Disciple – Chapter 246

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Chapter 246: Sword Seeking Convention

“Sect Master Li, I wonder which sect you feel Sword Seeking Peak should be managed by?” Wen Yu intentionally said.

When that person heard this, he thought that Wen Yu had already agreed to hand over Sword Seeking Peak, and his smile instantly grew even more complacent. “Sect Master Wen, in the present cultivation world, Clearflower Sect has the strongest capabilities. Furthermore, Sect Master Zhao of Clearflower Sect even possesses late stage Nascent Soul cultivation. It is more appropriate for Clearflower Sect to manage it.”

Wen Yu looked towards Zhao Yiyang, Clearflower Sect Master, who was keeping silent at the side. “Sect Master Zhao, you too believe that Sword Seeking Peek should be handed over to Clearflower Sect?”

Zhao Yiyang smiled, and said with a gentle voice. “If the various sects have faith in this lowly one, and believes that Clearflower Sect is able to take up this responsibility, then this Zhao naturally take up this duty.”

With his modest appearance, the rest of the sects felt even firmer in their decision, as they gave him their confident looks one after another.

Wen Yu however grew even more furious. Clearly, Clearflower Sect had already discussed with the other sects, and was merely using the Sword Seeking Conference as an excuse to bring it up, pushing him to the point where he had no choice but to agree. If it was before, he really would not have any ideas on how he should refute this, and would have no choice but to agree under pressure. But now…

He let out a cold laugh. The more furious he was, the calmer his expression became. “Sect Master Zhao made a great point. Such an important place like Sword Seeking Peak, indeed requires sufficient strength to safeguard it. Otherwise, it will be extremely easy to fall for the schemes of heretic practitioners and ‘lowly people’.” He especially emphasized on the two words ‘lowly people’. Sweeping a glance at the people present, all he could see were unfazed looks. The scorn in the depths of his heart grew.

“Sect Master Wen, please feel at ease!” Though Zhao Yiyang carried a serious expression, as he spoke. “Our sect will safeguard this Sword Seeking Peak with all of our might.”

“I naturally have faith in Sect Master Zhao’s strength, but…” Wen Yu’s tone changed, and he now carried a complicated look.

“If Sect Master Wen has any concerns, please feel free to say it outright.”

“To tell you the truth, a few days ago, a senior from our sect has suddenly come out of closed-door training after many years of isolation. Furthermore, she’s extremely proficient in the arts of refining artifacts, and she wishes to refine a weapon that suits her.” Wen Yu sighed. “I saw that she has extraordinary aptitude, and I did not wish to miss out on her talent, so I handed over the key to open the formation core of Sword Seeking Peak to her. Presently, Sword Seeking Peak is still under her management, if Sect Master Zhao truly wishes to take over the worries of our sect, then you would have to first seek her permission.”

Zhao Yiyang frowned. This was clearly Wen Yu trying to evade the matter. Anger unconsciously swelled within him.

The supportive Sect Masters from the various sects could not endure it any longer either, as they stood up one after another and censured him.

“Who is she? Call her out here now. We will speak with her then.”

“That’s right! This Sword Seeking Peak opens only once every ten years, why does she have to be first to enter?”

“Even if she’s a disciple of Forgotten God Palace, you can’t be this easy-going, right?”

“Simply get her out here and hand over the key face-to-face. How can Sword Seeking Peak be handed over to some random person?”

“Could her strength possibly surpass Reverend Zhao? I really do wish to see who has such huge guts.”

“That’s right, get her out here.”

Everyone began to discuss by throwing their statements out one after another, yet, Wen Yu still had the same calm and firm look. He instead looked towards Clearflower Sect Master at the side. “Fellow daoist Zhao, what’s your take on this?”

Zhao Yiyang smiled. “Naturally, I wish to see this manager of Sword Seeking Peek as well.”

Wen Yu sighed. This performance had gone long enough, it was time to serve the main dish. Not delaying any longer, he waved a disciple over and said. “Head over to Heavenridge Peak and invite Old Ancestor down the mountain. Tell her that Clearflower Sect Master wishes to see her.”

