Disciple – Chapter 216

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Chapter 216: Otherworldly My Ass!

“What happened?” Xuan Xu noticed the commotion on this side, and when he saw Zhu Yao, his brows furrowed.

“No… Nothing?” Yi Ling hurriedly shook her head, yet, she still meaningfully glanced at Zhu Yao. “I… I didn’t see anything at all. Everyone, please do not misunderstand senior-martial sister Zhu.” It would have been better if she hadn’t said these words, but the moment she said them, it was as though Zhu Yao had certainly done something bad. The disciples’ eyes on Zhu Yao were instantly filled with suspicion.

“Yi Ling, don’t be afraid, your master is here.” Xuan Xu released his own Nascent Soul pressure, and with sharp blade-like eyes, he glared at Zhu Yao. “No one in this world has the capabilities to threaten my disciple.”

“Master…” Yi Ling was moved, yet her expression showed even more hesitation. After a while, she gritted her teeth and stubbornly said. “No, it’s really nothing. Senior-martial sister Zhu treats me so well, I can’t… I really didn’t see anything at all.”

Looking at this master and disciple duo who had already entered two-person skit mode, Zhu Yao simply wanted to roar out. Are you people blind? I haven’t even said a single word!

Xuan Xu’s frown deepened, and his body was already faintly emitting out killing intent. “Just what did you do to Ling’er?”

“I really want to know too.” Zhu Yao nodded approvingly, and she turned to look at Yi Ling. “Yi Ling, just what did I do to you?”

Yi Ling was startled, her tears were like disconnected pearls, running off like a stream. Her sad and frail look lead to the aching hearts of everyone present. As though she was frightened, she shrank in Xuan Xu’s embrace, and said while feeling a lump in her throat. “I… I really didn’t see anything.”

From this frail look, it was as though Zhu Yao had really done something to her. The hell, I’m just asking you a question, why the hell are you crying?

“Don’t take this too far.” Flower protector Qi Ping was the first to rush out, and he glared at Zhu Yao with a furious look. “You were the one who did something wrong, yet you actually dare to threaten junior-martial sister Ling!?”

“What did I do?” These people must have tofu for brains, right?

“I don’t care what guilty acts you have done.” Qi Ping turned ever more furious, and he looked as though he could charge out and slice her at any moment. “Yi Ling treats you so well, putting aside how you always go against her, you’re actually threatening her in front of everyone now? Don’t think just because you have formed your Azoth Core, we can’t do anything about you.”

Zhu Yao smiled out of anger. “I really do want to know, just what have I done? Why don’t you people say it out loud so that I can feel guilty about it?”


“Senior-martial brother Qi…” Yi Ling charged out again to pull Qi Ping, and added another matchstick into the fire while she was at it. “Don’t blame senior-martial sister Zhu. I… It’s my fault.”

“Ling’er, you don’t have to worry.” Xuan Xu once again took Yi Ling in his embrace, and with a sunken expression, he coldly looked towards Zhu Yao. “Your master has already made a decision.” As he said that, he no longer suppressed the pressure from his body, as it came pressing towards Zhu Yao.

The hell, this master and disciple wanted to kill her.

Zhu Yao’s heart sank. It seemed like in front of Mary Sue, there was no logic to speak of. She could always flee back to the demonic beasts’ side, at least, it was better than being with this brain-deficient bunch of animals who only thought with their lower halves.

“Mother!” Just as she was about to set up defenses, Yue Ying walked out from the side, as though he was completely oblivious of the atmosphere around them. Tugging onto her sleeves, he said. “You came back safely?”

“Mn.” Zhu Yao habitually nodded.

“Junior-martial brother Yue!” Yi Ling looked at Yue Ying worriedly, and reminded out of goodwill. “Hurry and get away from there, senior-martial sister Zhu… She…” Her words stopped halfway through, her face was filled with pain and disappointment. Though she didn’t say anything, it was as though she had revealed everything.

Almost all of the disciples had determined that Zhu Yao must had done something grave akin to betraying the sect.

However, it was as Yue Ying did not hear them, as he continued to look at Zhu Yao. “It’s great that you’re alright. Earlier, when mother risked her life to charge out of the barrier, Yue Ying was really frightened, you know?”

