Disciple – Chapter 205

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Chapter 205: That Beast with Strange Brain Circuits

Zhu Yao could seemingly see the cold glint being reflected from the claws of the Risefire Beast, as it swung straight down onto Qi Ping without the slightest pause. He was instantly slammed a few dozen meters away, puking out a mouthful of blood, and his entire chest was already meshed with flesh and blood.

Everything happened in a blink of an eye. By the time everyone regained their senses, Qi Ping only had a single breath remaining.

“Senior-martial brother Qi!” Yi Ling called out, blood was completely drained from her face. She looked as though she was pained by the sight, however, she did not even move a single step.

This is why I hate bitches the most!

Taking the opportunity when the Risefire Beast had not disappeared, Zhu Yao cast an art, summoning dozens of vines to restrain its body. While doing so, she hinted Lin Xiang. “Check if he’s dead yet.”

Lin Xiang responded, and flew towards Qi Ping’s direction. Taking out an Essence Recovery Pellet, she then fed it to him.

The strength of the Risefire Beast was immense, and Zhu Yao’s vines were simply unable to restrain it for long. Lan Qi naturally realized this problem. He summoned hundreds of spiritual swords and had them assault the Risefire Beast one after another.

However, only a series of clanging sounds could be heard, as all the spiritual swords were deflected and fell onto the ground. The scales of the Risefire Beast were impenetrable, and he was simply unable to harm it even the least bit, instead, it was enraged and began to put up a stronger struggle.

Zhu Yao was about to puke blood from controlling it, as she turned her head and shouted. “Use your sword intent.”

Lan Qi’s expression instantly paled, as he looked at the Risefire Beast a little blankly.

“You’re not going to tell me you haven’t comprehended your sword intent, are you?” Zhu Yao widened her eyes.

His expression instantly turned even more embarrassed.

The hell, then what use do you have! He had yet to comprehend his sword intent, how could he have the face to call himself an Azoth Core practitioner?

Zhu Yao was already beginning to feel that her stamina was diminishing. In just a few minutes, out of the several dozen vines, the Risefire Beast had already broken out of half of them, and only the ones that were restraining its limbs were left intact. Zhu Yao gritted her teeth. She no longer cared about exposing her powers.

Immediately converting into lightning spiritual energy, she began chanting a Lightning Guiding Art, and just as she was about to invoke it…

“Let me help you.” She heard Yi Ling shouting with her delicate voice, and a huge amount of heavenly fire suddenly began to discharge downwards.

Zhu Yao widened her eyes, and she only managed to say a few words in time. “What the hell!”

What a piggish teammate!

The flames burned fiercely, instantly enveloping the Risefire Beast, and it conveniently burned away all of the vines she summoned as well.

“I did it!” The pig celebrated.

Zhu Yao: “…”


A furious roar that reverberated throughout the clouds suddenly sounded from within the flames.

The huge flames that were still furiously burning earlier, began to diminish at a speed that was visible to the naked eye, revealing the red-scaled demonic beast inside. The flames were being absorbed by its scales.

“This… How is this possible?” Yi Ling looked completely baffled.

Please, when you have nothing to do, read some books, alright? I already told you that water and fire don’t work on it. Since ice is ineffective, then flames are naturally ineffective as well!

The Risefire Beast was already completely enraged. After a loud roar, it shot out a ball of flames from its mouth, aiming straight towards Yi Ling.

Yi Ling was simply unable to dodge it in time, and was enveloped by the flames.

“Ah!” She let out a miserable cry, however, with a flash of light from her body, the flames instantly disappeared. The mystic robe she was wearing most likely possessed a fire-repelling formation. However, even if her clothes were fireproof, it did not mean it could prevent fires anywhere else. Her hair was crisply burned, and there were still flames burning on her ponytail.

“Ling’er!” Lan Qi flew over worriedly. Water was the most suitable in extinguishing fires, but Lan Qi did not have the water spirit vein! Hence, he could only use an earth type mystic art to bury Yi Ling’s hair in sand, and it looked as though he had turned a beautiful woman into a terracotta sculpture.

Zhu Yao: “…” Why did she feel that they were going to break up soon?

The Risefire Beast instantly rose into the skies, and Zhu Yao’s heart clenched. Crap, it was too close to Lan Qi and Yi Ling! The Risefire Beast would definitely…


The hell, why was it heading towards her!?

She was clearly the farthest from it, this beast threw away its close targets and was aiming for the one farther away, did she look like she was easy to bully?

Ouuu~~ ┗|`o′|┛

The Risefire Beast approached menacingly. Flying on her sword, she dodged towards the side. Just when it looked as though it was about to miss her, the Risefire Beast’s figure flashed, and it suddenly disappeared again.

The hell, it concealed itself again!

Zhu Yao felt like cursing out, however, she suddenly felt a gust of wind sweeping towards her from her back.

At that moment, she felt her heart turn cold…

In a mere instant, a beast paw pressed onto her barrier, and an immense pressure came assaulting her. Zhu Yao was instantly slammed towards the ground from the sky.

Why was she always the one getting hurt!? What’s so great about the Mary Sue’s cheat, huh!?

A loud boom resounded. Zhu Yao felt a weight her life couldn’t possibly endure.

This demonic beast sure had strong tastes, it actually wanted to crush her to death with its bodyweight. Zhu Yao simply wanted to give her final retort, when she suddenly felt the ground below her turn empty, and she immediately sank down.

In the next moment, she felt her entire body falling, and her surroundings were pitch-black. She could only hear several loud booms reverberating all around her, as though they were sounds of something collapsing.

The hole was very deep, and Zhu Yao only smacked onto the ground dozens of seconds later. When she finally stopped, her defensive barrier shattered resoundingly the instant she made contact with the ground. She and the beast had still yet to regain their senses after experiencing this sudden change.

