Disciple – Chapter 253

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Chapter 253: You Fancy Him?

“This sword turned into a spirit, right?” Ying Luo said.

“…” The one who had turned into a spirit should be the Metal Spirit!

Zhu Yao picked up the sword from the table, and carefully inspected it. Like the other two, it was flowing with devilish energy, along with sealing runic symbols.

“Three!” Quest completion rate was at sixty percent!

The girl sighed, a hint of worry flashed past her face. “Yu Yao, just what in the world is the method you spoke of that can eliminate the Devil once and for all?”

“Devil Smiting Inscription.” Zhu Yao said with a sullen voice. “This is the one and only inscription technique in the world that can annihilate a Devil.”

“Annihilate?” Ying Luo was stunned. “Aren’t Devils supposed to be undying and indestructible, and could only be sealed?”

“Believe me!” Zhu Yao patted on her shoulders. “There’s never any absolutes in the world. This method is definitely workable.” She had after all personally used it before.

“…” Ying Luo sank into silence for a moment, and finally let out a sigh. With a smile, she said. “Alright, since I have already boarded this pirate ship of yours, then I have no choice but to believe you till the very end.”

Pirate ship…

Was it too late to swap teammates now?

“Where are we going next? Why don’t we go to Point Formation Clan?” She suddenly said with an excited expression. “That place is closer to Forgotten God Palace, and I have long heard that Point Formation Clan has an Elder who is a rarely-seen handsome gentleman. No matter if it’s his personality, cultivation, or appearance, they are top tier in the cultivation world.”

Zhu Yao looked at the girl with narrowed eyes. “You fancy him?”

“Ah?” Ying Luo was startled for a moment. A moment later, she then scratched her head, and chuckled. “Hoho, I have seen him a few times in the past, we’re not really that… familiar with each other!”

“You fancy him?”

Her face reddened. “Uh… Do you know? He’s a tetra spirit veins holder, yet he was still able to form his own Azoth Core with his own strength. It’s really incredible.”

“You fancy him!”

Her face was bright red like blood itself. “I’m a penta spirit veins holder myself. Though my cultivation speed is pretty good too, it’s also because I possess the bloodline of the ancient races.”

“You fancy him.”

Ying Luo: “…”

A few seconds later.

“That’s right, I fancy him.” She revealed a determined look. “This old lady thinks of him every minute and every second! What about it?”

“Tch! Say so earlier.” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. “I have experience in matters like this!”

“Aaaahh!?” Ying Luo’s eyes shone. “W… Wh… What experience?”

“Is there a need to say it?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes even more cheerfully. What else could it be? The experience of attacking, of course. She had so many experiences of pushing down her master. She did not push him down for nothing.

Ying Luo’s expression instantly turned stern, and she respectfully said. “Sovereign Yu Yao, please do not hesitate to bestow me your teachings.”

“It’s not a difficult matter.” Zhu Yao courteously waved her hands. She poured herself a cup of tea, and casually asked. “First, tell me. What is the name of that Elder?”

Her face began to turn bright red again. As though she had instantly retracted that natural coarse and rough character of hers, she revealed the look of a delicate and shy young maiden. With sparkling eyes, she said. “He’s called Ding Chunqiu1.”


Zhu Yao spat a mouthful of tea all over her face!

You NPCs, please give yourselves better names, hey!

Zhu Yao went to inquire Wen Yu about it, and found out there really was someone called Ding Chunqiu in Point Formation Clan. However, he was no longer an Elder of Point Formation Clan, but their Clan Master. In these few hundred years Ying Luo was sealed, he lived a pretty good life. Not only did he nourish his Nascent Soul, his fame in the cultivation world was really widespread as well.

Even Wen Yu, this old man who had been harbouring hatred for other sects, only had praises for him. Indeed, if a tetra spirit veins holder wished to nourish his Nascent Soul, it was simply as hard as ascending into the heavens. This Sect Master Ding was the symbol of hard work. Furthermore, under his leadership, Point Formation Clan had firmly taken root within the ranks of first-rate sects.

