Disciple – Chapter 203

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Chapter 203: Catching a Beast

Zhu Yao’s guess was right. The reason why the Sect Master called them over was indeed to decide who Yue Ying’s master was going to be. After discussing within themselves, Xuan Xu stepped out. In other words, Yue Ying was going to be under the same tutelage as Yi Ling.

If it was in the past, Zhu Yao wouldn’t have objected to it, and simply take it as though she was assigning him as a spy. However, after the incident at the entrance, she suddenly became a little worried. With just a glance, it could be seen that Yi Ling wasn’t a good seedling, and she even possessed the aura of Mary Sue.

Though she wouldn’t stop Yue Ying from falling in love with a girl, she objected to having him fall in love with a Mary Sue. She had rather Yue Ying love a ma- ah pui!

In any case, when it came to a Mary Sue who would lay her hands on someone underaged, she had to insist on her objection, even if she had to be seen as a vile old lady.

“I have a master.” Before Zhu Yao could even express her opinion, Yue Ying rejected the proposal himself.

The Sect Master of Blue Parasol Sect was stunned. “How is that possible? Who is your master?”

Yue Ying raised his head to look at Zhu Yao, and his smile turned even warmer than before.

Me? Zhu Yao blanked. After recalling for a moment, she seemed to have indeed gave him a few pointers on cultivation back in the cultivation world. However, she had always been in closed-door training back then, the one who truly taught him mystic arts was little radish, right! Could it be that Yue Ying had always been thinking of little radish?

The Sect Master quickly understood the situation, believing that he must be treating his own mother as his master, and hence persuaded him a few more times. After all, with such a good aptitude he possessed, it would be too much of a waste if he was taught under the tutelage of a Foundation disciple. However, Yue Ying was still unmoved.

The faces of the upper echelons in the great hall all darkened, and the atmosphere turned tensed in an instant.

“Yue Ying, just pick one. We still have to stay here, you know!” Zhu Yao had no choice but to send him a voice transmission.

“Big Sis Yao wants me to be taught by someone else?” Yue Ying frowned.

“It’s temporary, just temporary. Be obedient.” Zhu Yao could only try coaxing him. When it came to Yue Ying, it was a slight headache for her. Although he looked like he only possessed a Foundation cultivation, his true form was a Devil, and whether the mystical arts which human practitioners use were all he could do wasn’t something she knew either.

Yue Ying gave her a smile. “Alright, I shall listen to Big Sis Yao’s words.”

“But, don’t pick Xuan Xu and don’t get close to that Mary Sue, Yi Ling, alright?” She really didn’t want to imagine him really coming to like that Mary Sue, and then stand at her opposing end.

“Alright!” He smiled from ear to ear.

Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief.

In the end, Yue Ying picked the only woman among the three seated Sovereigns, Sovereign Xuan Yin, as his master.

With his face being slapped in everyone’s presence, Xuan Xu’s face had already turned as black as the depths of a cauldron. Furious at Yue Ying for failing to appreciate his good intentions, he coldly snorted, before flying away in a flash.

Zhu Yao however was not worried. After all, she hadn’t done anything, yet Yi Ling was already targeting her at every occasion. So, she might as well throw his face completely.

“Alright, since you have already chosen your master, Yue Ying, I hope that you work hard in your cultivation and achieve great things soon, in order to bring fame to our Blue Parasol Sect.” The Sect Master then added a few courteous words, before turning to look at Zhu Yao. “Zhu Yao, it’s been awhile since you entered the sect. And since you’re a Foundation disciple, and Yue Ying no longer requires your care, head out for a sect mission tomorrow then!”


The hell was this sect mission about? Why wasn’t she informed about it?

Sect missions were corresponding annual missions which all disciples with cultivation of the fifth level of Essence and above were required to complete. Only by completing missions and earning sect merits could then one exchange them for sect resources. In these past few years, because of her relationship with Yue Ying, she had been staying in that manor for free. Now that Yue Ying was under a master’s tutelage, naturally, he had to move to where his master was. If she wanted to continue living there, she had to complete missions.

In other words, sect merits were the currency of Blue Parasol Sect, and she needed them to pay rent.

Zhu Yao was a little troubled. Presently, her master had yet to wake up, so she could not afford to move too far away. Just as she was frustrating on what mission she should take, someone took the initiative to seek her out.

And this someone wasn’t just anyone else, but the person she threw face completely with just earlier, the Mary Sue female lead, Yi Ling.

Girly, I’m actually the person you secretly admire, right? Why are you always lingering around me, huh?

Yi Ling gave a very pure smile. “It’s just subduing a demonic beast, it’s nothing difficult.”

“Not going!” Zhu Yao immediately rejected her. She wasn’t stupid, you know? If she were to tag along with this bitch, she wouldn’t know what she would to do to her.

Yi Ling persuaded with all her might. “It’s your first time doing a sect mission, isn’t it better to have more people around?”

“No, it’s not.”

She glanced at the man beside her. “Senior-martial sister Zhu, Sect Master Lan Qi will be coming with us as well. Do you still remember him? He possesses high level cultivation, so there’s no need to worry about any danger.”

Of course she remembered. The idiot who stopped her from entering the hall, right? He was also one of those certain Sect Masters who loved her at first sight. The nth member of her harem. But…

“Not going.”

Yi Ling’s face was instantly filled with sadness. “Senior-martial sister Zhu, do you really hate me that much?”

Zhu Yao sized her up with a glance, and said with a stern look. “That’s right!”

Yi Ling: “…”

The nth harem member who had been standing at the side finally could not contain his himself. “Fellow Daoist Zhu, junior-martial sister Ling’er is sincerely inviting you, do you have to be this unreasonable?”