“…” Zhu Yao turned to glance at him, only to see Yue Ying smile even gentler than before. His face was becoming like Shao Bai’s in the first place, and now, it seemed like soft light was being emitted out in all direction from this smile of his. For a moment, it was as though the slightly dim battlefield had brightened a little.

“I just knew mother will be fine.” He slowly said. “Earlier, that bolt of heavenly lightning flashing in the horizon was personally summoned by mother, right?”

Zhu Yao’s eyes shone. In an instant, she realized this little one’s intentions, and nodded in concert. “That’s right! The lord of that dungeon told me that demonic beasts wouldn’t usually appear in a group. If a beast wave occurs, there will definitely be a cause.” She intentionally amplified her voice, glanced at everyone in the surroundings, and then, with some lies mixed within, she said. “So I decided to find an opportunity to cross the barrier. As expected, I realized there was a tenth rank demonic beast commanding them. Fortunately, the lord bestowed me with a Purple Extreme Heavenly Lightning Talisman, and I was then able to retreat unscathed.”

The moment her words fell, the entire place was thrown into an uproar.

“Purple Extreme Heavenly Lightning! It’s actually the Purple Extreme Heavenly Lightning!”

“Isn’t that the tribulation lightning one must endure during ascension?”

“Such a talisman actually exists in this world.”

“That must be a talisman treasure, right!”

“No wonder there was such a huge surge in spiritual energy in the sky earlier, and the moment the thunder roared, all of the demonic beasts retreated.”

All of their faces were filled with excitement, and even Xuan Xu’s expression was slightly affected as well. However, in his embrace, Yi Ling’s face darkened. Initially, when she saw Zhu Yao return from outside the barrier, her first thought was naturally Zhu Yao had colluded with the demonic beasts and betrayed the sect. However, she never expected that the entire matter would suddenly turn around. The disdain everyone had for Zhu Yao in the beginning was instantly turned into adoration. An uncomfortable feeling instantly rose in the depths of Yi Ling’s heart, as she unconsciously tugged onto Xuan Xu next to her.

Xuan Xu, who was stunned by the revelations of the Purple Extreme Heavenly Lightning, finally regained his senses, a few suspicions rose in his heart yet again. “You’re saying you frightened off the beast wave by bringing down a tribulation lightning bolt? How can a Purple Extreme Heavenly Lightning Talisman exist in this world?”

“How would I know?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at him. “Go and ask that lord yourself!”

“…” Xuan Xu’s expression instantly darkened. Evidently, he recalled the incident where he couldn’t even get across that person’s sword formation.

“Oh right, junior-martial niece Ling’er, what did you see earlier?” Zhu Yao looked at Mary Sue with a smile.

Yi Ling’s expression paled, a hint of fluster flashed past her eyes. After a while, she awkwardly said. “Ling’er’s eyes must have been blurry? I thought…”

“You thought?” Zhu Yao chuckled, looking as though she wanted to hear an answer no matter what.

Naturally, Yi Ling couldn’t say she had thought Zhu Yao was a traitor. Thus, she once again exposed that pitiful look of hers. “Senior-martial sister Zhu…”

“You best don’t start crying again…” Zhu Yao coldly smiled. “Earlier, I didn’t even say anything, but the moment you started crying, I was blamed for doing something that supposedly goes against my conscience. If you start crying again, there might even be people blaming me for destroying the world.”

On the side, Qi Ping’s expression instantly stiffened, and then it paled at the next moment. Yi Ling felt that she was even more unjustly treated than before, and her tears were at the brink of falling.

Evidently, everyone recalled her earlier accusations that came out of nowhere. Her harem members were still alright, after all, they had all lost their brains, and were simply looking at her saddened look with aching hearts. The rest of the disciples were looking at her with hints of doubts.