Point Formation Clan specialized in formations, and belonged to the neutral faction. They would not participate in any conflicts between sects and clans, and it was exactly because of this fact, many sects and clans would invite people from Point Formation Clan to set up formations or provide pointers for their important facilities.

This was also how the name ‘Point Formation Clan’ came about.

From rumours, the next Great Inter-Sect Tournament would be hosted in Point Formation Clan as well.

Zhu Yao had wanted to locate the fourth mystic artifact quickly, but after hearing Wen Yu’s words, she changed her mind again. The formations in Point Formation Clan were refined and profound, if she were to charge through them with brute force, she would risk the danger of having her identity exposed. Of course, she did not mind it, but Ying Luo would be put in a miserable situation.

She decided to wait till the Great Inter-Sect Tournament happens, and take the opportunity to infiltrate the place while there were many people from various clans and sects. At that time, it would be more convenient for her to look for the artifact as well.

Fortunately, the next Great Inter-Sect Tournament was in about five years, and she could take this time to allow the girl Ying Luo to restore her cultivation.

“In five years, you must nourish your Azoth Core!”

“Aaaahh!” Ying Luo was stunned. “Five years, is a little too short, isn’t it!?”

“You have already formed your core once, what’s there to fear?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. It’s not like she was cultivating from the start all over again. Her meridians had long been at the level of Nascent Soul. Forget about five years, three years should be enough. “Work hard! Don’t you fancy that guy with the surname Ding? The higher your cultivation level, the larger your chances at success will be.”

“True!” She was instantly motivated, as she sat down in a lotus position and began to meditate.

Zhu Yao notified Wen Yu that she would be in closed-door training, and then sealed the entire mountain peak. She then placed down the respective spiritual energy guidance formations for all five different types of spiritual energy. Whenever she entered a trance state, the spiritual energy on the mountain peak would become several dozen times richer than normal. Zhu Yao was unsure if it was because of the presence the Metal Spirit either, but the amount of metal spiritual energy was richer than the rest.

Actually, it was really easy for the girl to raise her cultivation. Because she had practiced it once before, she basically did not experience any bottlenecks while raising from the early stages of Foundation to Paragon. What she lacked was merely spiritual energy. With her spiritual energy replenished, naturally, her cultivation would rise really quickly. In less than three years, she had already reached the Paragon level.

Next was to form her core, which would have to depend on the girl’s comprehension. On the fourth year of her closed-door training, Zhu Yao faintly sensed the abnormal movements with the spiritual energy. She was about to form her core.

She reinforced the surrounding spiritual energy guidance formations and released the Metal Spirit, in order to maintain the abundance of spiritual energy. Ying Luo’s complexion however grew worse, large beads of sweat dripped from her head, as though she was suffering from extreme pain. Even the surrounding spiritual energy was growing a little chaotic.

Zhu Yao stood guard by her side. Initially, she had thought that everything would go without a hitch. However, she saw that her complexion was worsening, and spiritual energy was actually scattering away at an immense rate, as though they were being dispersed the moment they entered her body. Her deeply furrowed brows tangled together, and there were even hints of the aura of death surfacing from her.

What was going on? This was different from the script.

“Ying Luo, girl!” She anxiously shouted out. This situation was evidently the consequence of her lack of focus. “Extinguish all unnecessary thoughts, focus your mind and calm your heart. Concentrate on forming your core, don’t think of ridiculous things!”

Just what was she thinking about during this key moment?

Her condition however continued to worsen, and blood was already trickling down from the corner of her lips. The spiritual energy in her body had already turned into a mess.

“The hell!” She was here to save her, not to prematurely end her. Taking a deep breath, Zhu Yao put aside the backlash that she would face, as she immediately materialized a strand of divine sense and forcefully entered her meridians. She guided those chaotic spiritual energy into circulation, and then took the opportunity to enter the location she was forming her core. However, she discovered that the spiritual energy there were in an even more chaotic state.

