Disciple – Chapter 254

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Chapter 254: Don’t Fancy Him!

Ying Luo chuckled as she pointed at the pool in front. As she had said, a man appeared. With his back facing the two of them, his clothes had already been taken off, ‘exposing’ his copper coloured skin. His figure was considerably tall, and his upper body revealed a perfect inverted triangle. Presently, he seemed to be taking off his pants, and only a moment later did he pull out his waistband.

Zhu Yao could clearly hear Ying Luo breathing in cold air, and the corner of her lips twitched. She silently passed her a handkerchief. “Wipe off your nosebleed!”

“Ou.” Ying Luo mechanically received it, but ended up wiping her blood all over her face.

Is there a need to be this exaggerated? Isn’t he still wearing his underwear?

Zhu Yao shook her head, as she looked at that figure with slight scorn.

Mn, his figure was not as tall as her master’s.

His skin was not as white as her master’s.

His muscles were not as firm as her master’s.

Low grade. Appraisal complete!

Half of the curiosity she had earlier had already dispersed, though Ying Luo’s breathing was becoming even more hurried, wearing the look of a nympho. The hell, do you have to start drooling too? At the very least, you’re a girl with goddess-tier looks yourself, hey. Don’t walk on the strange path of a nympho!

“So he’s the hunk you like?” A light of inspiration flashed in Zhu Yao’s mind, and she asked.

Ying Luo was stunned for a moment. Only when the hunk they were looking at had already submerged himself in the water with only his head sticking out, she then turned her head around, and gave her an embarrassed tee-hee.

The hell, this really was that NPC called Ding Chunqiu?

“Isn’t he the Clan Master of Point Formation Clan? Why is he not entertaining the various clans and sects, but over here?”

“It’s afternoon break right now.” Ying Luo said with a serious look. “This pool is filled with spiritual energy, and every afternoon, he would submerge himself in this mountain spring for two hours.”

“How do you know that?” Zhu Yao sized her up. “You best fess up. Just how long has it been since you first snuck up here to peek at this guy?”

“Uh…” Ying Luo’s face stiffened, and she only replied a while later. “Hoho, something like this isn’t important.”

“…” What did you say was not important?

“It actually hasn’t been that long…” Her face reddened as she stuttered. “It’s only been since he first admitted into Point Formation Clan.”

The hell, it began since then? Then it had already been a few hundred years, right? And you still dare to claim that it hasn’t been that long? Evidently, she could no longer be considered a nympho, but a criminal!

“Then why haven’t you tried pursuing him directly?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. She was a former Forgotten God Palace Hall Mistress, a status merely second to the Palace Master. Not to mention she had such a gorgeous appearance, any reasonable man would find it hard to refuse her, right?

Ying Luo scratched her head. “In the past, his cultivation was weak, so I… I was afraid that it would affect his reputation. And now…”

She just did not want to him to be known as someone who relied on a woman to attain higher heights, right?

Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, unable to understand the thought process of these people. In her eyes, matters regarding feelings were very simple. If you like someone, then you like someone. Are the opinions of others really that important? It’s not like they haven’t been with someone else before either. If your other half is really concerned with such intangible things, and treat them more importantly than feelings, then that would only prove that you’re blind, and make sure you look more carefully next time. Why the need to shrink back and torture yourself?

“My girl Yu Yao, I only wish to look at him from afar, just treat it as though you’re helping me with a favour.” Ying Luo patted on her shoulders, and said with a prideful look. “At the very most, if you like any hunk in the future, I can help you peek at him too!”

“Scram!” Zhu Yao could not endure it any longer as she threw her a kick. Like hell this old lady will want your company when looking at my hunk. She had long eaten her fill!

“Iya!” Ying Luo lost her footing, and her figure tilted. Adding that she had squatted for too long, her legs were a little numb. Unable to react in time, her feet slipped, and with a splash, she fell into the pool, splattering water all over.

With such a loud noise, no matter how strong their concealment talismans were, they would definitely be exposed.

As expected, a clear male voice sounded from the side.

“Who is it?”

Zhu Yao reached out her hand, wanting to pull the girl out and flee. However, the girl who was still struggling in the water earlier, instantly stood right up from fright after hearing his question, and loudly said. “We did not peek at you while you’re bathing.”

Zhu Yao: “…”

Ding Chunqiu: “…”

Ying Luo: “…”

Zhu Yao wondered if it was too late to pretend that she did not know her?

A fierce gust of wind blew, and instantly, several wind blades attacked the two of them. Zhu Yao immediately waved her hand, materializing a defensive barrier. She then quickly raised the girl Ying Luo from the water.” The wind blades struck the water surface, splashing out water up to several meters high. They were blocked by the barrier in time.

“Who are you people?” The voice earlier once again rang out. On the other side of the splash of water, a man, who evidently had already dressed himself properly, was walking over.

Ying Luo stiffened for a moment, and with a swoosh, she instantly hid behind Zhu Yao like a little mouse.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. You coward!

As the splashed water fell, the true appearance of the man, who had his back against them the entire time, was revealed. Zhu Yao however was stunned, as she looked straight at him with fiercely widened eyes. The hell!

“Which sect are you disciples of?” The man looked at them. She was unsure if it was her imagination, but a hint of shock was actually emitting out from the depths of his eyes, and after a while, he continued. “I wonder why you two ladies have come to the mountain rear of our Point Formation Clan?”

Zhu Yao did not speak, and was simply staring at his face unblinkingly.

