Disciple – Chapter 228

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Chapter 228: Reincarnate Into – The Hell?

“No matter how strong a God is, one would still have begun as a human practitioner. No matter how strong one gets, it’s impossible to be stronger than heaven’s will and resist against the Heavenly Dao. But, the ‘World Favourable Impression’ Achievement broke this rule. So…” Zhu Yao glanced at the conversation window, and said with certainty. “Either you’re an existence comparable or even above the Heavenly Dao.”

Realmspirit: …

“What is it, is there something wrong with my conjecture?”

Realmspirit: It’s not wrong.


Realmspirit: I suddenly realized your IQ has made its way back home. Congratulations!

“Scram!” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at him. “Since you’re so powerful, then you should be able to casually deal with those bugs that I fixed, so why do you have to pull me over? Or… is the world that I live in in your control as well?”

Realmspirit: You’re wrong, young maiden.


Realmspirit: You should know this right? There are many planes in the spatial void, and there are even more small worlds under each plane, just like the Three Thousand Worlds that you saw. As for you, you were living in another plane.

“Then why did you drag me over?”

Realmspirit: Because we’re friends, young maiden.

“Scram!” You must have plotted this right from the start, right? Otherwise, you wouldn’t have chatted with me for so many years on QQ, before revealing your true intentions.

Realmspirit: Haah, young maiden. In truth, having too much power doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. Putting aside the fact that I have no vacation all year round, I have to work without getting paid. It’s really sad, you know? Occasionally, I will get sick, and I don’t have any medical insurance to speak of, not to mention there isn’t a doctor I can look for. I have to support myself with my own immune system, you know.

“Speak human!”

Realmspirit: This old man can’t fix these bugs, and you’re the only one capable of doing it?

“You can even bend the Heavenly Dao, you’re telling me you can’t fix these little bugs?” Zhu Yao expressed her doubts.

Realmspirit: No one is perfect, young maiden.

“If you’re simply looking for someone to help you protect world peace…” Uh, something seemed strange with what she said? “There’s so many people in the Three Realms, can’t you just pick out someone randomly? Why did you have to go all the way out to trick someone from another plane over?”

Realmspirit: Trick… Young maiden, you’re harming the friendship between us.

“Scram!” Our friendship has long shattered into pieces, alright? “Just why?”

Realmspirit: No one in the Three Realms can do it. They are beings that are born in this world, so they are affected by the Heavenly Dao of this place. Just like Yi Ling’s situation, since she possessed incredible luck, people who were affected by this luck of hers would be unable to escape, and everyone would unconsciously submit to her luck. However, you’re different. You don’t belong in this world in the first place, nor do you belong in the same plane. The Heavenly Dao simply can’t do anything to you.

“From what you’re saying, no one is able to escape from Mary Sue’s cheat?”

Realmspirit: The luck that everyone possesses, carries a purpose given by the Heavenly Dao. The luck present in Yi Ling’s body was to keep the Devil in check in the first place. Yi Ling who carried incredible luck would not encounter any danger next to the Devil. Then, the Devil would suppress his instincts, and his nature as a Devil would have slowly disappeared. This was the goal of the Heavenly Dao.

“From what you’re saying, if I didn’t go to that world, Yan Chi would have fallen in love with Yi Ling?”

Realmspirit: In the beginning, yes. However, luck can be controlled, but one’s heart is difficult to perceive. Not only did Yi Ling’s luck affect the Devil, it had affected others as well. The Devil who could not obtain what he wished for, instead had his nature strengthened, and then brought about the collapse of the world.

“You’re saying, Yi Ling was initially a patch came up by the Heavenly Dao, but not only did it not end up fixing the problem, it turned into a bug instead.

Realmspirit: Young maiden, you’re too clever. I like you.

“But when I saw the Devil, forget about falling in love with Yi Ling, he clearly wanted to kill Yi Ling.”

Realmspirit: Everyone’s luck is different. Someone with little luck would be affected by someone else who has more luck. The reason why Yan Chi did not end up loving Yi Ling was because her luck was affected by your World Favourable Impression Achievement. Thus, she no longer carried the incredible luck she once had before. In the end, when you fully activated your World Favourable Impression Achievement, the excess luck within her disappeared, and she was no longer a bug.

“…” Zhu Yao’s expression darkened. “From what you’re saying, since the Heavenly Dao could cause a bug to appear just by casually distributing some luck, wouldn’t I be stuck fixing bugs forever? Just how long more must I patch these brain-crippling bugs? I’m not even someone from your plane, so I don’t have any reason to continue working for you, right?”

Realmspirit: Isn’t this great though, young maiden? The heavens are helping you, in the truest sense.

“Hoho!” Zhu Yao chuckled. “Don’t use such words to deceive me. You wouldn’t drag someone from another plane and drop her into what evidently seemed like a dead loop for no reason. There’s definitely another reason. Be honest now!”

Realmspirit: Young maiden, if you’re so serious, you won’t look cute, you know?

“Speak the truth.”

Realmspirit: Now is still not the time yet, you still have yet to completely understand everything. However, I can guarantee you that you won’t continue fixing bugs for long.

“Is your guarantee of any use?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at him. Back then he even made a promise, yet it still turned out the same. There wasn’t any value in his words at all.

Realmspirit: … Come on, we’re friends for so many years, give me some face. Life is so harsh, there are things you can’t tear apart.

“Our friendship ends here.”

Realmspirit: … ORZ

“Forget it.” Zhu Yao took in a deep breath. If Realmspirit really did not want to talk about it, there wasn’t any use even if she pressed on.

Realmspirit: Oh mighty ancestor Zhu. (╯3╰)

Countless small flowers instantly flooded the QQ screen, and in a flash, the familiar reincarnation loading screen appeared.

Zhu Yao watched the moving loading bar. After a while, she could not help but raise her head and add on.

“Realmspirit, to tell you the truth, I really hope you will always remember the friendship we have, and don’t dupe me too miserably. Though I’m not from your plane, I’m still a regular human being.”

After leaving these words, her figure flashed, disappearing amidst the darkness.

Only a conversation window was left hanging high within that space, and after a moment, it vibrated and disappeared. A moment later, a solemn voice rang out.

“Alright, my friend.”

When Zhu Yao opened her eyes again, her vision was still filled with darkness. If not for a few moving black figures in her line of sight, she would have thought that the reincarnation loading screen had hanged!

Rubbing her eyes, just as she was about to clear up her vision, an urging voice suddenly sounded from behind her.

“What are you dilly-dallying for? Hurry and catch up!”

When she turned around, what came in sight was a pale face with fanged teeth. Dressed in white cloth, his hair was dishevelled and his pair of eyes was protruding out. Blood was flowing out from his seven orifices, and his tongue was even stretched all the way down to his chin. He looked extremely like a certain Sadako crawling out from the television.

Zhu Yao took in a cold breath, as several hundreds of horror films instantly surfaced in her mind. A scream instantly pierced through the horizon. “Ghoooost—–!”

Sadako covered his ears and floated several meters away. His eyes protruded out even more, as though he was furiously glaring at her. After sizing Zhu Yao up for a moment, he said. “Why are you shouting? You sound as though you’re not a ghost yourself.”

“Of course not…” Zhu Yao refuted on reflex. When she lowered her head to take a look, what she saw was her two floating feet, and then she screamed out once again. “Ghooooost—–!”

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