The moment she entered, those chaotic spiritual energy looked as though they had found a common target to attack, as they began to wildly attack Zhu Yao’s divine sense. Zhu Yao was about to puke out blood from the pain, but she had no choice but to grit her teeth and continue on. If this girl died, then she would have come here for nothing.

Gritting her teeth, she controlled those berserk spiritual energy with all her might. Then, following the method she used to form her own core, she guided the spiritual energy to revolve in a single direction, forming a swirl. In the beginning, it was really difficult. After all, it was not her own body, and whenever she lost control of the spiritual energy, the backlash would increase in intensity. After she finally managed to complete several revolutions, order slowly began to appear. There was no longer a need for her to forcefully guide them.

At the center of the swirl of spiritual energy, there was already a faint little dot of five colours, and it was slowly growing bigger, taking up a solid form.

Zhu Yao then retracted her own divine sense, only to puke out a mouthful of blood right after. Earlier, she did not feel that much pain, but now that she had retracted it, the sensation of pain instantly spread throughout her entire body. It felt as though several bits of her soul were bitten off.

Taking a deep breath, she had no choice but to close her eyes and meditate. Circulating her spiritual energy, she slowly nourished her divine sense. It hurt too motherf**king much, it felt as though she had died again. It hurt even more than that time she was a Demigod.

After meditating for exactly a day, Zhu Yao finally managed to soothe herself. As for Ying Luo at the side, she had coincidentally completed the formation of her Azoth Core, opening her eyes.

She turned to look at Zhu Yao, and seemed to have blanked for a moment. Her expression sank, and there seemed to be tears flickering in her eyes. “Yu Yao… I… Thank you.”

Zhu Yao waved her hands. “As long as you’re fine. Geez, you’re only forming your Azoth Core, but you can’t let someone feel at ease. Why did you suddenly lose focus?”

Her expression changed. Only after a while later, did she give a serious reply. “There won’t be a next time.”

“Next time!?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at her. “Do you think there are others like you who would form their Azoth Core twice?” Of course, she herself was an exception.

“True.” She smiled, and then, like a crude man, she gave Zhu Yao a smack. “I can’t be that unfortunate.”

With a “puuah” sound, Zhu Yao once again spat out a mouthful of blood from her smack. “Pay attention to the disabled, hey!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” She hurriedly apologized, her face was filled with guilt.

“Nevermind.” She had wanted to puke out that blood anyway. “Are you certain your Azoth Core is already formed?”

“Of course!” She nodded. “I’m perfectly fine now.”

“Then that’s good. I have to stay further away from you.” Zhu Yao crawled away.

“Wait a minute!” Ying Luo instantly dragged her back. “You’re already injured, where are you heading? You should be going into meditation to nurse yourself.”

“I can’t sit here.”

“Why not?”



An Azoth Core tribulation lightning bolt descended from right above Ying Luo’s head, but at the instant it was about to land, it twisted, and landed on the person next to her instead.

Zhu Yao, who was zapped charred black: …


Puking out a mouthful of smoke, she looked towards Ying Luo with dead fish eyes. “This is the reason!”

Ying Luo: “…”

Immediately after, the second bolt of tribulation lightning came zapping down with a thunderous roar. Just as it was about to zap Zhu Yao again, she raised her head and glared at it. “Are you done?”


The tribulation lightning bolt stopped in mid-air, as though it did not know whether it should retreat or advance.

It really had gotten addicted to zapping her, right? “Who’s the one forming her core, huh?”

That tribulation lightning bolt seemed to be in a huge dilemma. At one moment, it would crackle and twist above Ying Luo, and in the next moment, it would crackle and turn back to where Zhu Yao was. As though it was dancing, it went back and forth several times.

A moment later, as though it finally found a compromise, it suddenly turned into a thin streak of lightning that was hardly visible.