Ding Chunqiu could not help but frown a little unhappily.

“I…” Probably because Ying Luo herself had sensed that Zhu Yao was behaving abnormally, she nudged her from the back. Seeing that she still did not have any reaction, she intended to confess out of anxiety. “We… We didn’t intentionally… pe…”

“We’re disciples of Forgotten God Palace, and we have gotten lost.” Zhu Yao suddenly regained her senses, and began to lie with a straight face. Before she arrived, she had long changed her appearance and concealed her cultivation level. In others’ eyes, they were just two Azoth Core disciples. “We made several turns and we found ourselves here, and ended up disturbing Clan Master Ding. We seek senior for your forgiveness.”

Ding Chunqiu once again looked at the two of them, and only a while later did he reveal a slightly courteous smile, as though he had accepted the two’s explanation. “So you’re actually disciples of Forgotten God Palace. Speaking of which, Forgotten God Palace and I can be said to be quite close, as the former Hall Mistress of your esteemed sect and I were… Such a pity!” His eyes suddenly blanked, as though he had just recalled something. He then let out a sigh.

The girl behind Zhu Yao was grabbing onto her sleeves, and Zhu Yao could clearly feel her grip tighten for a moment.

“Since you two ladies do not know the terrain of this mountain, follow me then.” As he spoke, he turned about and motioned them to follow him, and then led the way in front of them. His dark black clothes still carried a slight warmth, and there were even water pearls still dripping down. Yet, an unexplainable amicable warmth could be felt.

Ying Luo however could no longer hold it in and sent her voice transmissions, wildly filling up her entire mind. “My girl Yu Yao, he remembers me, he actually remembers me!”

“Shut up!” Zhu Yao turned around to glare at her, casting an art on her at the same time. After drying up this drenched chicken, she then pulled her along and caught up with the person in front.

The depths of her heart however felt incredibly and uncomfortably stifled. She looked at Ying Luo’s infatuated expression, and anger began to surge all of a sudden.

That Ding Chunqiu brought them to the front hall, pointed to the place where the disciples of Forgotten God Palace were staying during the course of the tournament, before bidding farewell. He did bring up their disgraceful act of peeking in the slightest, exuding the look of an upright gentleman.

Ying Luo’s eyes were fixated on him till he disappeared, and the blush on her face did not recede still.

Zhu Yao finally could no longer hold it in and took a step forward. Pressing on her shoulders, she pulled her back. “Ying Luo, if… if I were to tell you to give up on him, forget about him, and stay away from him, will you listen?”

“Ah?” Ying Luo was startled, as she sized Zhu Yao up for a moment. Seeing that she did carry any intentions to joke around, her heart sank as she anxiously said. “My girl Yu Yao, you… you can’t have started to like him too, right?”

“Momma’s egg!” Zhu Yao glared at her. “How can this old lady possibly fancy him!? Only an idiot like you will treat him as treasure.” She gave her a smack. She wouldn’t want him, alright?

“Then why…”

“No matter the case, you two definitely can’t be together.”

“My girl Yu Yao…” She looked straight at her. Suddenly, as though she had thought of something, her eyes widened even more, and she said with a stunned look. “The… The person you like can’t possibly be me, right?”

Zhu Yao raised her leg and threw her a kick. “Scram!”

“Then just why?” Ying Luo rubbed her buttocks which were aching from Zhu Yao’s kick, her face was filled with doubt. “At the very least, you must give me a reason, right?”

“…” Zhu Yao sank into silence, the irritation in the depths of her heart grew even more. After a long while, she slowly said. “There will come a day when you will be killed by him.”

And she would literally be killed. Because in the scenario, she had once clearly seen that man they saw earlier, leading the various sects to surround and attack the girl. Furthermore, he had even pierced through the girl’s chest in a single strike. Zhu Yao could even feel that desolateness and despair back then.

If the betrayal of the people was the reason the girl gave birth to resentment, then that Ding Chunqiu was the fuse that triggered everything.

Before this, she could not understand why even though the girl in the scenario had showed her everything that happened, the faces of everyone present, other than that Ding Chunqiu’s, were blurred. Only his face could be clearly seen in the scenario. Looking at things now, it was not because that person had dealt her the fatal blow, but because this person held a very important place in her life.

The girl Ying Luo not promising her was within her expectations. No matter who it was, if a big speech, similar to calling the idol they had been having a crush on trash, was made, anyone would want to tie up and bash that person. She should celebrate the fact that Ying Luo did not break ties with her, but had instead begun to chat with her about her past with a heavy tone.

“Yu Yao, you don’t understand. We are different from the rest of the practitioners.”

“Yu Yao, you don’t understand. I did not live a good life in the past. He’s actually the same as me. We belong to the same group of people.”

“Yu Yao, you don’t understand. On the very first day he admitted into a deity sect, I had decided to help him with all I can.”

“Yu Yao, you don’t understand just how difficult it is for someone to live without anything to look forward to…”

Zhu Yao indeed did not understand them. However, she understood just how big of a price this silly child would have to pay for her trust.

“Ying Luo, then let me ask you. If there comes a day where he objects to you searching for the mystic artifacts, and stops you from dealing with that Devil with all his might, how would you choose?” Zhu Yao simply asked this question.

“That’s different. This is a huge matter concerning this world. No matter what, the Devil has to be dealt with.” Her face was determined, as she said with emphasis on every word.

Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. She was still that good girl with proper and upright three views.

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