Zhu Yao however knew that this was an opportunity. Without a single hesitation, she instantly circulated all the spiritual energy in her body, and summoned her sword intent. A lightning phoenix soared upwards, instantly lighting up the entire space. Zhu Yao could faintly see several palace-like stone pillars.

The Risefire Beast was still pressing on her body when the lightning phoenix charged downwards. Just when it looked as though it was about to strike its target…

A fiery red light suddenly shone from the ground, as a formation glowed. The beast’s and her figures flashed, and they disappeared from their original positions a moment later. The lightning phoenix struck empty air, and it let out a long cry before slowly disappearing without a trace.

Zhu Yao, who was sent towards another location, simply wanted to quietly curse out.

Your brother-in-law!

Zhu Yao simply did not have the time to inspect her current location, as the Risefire Beast had already regained its senses. With one of its paws still pressing on her, its gigantic head slowly lowered. She could even feel the cold air coming from its long, sharp teeth, as a rich smell of blood came pouring towards her.

She no longer had a single strand of spiritual energy in her body, and simply could not resist. She could only watch as that gigantic beast head approach closer, and closer.

Then, it opened its large, blood-stained mouth wide, and…

Licked her?



Zhu Yao’s heart which was tensed all the way up, fell back onto the ground in an instant.

What’s with this “meow”? -Slams on the ground!-

That gigantic beast tilted its head and rubbed against her body while closing its eyes, even her body was beginning to move to the side from all its rubbing. Toddler-like sounds resounded in her ears.

“Like. Like. Like. I like you…”

Zhu Yao: “…”

What’s with this completely unforeseen godly development!? What happened to the promised domineering, impenetrable Risefire Beast? What happened to her only childhood nightmare in the cultivation world? Was it really alright for it to change its role like this?

“Like. Like. Like. Like. Like you so very much…”

However, it felt as though the Risefire Beast was saying its catchphrase, as it constantly repeated these words. The tail on its back looked as though it had turned crazy as well, as it wildly swept left and right, releasing several loud booming sounds.

Are you a dog?



The Risefire Beast was still happily rubbing against her, and Zhu Yao was simply being dragged across the ground by its rubbing.

“Stop!” Zhu Yao had no choice but to stop its expression of goodwill, and sighed deeply. “Let me go for now.” Why did she feel that this scene was a little familiar?

“Meow!” The Risefire Beast obediently released its paw. Lying on the ground, its pair of large copper bell-like eyes sparkled and it looked at her.

And as it watched her, it constantly repeated: Like. Like. Like. Like. Like you so much…

Looking at this beast which suddenly changed its style, she was speechless. When she was of the dragon race in the past, she could understand the innate favourable impression the demonic beasts had towards her, but presently, she was clearly a tree demon. So why was she still being liked by beasts?

Zhu Yao crawled up with a dark expression, and patted off the dirt on her body. The Risefire Beast tilted its head. It enthusiastically approached her, stretched out its long tongue and licked her body, plastering her face with saliva.

“Lick clean! Lick clean! Help you, help you! Like, like!”

That immature voice sounded once again.

“No need!” Zhu Yao pushed away its beast head. How are you helping me like this?

“Meowuuu…” Its erected ears drooped down in an instant, as it glanced at her with a depressed look.

Zhu Yao ignored its sad little eyes, and began to inspect her surroundings. This place seemed to be some underground ruins, which was most likely a gigantic palace in the past. Stone pillars of several meters in height were placed all around the place, and the walls were embedded with Fire Spirit Stones that were used to light up the area, though it was still a little dim. The place she was standing on seemed to be a corridor. The corridor was very long, and it was impossible to see the end at first glance.

“Beastie, do you know of this place?”

“Meow~” The Risefire Beast tilted its head.

“You don’t know?” And here she was thinking that it was the guardian beast of this place?

“It’s an important person’s place!” It suddenly said.

Zhu Yao blanked. “Which important person does this place belong to?”

The Risefire Beast closed its eye, and once again began to rub against her body. “Beastie likes you. Like. Like. Like…”

“…” The spiritual consciousnesses of sixth rank demonic beasts were still incomplete, so it seemed like she wouldn’t be able to get anything more from asking. She had no choice but to take a look herself.

“Are you familiar with this place?”

“Meow~~” The beast nodded.

“Then can you guide me to that important person?”

“Meow, meow, meow~~” It continued to nod.

“Then let’s go!”

Just as she was planning to walk forward, a gigantic paw was suddenly stretched out in front of her eyes. “Paw, hold.”

The Risefire Beast looked at her with sparkling eyes, its face was filled with anticipation. It then began to repeatedly chant out. “Hold paw, hold paw, paw, paw…”

“…” You must have come from another world as well, right? You even know about the need to shake hands when working together.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Left with no choice, she took a step forward, and hugged onto the gigantic beast paw in front of her. As though she was moving furniture, she moved it left and right a couple of times.

The Risefire Beast’s eyes turned even brighter, as it began to howl out excitedly with its paw raised, as though it had suddenly received a huge reward.

“Paw, she held my paw. Oouuu~~ I’m never going to wash my paw ever again.”


Can you beasts have proper brain circuits?

“We’re going!” Zhu Yao’s face darkened, as she headed for the end of the corridor.

As though it was cherishing that one paw, the Risefire Beast raised it up, and then, came hopping forward with only its three other legs.

Zhu Yao: “…”

The corridor was long. Even after Zhu Yao had walked an hour, she had still yet to reach the end. However, the surrounding pillars were fully engraved with various types of runes and diagrams. She felt that these runes looked a little familiar, yet she could not recall where she had seen them before.

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