“No need.” A clear and cold voice resounded, and the moment it fell, the pressure of a Demigod instantly enveloped the entire great hall. The crowd who were still clamouring earlier, instantly quietened down. The Nascent Soul practitioners were still fine, but the rest of the disciples had already knelt on the ground as they were unable to withstand such pressure. Every single one of them widened their eyes in utter disbelief.  A Demigod Sovereign!

A white light flashed, and a figure suddenly appeared at the center of the great hall just like that. “I’m already here.”

“Greetings to Old Ancestor.” Wen Yu took a step forward in an especially flaunting manner, and then bowed towards Zhu Yao. The smiling intent revealed from the corners of his eyes looked as though it could fly out at any moment.

Zhu Yao’s divine sense had actually been paying attention to the situation here the entire time, so when she heard Wen Yu asking a disciple to invite her over, she knew that the time to put on airs was here.

Thus, the pressure emitted from her body did not carry any intentions of holding back. Her tyrannical aura was released at full force, and she was even giving special care to the Clearflower Sect Master on the right.

She had even especially walked two steps in his direction, and said in a face-slapping manner. “I heard you wish to see me?”

Zhao Yiyang was pouring out cold sweat which kept dripping down. He was using all his might to prevent himself from kneeling down to the pressure, and at that moment, his intestines had all turned green from regret. When did another Demigod Sovereign appear in Forgotten God Palace? Why was he not aware of this?

“Sovereign, please pardon my mistake. This lowly one was unaware that Sovereign is the manager of Sword Seeking Peak, that was why… This lowly one should be the one to visit Sovereign.”

Zhu Yao sat down at the highest seat in the hall. She swept her eyes through the hall, and when her eyes fell on them, every single one of them looked as though they had swallowed some feces.

With a twist of her palm, a small sword with the width of a fingertip floated above her palm. “It seems everyone has a lot of opinions about me becoming the manager of Sword Seeking Palace? Fine then. If you lot feel that you’re more qualified, then look for me to take the key to the formation core.”

How could the crowd possibly dare to take it? Wouldn’t that clearly mean they would offend a Demigod practitioner? They would be smashed into smithereens, right?

Every one of them expressed that this was just a misunderstanding one after another, and they could not help but silently resent Clearflower Sect for instigating their sects.

“Since that’s the case, I will be keeping this key.” And here she was thinking why old man Wen Yu stuffed the key to her yesterday, so it was actually used for this face-slapping moment.

”Seeing that she was not pursuing the matter, the crowd finally heaved sighs of relief. “However…” Zhu Yao’s tone changed. “It’s too troublesome to have this Sword Seeking Peak open every ten years, not to mention I don’t always have the time to wait and open the door for you people. So, the timing for the Sword Seeking Convention will have to change. In the future, it will be once every fifty years then.”

The faces of the crowd instantly darkened. What was called ‘going out for the wool and coming home shorn’? This was. However, they were wrong in the first place, so they did not have the right to retort. They could only glare at Clearflower Sect, the main culprit, with resentful eyes one after another.

Sect Master Zhao felt even more stifled. The Demigod pressure was still pressing down on his body, being able to stand properly was already an amazing feat, how could he possibly still have the mind to care about the feelings of the other sects?

Thus, a wide open resource snatching convention, ended with Zhu Yao’s half-hearted threats. Putting aside the fact that the various sects did not gain any benefits from this incident, the Sword Seeking Convention that was supposed to happen once every ten years, had even been altered to once every fifty years. They basically could not feel even more stifled than now.

“If everyone do not have any objections, then let’s begin today’s Sword Seeking Convention.” Wen Yu walked out. Not giving the rest of the people basically any time to react, he looked at Zhu Yao gratefully, and said. “May I request Old Ancestor to activate the formation on Sword Seeking Peak.”

Zhu Yao nodded. She did not have the patience to play mind games with the crowd of people here either, as she directly brought the crowd over to that pitch-black mountain. Only after looking up close did she realize that this Sword Seeking Peak was more like a spiritual mine. However, instead of spirit stones, various materials used to refine artifacts were produced here.

