and we will never be apart.”

“You…” Wang Xuzhi was stunned, as the colour of despair emitted out from his eyes.

Yu Yan hurriedly cast an art. Several mystic imprints flew out, restricting the flow of the black mystic symbols in her body and binding her unstable soul.

Zhu Yao was no longer able to feel anything around her, as the sense organs in her entire body were enveloped in pain. After taking in a single breath, she shouted. “Yue Ying… Come here.”

Yue Ying was startled, and he obediently walked closer a moment later. He stopped next to her, but his eyes were ash-grey. “This is fine as well… Big sis can finally accompany Yue Ying forever.” He wanted to express a happy look with all his might, but not the slightest of joy could be seen under his eyes.

Zhu Yao stiffened her hand. With all the strength remaining in her body, she raised it and swung it over.

Pa. Giving him a resounding slap in the face.

“Yue Ying… It’s time for you to grow up!”

“Big sis Yao…” He looked at her confused, and then, his eyes carried madness that he never once had before. “Did you slap me because of Wang Xuzhi? As I thought, he’s the only one in big sis’s eyes. Even a mystic art like Body Movement which required the continuous consumption of your divine sense was left in his divine sense as well.”

“Body Movement, there’s one… in your divine sense too!”

“…” Yue Ying was stunned, and he widened his eyes in disbelief. Instinctively, he reached out his hand to touch his own chest. As she had said, he could feel a strand of divine sense that did not belong to him, and also… it seemed to have been there for a very long time. It seemed to have been left there at a much earlier time than Wang Xuzhi’s.

His eyes instantly flashed with panic, as he looked at her in a fluster.

Did she not… abandon me?

With a sunken voice, and emphasis on every single word, she said. “You have never been alone. No matter if it’s the past or present, you have never been. No one has abandoned you, the person who has truly abandoned you is yourself.”

“Big sis… I only have big sis…”

“Do you still remember Little Radish?”

“…” He was startled.

Though she had saved Yue Ying, Little Radish was was the one who raised him up, taught him mystic arts, and taught him everything he knew. He said that he was abandoned the entire time, did not wish to be abandoned again, and did not want to be alone. However, where in his heart did he place Little Radish then? It was not that there wasn’t anyone who treated him sincerely, but he was simply completely oblivious to them all. He trapped himself in the circle he drew, and even if others took the initiative to walk ninety-nine steps, he still would not be willing to take that one step.

With the way he was, where he would only be willing to follow alongside her and would go crazy the moment he was separated from her, how different was he from a child who could not leave his parents’ side?

“Yue Ying… Why can’t you grow up?” Zhu Yao said with a sunken tone. “Don’t just focus on yourself… Otherwise, I will never ever see you again…”

Yue Ying was stunned, and finally, he could not help but reach out his hand to grab the corner of her robe. As if he was pleading, he said. “Don’t… Big sis Yao, I’m at fault. I know my wrongs.”

Zhu Yao’s vision was already turning blurry, and this time, it was different from before. She felt a silence as if everything was returning to nothingness, and even the voices next to her began to sound illusive.

“Yu Yao!” Yu Yan’s face paled. The black mystic symbols on Zhu Yao’s body were sinking deeper, and even the few mystic symbols used to stop them were being engulfed, as the black mystic symbols spread towards her chest.

“Stop the formation, now!” He turned to glare at Yue Ying at the side.

How, his face was completely blank, as he muttered. “I can’t stop it… It’s basically impossible to stop this formation.”

With a flip of his palm, Yu Yan struck towards Yue Ying’s chest, and a white dragon penetrated through Yue Ying’s body. What he used was a killing move, and he did not hold back in the slightest. However, even if that was the case, he had merely cleansed a little of the devilish aura on Yue Ying’s body, and had merely injured him heavily.

He really wanted to take his life right at this moment, however, his disciple’s condition was worsening, and had no choice but to gnash his teeth. He had tried all of the mystic arts that could be used. Mystic arts, divine arts, sealing arts, and he had even thought of extracting her soul and switching to another body in the future.