Yi Ling tightly clenched her fists, and after a while, she said with her head lowered. “I’m sorry. Senior-martial sister Zhu, I…”

“I’m not your senior-martial sister!” Zhu Yao immediately interrupted her words, and in an instant, brought about the glares of all the men in her harem. Zhu Yao could not be bothered with these morons, and instantly pointed out the facts. “You should be calling me senior-martial aunt.” It had been so long since she formed her Azoth Core, yet Yi Ling was still calling her senior-martial sister. She wasn’t a male lead after all. Why would I want to be at the same level of seniority as you? I want to be a level higher, pressing down on you, what can you do about it huh?

Turning her head, she looked towards Xuan Xu who was glaring coldly at her. With a heavy heart, she said. “Sovereign, now this is a wrong on your part. There’s really a problem with your education methods! She’s this old now, yet she is still unable to distinguish levels of seniority. It’s best you stop thinking about romance, and spend more time teaching your disciple. There’s a saying like this. No matter how poor you are, you mustn’t make your disciple poor, and no matter how hard it is, education is a must!”

She was saying these especially sincerely, and even she herself was being moved from her own speech, you know?

Xuan Xu’s and Yi Ling’s expressions instantly darkened one after another.

Zhu Yao successfully made a reversal, and her mood instantly turned pleasant. Secretly, she gave her obedient son Yue Ying next to her a thumbs-up. Though all of her words were true, from that situation earlier, if not for Yue Ying’s reminder, she really had no idea how to make a turn around. That God Artifact of hers would have definitely been exposed.

The beast wave this time thus ended. Because of everyone’s fear of the dungeon’s lord, not a single person suspect Zhu Yao’s words. Just as the disciples were about to tabulate the number of deaths and return home, an unforeseen event suddenly occurred.

The transparent barrier that separated the two continents suddenly emitted out a faint red light. As though it was being covered with a layer of red plastic film, it shrouded the entire continent. That red light flashed for a moment, and shockingly, there were faint traces of the barrier breaking. Like spiderwebs, crack lines began to appear at the top.

“Not good! The World Protection Barrier is disappearing.” An Azoth Elder exclaimed.

Fluster and fear instantly surfaced in all of the disciples’ faces.

“The moment the barrier breaks, the demonic beasts will no longer have a need to fear and will definitely cause havocs everywhere. When that time comes, I’m afraid we will no longer have any means to fight back.” All of the people present were walking back and forth from anxiety.

Zhu Yao clenched her fists. What she was worried about wasn’t the demonic beasts. Though demonic beasts were fierce and brutal, they would not take the initiative to start a conflict with humans. What she was truly worried about was that Devil!

A Devil existed in that continent, and Zhu Yao was still uncertain just how many there were. However, seeing him control the beast wave, she knew that he definitely wanted to come over to this side. If the Devil had made an appearance here, then that would truly become the moment where they would have no means to fight back!

“Is there no way to fix the barrier?” Zhu Yao asked.

Xuan Xu coldly snorted. “This barrier existed here since the Ancient Era, and its inheritance has long disappeared. Presently, in this world, just who would know the method to fix it?”

Ancient Era? Why was it when she heard the words ‘Ancient Era’, she felt that it was a heavy joke?

“No matter what, we can’t just sit around and wait to die. Where’s the core of this formation?” Only after looking at the core would she know if she could fix it.

“…” Everyone turned silent.

It can’t be right? This barrier was here for so many years, yet not a single person knew where the formation core was? Should I say, these people deserve this? Or these people deserve this? Or these people deserve this?

“First, find the formation core. We will speak later on.” Zhu Yao could not be bothered to waste her breath with them. Bringing along Yue Ying, she began to ride her sword and search the surroundings.

The other disciples looked at each other for a moment, before they too got up and searched for the formation core.

Zhu Yao swept the entire forest three times, yet she was completely unable to see any trace of the formation core. Theoretically speaking, the formation core would be located at the spot with the strongest fluctuation in spiritual energy. However, no matter how she released her divine sense, she couldn’t sense it in the least. She was already getting a little anxious. Was there really no hope left for the barrier?

“Mistress…” Sesame who was in her divine sense suddenly called out. “I sense there’s something in front…”

“In front?” Zhu Yao was startled for a moment. In front of them was the exit to the forest, and theoretically speaking, the formation core shouldn’t stray very far away from the barrier itself. “Can you sense anything concrete?”