“Yes, I have to.” Zhu Yao answered especially shamelessly.

Lan Qi: “…”

“Senior-martial sister Zhu, are you really not going with me?” Yi Ling still did not give up.

Zhu Yao turned around, and just as she was planning to head back inside the house, a conversation window suddenly leapt up in front of her eyes.

Dear friend, you have received a side-quest, please complete it timely and accordingly. Side-quest 1: Accept the target’s mission request, and complete the sect mission.

[Accept] or [Accept]

What’s with this sudden intervention by the system? And it’s even a side-quest! Did he really think that she had no other choice just by giving her two exact same options?

This old lady isn’t going to accept it, what are you going to do about it?

The conversation window shook for a moment, and an additional row of words suddenly appeared.

Quest reward: Complete one side-quest to enlarge your bust-size by one cup!

Zhu Yao: “…”

Hmph, did he really think that she would take the bait when it came to enlarging her breasts? After all, it’s just breasts. Her breasts being small or what-not, she didn’t really mind it at all! She had long gotten used to the life of a flat princess, so she wouldn’t take the bait!

That conversation window shook once again, and another bracketed line was instantly added under the mission reward.

(Enlarging effect will be effective on all human-shaped avatars.)

“When are we leaving?” Zhu Yao turned around and grabbed hold of Yi Ling.

Morals? What were they? She had no clue!

Yi Ling blanked. “Senior-martial sister Zhu, you… agree to come with us?”

“Mn!” Zhu Yao nodded with a stern look. “All for the sect’s honour!” All for the breasts.

The mission location was not very far from Blue Parasol Sect. While Zhu Yao headed over to the service hall to receive the mission, she picked up a set of the sect’s uniform mission equipment – a bottle of Essence Recovery Pellets, a bottle of Clear Spirit Pellets, and a low grade flying sword.

Before she left, she once again placed another unique formation around her master, instructed Yue Ying to take note of her master’s situation whenever he can, before meeting up with Yi Ling.

Back then, Yi Ling said that they were going to suppress a low rank demonic beast, so she had thought there wouldn’t be many people tagging along. Only when she met up with them did she realize, there were three more people other than the two of them. Yi Ling’s follower Qi Ping, the fox demon Bai Yi, and another girl whom she did not recognize.

It had been a long time since she last saw Bai Yi, and evidently, he hadn’t been doing well recently. His forehead which was initially free of worries, was now dyed with a few strands of gloom. In the past, he loved gathering good-looking clothes, but he now had to wear the sect’s plain school uniform. Though, his eyes were still infatuatedly fixated on Yi Ling.

Mn. Knowing that he hadn’t been doing well, she felt at ease!

Haah, it seemed like this silly fox really fell in love with this Mary Sue.

“Senior-martial sister Zhu!” Yi Ling was already waving towards Zhu Yao from afar with an enthusiastic look. “Why did you only arrive now? Everyone was already here waiting for you. Fortunately, I’d especially gone to inform you yesterday, otherwise it wouldn’t be good if you arrive any later.”

Her words which seemed harmless, actually made it sound as though Zhu Yao was late on purpose, even though she was right on time. This person was really increasing her hate meter at every given moment, huh!

“Let’s go!” Zhu Yao didn’t want to care about this bitch. In any case, she just had to silently complete her own side-quest, and was uninterested in having catfight with her.

Zhu Yao summoned her flying sword.

The rest summoned their own flying artifacts one after another as well. Qi Ping and that unnamed lady both used swords, Bai Yi’s was a white spiritual plume, while Lan Qi and Yi Ling were riding together on a single jade flute, that exact one which he was holding onto back then to act cool.

Hence, a group of six people, with chit-chats and smiles, headed off, except for Zhu Yao who simply did not wish to talk. Even if Yi Ling had the intentions to make her talk, she pretended not to hear, and after a long while, she no longer asked her.

Though she did gain some information from their conversations. The other girl was called Lin Xiang, and she was actually the daughter of the Sect Master. For some reasons, she didn’t seem to be really happy, and she did not speak much during the journey. However, she seemed to be, either intentionally or unintentionally, looking towards Yi Ling’s and Lan Qi’s direction the entire time.

Zhu Yao faintly sniffed the scent of gossip.

After flying for about an hour, they finally arrived at their destination. It was actually a huge forest.

Theoretically speaking, it would be very normal for a demonic beast to appear in a forest like this. However, this world was not normal! Because of the opposing relationship between demonic beasts and human practitioners, all of the demonic beasts were outside the barrier. That’s right. There was a large barrier enveloping the living space of the human species. If demonic beasts wanted to enter, they had to break through the barrier. This was also why she did not spot any demonic beasts in that forest she woke up in.

The barrier would weaken once every hundred years, and the demonic beasts would then take the opportunity to attack. In other words, the wave of beasts.

Their mission this time was concerning the fourth rank demonic beast in this forest. A fourth rank demonic beast was comparable to late stage Foundation cultivation. Though several of them possessed Essence cultivation, Lan Qi was at the Azoth Core cultivation level, and was a master of a sect as well, so he most probably possessed several mystic artifacts. Defeating a fourth rank demonic beast was easy-peasy.

Zhu Yao couldn’t understand how an Azoth Core practitioner was able to become a Sect Master? She felt something was off, but she just couldn’t figure it out.

They flew around the forest for a day. Though they had sensed the demonic beast’s presence several times, they couldn’t even spot its shadow every time they rushed over.

In the end, Lan Qi could only suggest everyone to take a break, and continue their search after restoring their physical strength.

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