However, they were basically ineffective. The light particles scattering out from his disciple grew. With each scattering particle, her soul would weaken by a certain extent. In the end, even the body he was hugging onto, was beginning to turn transparent.

His eyes were crimson red, as a heart-wrenching pain exploded out from the depths of his heart. This was his disciple, his only disciple whom he had been holding onto with his hands. There were still many things he had yet to teach her, so how could she disappear just like that?

“Yu Yao, Yu Yao…” Wake up, don’t disappear, give your master a response.

The light emitted from her body grew even more, and just as the black imprints were about to gather at her chest.

Suddenly, the two Lights of Guidance, like searchlights, instantly turned and shot straight in Zhu Yao’s direction. The constantly scattering light particles earlier began to madly pour back into Zhu Yao’s body.


A string of red words surfaced.

“Target has received damage that has gone beyond her resistible threshold, forced rollback initiates!”

In a blink of an eye, Zhu Yao’s entire body released out a powerful purple radiance, spreading throughout the entire world. A rich voice, as if it had come from the Nine Heavens, resounded.

“Yao Yao, my friend, I’m sorry!”

The moment those words fell, that purple light suddenly retracted, and then, it disappeared along with the person who was enveloped within the purple light, as if that person had never existed.

“Yao Yao, wake up, wake up!” A plain, monotonous voice sounded next to her ears. Zhu Yao felt her shoulders being nudged by someone, and when she opened her eyes, she saw a familiar refreshing face.

“Guoguo?” Zhu Yao sat up, but she felt an aching sensation all around her body. She could not help but suck in some air. “Aiyo, my back… Ouch ouch ouch ouch…”

“You were lying asleep on the table, how can it not hurt?” Feng Guoguo sighed, as she passed her a cup of plain water. “Why are you hiding at my place again? What did the empress back at your home do to you?”

“The empress back at my home?” Zhu Yao felt a little confused. Her mind was in a mess, and she had a slight migraine. After drinking the cup of water and calming down, she slowly remembered everything.

Yue Ying, little wimp, master…

She suddenly stood right up, and looked around. “Why am I back here?” This development was strange. Even if she had died, at the very most, she would switch to another avatar. Why did Realmspirit send her directly back here?

“How would I know?” Guoguo looked at her with a slight puzzled look.

“It’s not that. I was at Spiritual Realm in the first place, and I was about to ascend, in the end…” She blurted out.

Guoguo however reached out her hand to touch her forehead, and said with a concerning tone. “You’re not having a fever, right? I already told you to quit that dayless and nightless job of yours.”

“…” Zhu Yao was stunned. Was everything she experienced just a dream?

She turned around to look at her own computer, only to see the game’s event details which she had left half-completed, and her QQ interface was hanging at the corner of the screen. Just as she was about to search for Realmspirit’s QQ ID to ask about this matter, she reached out her hand. “Where did my mouse and keyboard go?”

“Enough, stop working! Is there a need for you to be this desperate? If you had thrown them away, just buy new ones.”

No! Those were all real. She remembered when she first transmigrated, she was holding her mouse in her hands. It was not thrown away, but was instead brought to the cultivation world.

Feng Guoguo’s cellphone suddenly rang. “Hello? Oh hi, auntie!”

“Mn, it’s me, Guoguo.”

“Yes, I’m back from my trip.”

“Yao Yao, is it? She’s not here. She might have gone to work… Uh, she often works overtime on Saturdays.”

She turned to lookat Zhu Yao, and did a hush gesture. “Your empress back at home is on the phone.” I shall help cover for you.

Before she could even finish, for the first time, Zhu Yao had instead snatched the phone from her hands. “Mom…”

At that moment, yearning, sentiment, and grief overwhelming smashed into her, and her desire to meet the person on the other side of the phone grew. Her voice unconsciously began to choke.