And then, it poked her cheeks.

It then disappeared, feeling satisfied.

The tribulation lightning bolts that came after it followed by its example, and after a total of eighty-one bolts had descended, everything finally calmed down.

Zhu Yao: “…” This lightning tribulation definitely has some form of vendetta against me. Even like this, it doesn’t let me off.

Ying Luo: “…” So this is the lightning spirit vein. So mysterious.

Ying Luo finally formed her Azoth Core, yet the one who took the zaps was still Zhu Yao!

There were still three hundred and sixty-five days till the next Great Inter-Sect Tournament.

Zhu Yao made use of this time to improve a few of Ying Luo’s arts, and also strengthened her sword techniques. Unfortunately, the girl did not comprehend sword intent. Thinking about it, something like sword intent depended on luck too. Recalling her past experience, she had only managed to comprehend it at the borders of life and death.

Of course, just in case, Zhu Yao taught her a few sealing arts as well.

“Using spiritual energy to forcefully activate the seals will cause great harm to your body. Unless absolutely necessary, do not use it.”

“I understand, girl.” Ying Luo patted on her chest. “Oh right, does the same go for the Devil Smiting Inscription?”

“The Devil Smiting Inscription is different from the rest.” Zhu Yao explained with a sunken voice. “Even a God can only use this seal once in his or her entire life. Once we use it once, we won’t be able to use it anymore.”

“It’s that incredible?” Ying Luo was startled, nodding right after. “When I’m in-charge, you can feel at ease.”

Why was she feeling even more uneasy then?

A year later, the Great Inter-Sect Tournament.

“Ying Luo, this is Point Formation Clan.”

“That’s right, the mountain rear of Point Formation Clan.”

“Do you know where’s the mystic artifact?”

“I don’t, but usually, mystic artifacts are all held in the artifact treasury.”

“Then where’s the artifact treasury?”

“I say, my girl Yu Yao. A mighty first-rate deity sect naturally has countless artifact treasuries. How could finding it be so easy? You must have some patience.”

“I do have patience, but can you explain to me, is there any relation between finding the mystic artifact, and us lying over here, peeking at someone else’s bath?”


The corner of Ying Luo’s lips twitched, a hint of embarrassment flashed past her face as she chuckled. “My girl Yu Yao, this just happened to be in the direction we’re heading. Giving our eyes a ready-made treat is also an extremely good thing.”

Zhu Yao looked at her, and then pointed to the opposite direction. “But from the information we acquired, the artifact treasury is that way.”

“Uh…” Her face stiffened, and then she waved her hands. “Don’t mind such details.”

It’s really hard to not mind them, alright!? Mother freaking hell. This old lady here has already squatted next to the bath for an hour, yet you did not have the intentions to find the artifact right from the start. You’re here solely to peek at others bathing, right?

“I’m leaving!” If you’re going to be fanatic over a hunk, do it yourself. Please do not step on the pride of this pure and honest girl.

“Eh, don’t, don’t, don’t… If you leave, I will definitely be found out. Just treat it as if I owe you a favour. My girl Yu Yao, big sis Yu Yao, Sovereign Yu Yao, Aunt Yu Yao…”

Your sister’s your aunt! She definitely could not endure this! Zhu Yao walked even faster than before.

“Yu Yao…” While the girl was still desperately struggling, she suddenly got distracted. “Eh, someone’s here.”

Hmph, like hell she was going to look.

“Ah, he stripped his top!”

Hmph hmph, she did not have any interest in a man’s body, alright?

“Ah, he even stripped his pants!”

Hmph hmph hmph…

“Where? How’s his figure? Does he have an eight-pack?”  Like a gust of wind, Zhu Yao zoomed back and squatted next to Ying Luo.


  1. Ding Chunqiu: It’s the name of a character in the wuxia novel Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (天龙八部) , a villain who founded Xingxiu Sect and specialized in poison-based martial arts.

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