“I don’t know.” Sesame’s voice carried a hint of confusion. “I keep getting the feeling that there’s something calling me over.”

What could it be? Zhu Yao pondered for a moment, and decided to go along with Sesame’s words and flew over there.

“Big Sis Yao…” Yue Ying however tugged onto her sleeves all of a sudden.

Zhu Yao turned back to look, and only to see him perspiring profusely, and his face was as pale as paper. “Yue Ying, what happened?” Cupping his wrist to inspect him, she realized there wasn’t any anomalies in his body, but he merely had tiny strands of spiritual energy left in his body. Only then did she recall that Yue Ying had only just built his Foundation recently, and he had just experienced a great war, so he didn’t have much spiritual energy left.

After that, she descended. Carrying him to the side, she settled down and sent him a little spiritual energy.

“You rest here for now, don’t follow me!” Zhu Yao stroked his head. “I will take a look ahead, and I will come back in a while to get you.”

“Mn.” He obediently nodded. “Big Sis Yao must come back quickly.”

“Alright!” Zhu Yao once again flew up, and the further she headed in the direction Sesame spoke of, the more she felt a certain premonition. That place was definitely the key to this formation. They then arrived at a practitioner’s town.

This was the nearest town from the barrier. Because of the beast wave, the people here had already scattered and was now empty.

“Mistress, at the very center.” Sesame agitatedly said.

At the center was the town square, and within it, stones with various engravings were laid out, forming a simple round diagram. Painted on them were also messy looking symbols. The place looked just like a normal flat ground, but presently, a blue robed man was sitting on that said ground, and the symbols on the stones were emitting out a white formation light.

This was the formation core!

Zhu Yao and her little companion was dumbfounded.

It was no wonder no one could find the formation core even after so many years. Who would have guessed that something this important would be placed so openly, at the center of a town of practitioners, in a place where everyone could see?

And that man…

Zhu Yao took a closer look. That person sitting at the formation core seemed to have already entered a meditative state. The formation on the ground was presently emitting out a dissolved light. Probably because it came from a long bygone era, the formation diagram seemed to be incomplete. However, mystically, the dissolved areas within the white light seemed to be slowly being restored.

He was restoring the formation!

Although she did not know who he was, she did not have any plans to interrupt him.

In just a few moments, the formation became more complete, and the white light emitted out a stronger radiance as it slowly rose into the sky. Like a virtual projection, a strangely shaped object gathered above the man. The object looked unclear, though it looked like a gigantic demonic beast, and its four hooves could be faintly seen.

Zhu Yao instantly heaved a sigh of relief. This was the last step to restoring the formation. As long as this phenomenon was complete, then the formation would…

A loud explosion sounded.

Right at the moment when the phenomenon was about to be completed, a fireball suddenly descended from the sky, instantly smashing that phenomenon and scattering all of the white light.

The hell!

“A demonic beast actually fled to the town.” Riding on her sword, Yi Ling appeared above with look of righteousness. Casting an art with her fingers, she once again summoned a fireball. “Die, demonic beast!”

“Stop!” Zhu Yao summoned a stream of water and struck the fireball, extinguishing her art.

Lowering her head to take a look, that man had already puked out a large mouthful of blood from the formation rebound and fell onto the ground. She suddenly had the impulse to squish that Mary Sue to death.

“Senior-martial sister Zhu, how can you…” Yi Ling descended with a censuring look. She’s actually protecting a demonic beast?

“Are you blind!? Can you study a little more in your free time? That earlier was a phenomenon brought about by the formation!” Now they were really doomed. Now that this person was half crippled, who was going to restore the formation now? As expected, this Mary Sue was a bug!

Yi Ling was stunned, and only then did she realize there was a person on the ground. “He… How?”

Zhu Yao immediately flew down. “Hey hey hey, are you alright?” She worriedly carried him off the ground to take a look.


The hell… It can’t be, right?

While he was panting, the man opened a slit of his eyes and looked towards Yi Ling’s direction. Suddenly, his eyes shone. As he puked out blood, he muttered to himself. “This world actually has such an otherw-”


Zhu Yao raised her hand and sent a forceful strike to his nape, instantly knocking him unconscious.

Otherworldly my ass!

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