“Damn brat, you’re finally taking my call.” A familiar voice sounded from the phone. “I’m warning you now. If you don’t come back home soon, I will skin you.”

“Mom.” Tears began to flow from the depths of her heart. “Mom, I miss you.”

“…” The person on the other side of the phone paused for a moment, as if she had found her reply a little unexpected. A moment later, she gently said. “What is it? Did you get bullied at work? You’re already a grown adult, yet you’re still acting spoilt in front of your mom.”

“No… Nothing, I just miss you, that’s all.”

“Haah, nevermind. If you really don’t want to go match-make, mom will not force you either. Come back home when you’re free.”

“Mn, mn. I will come back immediately.”


Zhu Yao continued to chat with her for a short while, before hanging up the phone reluctantly. It had really been a long time since she last heard the voices of her family members.

Guoguo looked at Zhu Yao a little strangely. “Your mom is calling you back home for dinner?”


“Why are you not afraid of your empress back at home all of a sudden?”

“She’s my mom.” The corner of her Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Those distant memories instantly returned to her mind, clearly and brightly. Her mom was a typical idle old woman. After retiring, whenever she had nothing to do, she would love to urge her sons and daughters about their marriages. However, her family did not seem to have any affinity for the opposite sex. Between her and her brother, she was twenty-eight, while he was at the independent age of thirty, yet both of them were still single. Zhu Yao could imagine the pile of handsome and talented youths that would be waiting for her when she gets back.

“Alright, it’s fine as long as you have thought it through. It’s about time for you to find a partner too.” Guoguo carried a concerned look, and said with a heavy heart. “You’re not that young anymore. If you keep on staying here, it would be hard for me to find another tenant to share the place with!”

“…” You’re just trying to chase me out right, and it’s not like this old lady isn’t giving you rent! I made a wrong friend!

“Speaking of which… You’re one year older than me yourself, right?” What qualifications do you have to talk about me?

“I’m different from you.”

Zhu Yao stepped forward. “How are we different?” Other than our chest, what’s different?

“I have money!”

“…” Poor-ass – Shot right in the heart!

Speaking of Feng Guoguo, her entire life was like a legend. They had been classmates ever since they were in primary school, and had always been good girl friends. However, she was an orphan, and had to rely on government policies to study all the way to university. When she became an adult, she was then found by her parents’… lawyer. Back then, her family members had already passed away several years ago, and nothing was left behind, except for money!

From what she said, the number of zeroes on the bank account, could be counted to the point where her fingers would start to numb.

This house which Zhu Yao was renting was hers!

Zhu Yao had her own house as well, but it had only been renovated just recently, and required some time to air. Furthermore, because of her empress’s intrusive matchmaking arrangements, she wanted to move out even more.

“Nevermind, I’m not going to compare wealth with you.” She couldn’t win anyway. “Oh right, why did you return so quickly? Didn’t you say you were going to leave for half a month?” She looked at the time on computer. It had only been a week, right?

A strange emotion flashed past Guogo’s face, as if she had recalled something incomprehensible. Suddenly, she mysteriously asked. “Yao Yao, do you believe there’s mermaids in this world?”

“Ah!?” Zhu Yao was startled, as she reached out her hand to touch her forehead. “You can’t possibly have transmigrated as well, right?”

She slapped away Zhu Yao’s hand. “You sound as if you have transmigrated yourself!”

“…” But she did transmigrate though.

“Nevermind, it’s best that you continue thinking about finding a hunk somewhere and bring him back home to give your empress back home an explanation.” After saying that, she walked out of the room.

The room instantly quietened down.

Zhu Yao collapsed on her bed. Like lanterns, the incidents in the other world flashed past her eyes, her heart would occasionally twist in pain.

“Master…” Would she be able to see him again?

This couldn’t do. She had to hurry and buy a mouse and keyboard, so she could ask Realmspirit clearly. She couldn’t allow herself to be forced to break up with her first love, especially in such an unclear manner as well.

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