The entire mountain was filled with various formations. At first glance, it was a mountain that looked a little ugly, but after taking a closer look, she realized that the surroundings of the mountain were covered in floating talismans. Zhu Yao lightly sighed in astonishment at the formations in this world. They looked really deep and profound.

The crowd stopped at the foot of the mountain. A strand of spiritual energy was inserted into the key in Zhu Yao’s hand, and the key instantly released a dazzling golden glow as it flew straight towards that mountain. Not even a moment later, the entire mountain shook like a 3D image, and then, the virtual image flashed, revealing its true appearance.

Different from the former pitch-black charred mountain, the mountain before her eyes was filled with various types of spiritual swords stabbed into it. In the surroundings, there were even several spiritual swords flying and dancing in the air.

“The spiritual artifacts of Sword Seeking Peak will be awarded to the destined ones. Everyone, please.” Wen Yu loudly said, and only then did the disciples of the various sects walked into the mountain with excited faces. In this Sword Seeking Convention, the only ones who were truly happy, were probably these low rank disciples that could only enter the mountain every ten years.

Only the Nascent Soul practitioners who were leading the parties for their sects, were left standing on the same spot. Though there were many spiritual artifacts in Sword Seeking Peek, every single person could only choose a single spiritual artifact in his lifetime. People who had already chosen one, would not be able to receive the acknowledgement of new artifacts even after entering again.

“Old Ancestor, are you not going in to take a look?” Wen Yu squeezed over. Speaking of which, he was a little curious as well. This Sovereign Yu Yao seemed to be especially poor. Even the flying mystic artifact she was stepping on was actually taken from his hands as well. He really wondered just how she managed to live till she became a Demigod.

“Mn.” Zhu Yao nodded. After pondering for a moment, she did indeed require a weapon of her own. She looked at her surroundings, and coincidentally, there was a piece of Dark Ore at the side. “I’m fine with refining one on my own. I will take this then.”

The corner of Wen Yu’s lips twitched. “Old Ancestor, are you not going in to choose one? The materials in the mountain all possess spirituality, and they are more compatible with their owners.” Why did she choose the most normal Black Ore? This completely did not fit her almighty status at all. “Furthermore, the materials in the mountain, no matter their quality or quantity, are all in the high numbers.”

“I guess you’re right!” Zhu Yao nodded. “This Black Ore is a little small, and isn’t enough to refine a sword, then let’s head in to choose a bigger Black Ore.”

“…” Can you please let Black Ores go?

Zhu Yao however had already entered the mountain in a flash. She did not have much interest in high grade materials. With her trend of courting flowery deaths, even the best of materials would just be wasted. When it came to a weapon, it just had to be comfortable to wield.

Black Ores were very common materials, and after walking a short distance, she found one of suitable size. Just as she was about to reach her hand out to pick that Black Ore, a white round stone suddenly rolled over from the side and knocked away that Black Ore, appearing next to her hand.

Zhu Yao frowned. Not even thinking deeper about this, she thought it was just the wind and a mere coincidence. Thus, she walked forward another two steps, still with the intention to pick up that Black Ore. Just as she was about to reach out her hand, that white rock once again rolled over. With a smack, it knocked away that Black Ore again.


Why did she feel that this stone was being intentional? Zhu Yao frowned. Not believing in the supernatural, she continued to head over to pick up that Black Ore. As expected, that white rock once again rolled over. This time, it crashed into the ore even more ferociously, instantly smashing the Black Ore one to two meters away.

The white rock quietly stopped beneath her hand, looking as though it was saying, ‘hurry and pick me up!’

Zhu Yao’s face darkened. She really did not feel like picking it up now. Casting a wind type art, she blew the white rock several meters away, and then turned around to pick up that Black Ore. This time, without even waiting for her to bend her waist, that white rock was already rolling back in a fiery manner. It rolled extremely quickly, but its route was blocked by a withered tree.

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