Disciple – Chapter 193

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Chapter 193: Version Rollback

Zhu Yao felt like she was falling, a sense of weightlessness where she would never touch the bottom. Her surroundings were pitch-black, as though she had fallen into an endless abyss. Her entire body was powerless, and she felt her body was empty to the point where she couldn’t even sense her own existence, let alone exert strength.

In her surroundings, it was as though whirring wind sounds were constantly echoing out, and a moment later, she seemed to faintly hear the sounds of thunder. The rolling thunderous roars were extremely loud and vast.

“Shi’er, there’s still three more… I already told you that I will wait…” Foreign voices echoed, and they came in bits and pieces, making it hard to discern what was being said, yet, it felt as though the source of the voice was approaching closer.

“Hurry and wake up… You must… endure… The Higher Realm…”

That voice sounded extremely anxious, as though he seemed to be facing a difficult situation, as he constantly gave encouraging words. Zhu Yao however, felt that her consciousness was becoming blurry, and that sense of weightlessness grew even worse. Suddenly, as though she was suddenly restrained by something, that sense of weightlessness disappeared, and replacing it was a sense of being bound. She was heavily entangled, unable to break free, and she found it hard to breathe.

“The next one is coming very soon, hurry and wake up.” That anxious male voice finally sounded clear.

“Endure a little more, you just have to endure a little more.”

“You can do it, you hear me?”


Yet another thunder boomed, and the man’s voice had also sunk in that immensely loud thunder. A familiar energy suddenly poured into her body, and after Zhu Yao instinctively absorbed it, she realized that it was actually pure lightning spiritual energy. Following after the entrance of spiritual energy, she instantly found it easier to breathe.

However, that sense of binding grew even heavier, and her consciousness grew even more blurry. Before she could even have the time to process her thoughts, the excited voice of that man resounded next to her ears.

“You’re finally awake. There’s still two more. Hurry and secure your Dantian, and concentrate your energy.”

“It’s the final one…”

“Great, you succeeded. I just knew you could do it.”

“Shi’er, let us ascend then…”

“It’s great that you’re alright!”


Zhu Yao felt it was strange. From the direction where the foreign voice was coming from, it was evidently being directed at her, yet he was clearly not speaking to her. What did he mean by ‘it’s great that you’re alright’? She clearly was in a big pickle, alright? Unfortunately, she did not even have the strength left to retort, as she once again sunk into unconsciousness.

When she opened her eyes again, she realized she was currently lying on a bed. It was a soft and comfortably carved huge bed, with light veils fluttering on the sides, looking as illusory as a dream. She was lying in an unsightly posture with her hands and legs spread apart, and lying next to her in a straight posture was a man. Zhu Yao simply felt her heart tremble, and her first reaction was to quickly inspect her own clothes. Realizing that other than it being a little messy, from her inner wear to outer garments, they were all properly worn. Only then did she heave a sigh of relief. Whew, my chastity and morals are still safe!

When she turned to look the side, a familiar face instantly imprinted in her eyes. In an instant, Zhu Yao wished that she could ruthlessly throw her morals down onto the ground.

“Master.” She had actually returned.

Mn. She wondered if she were to strip off her clothes now, would she still make it in time?

Hearing her voice, the person next to her slightly opened his eyes. The pair of eyes that was usually filled with coldness, unexpected revealed a hint of fatigue. He simply swept his eyes at her, and responded. “Mn.”

“Master, what happened to you?” Why did his voice sound so weak? Could it be that she had done something beastly towards him last night? Zhu Yao instantly expanded the hole in her brain, and began thinking of various R-rated scenes. If she had really done something… “I will take responsibility.”

Yu Yan reached out his hand towards her head, and pulled his stupid disciple into his embrace with a slight amount of force. Leaning next to her ear, he gently said. “I’m fine. It’s good enough that you’re awake.”

Zhu Yao buried her head in his slightly cold chest and breathed his familiar scent, her hands unconsciously crawled up to the front of his chest, ready to make trouble. Who could come and stop her dangerous hands?



“If you’re like this, I will commit a crime soon.” Eat, or not to eat? That is the question.

“…” A certain master did not understand. He simply used his fingers to comb his disciple’s hair out of habit, the back of his ice-cold fingers glided past the side of her face. In an instant, an ambiguous feeling filled the entire room, and after her hair had been neatly draped at the back of her head, he finally gave a casual response. “Mn.”

“…” Ting. In an instant, she felt her wolf’s blood boiling, as though something was currently breaking out of a seal.

“What’s wrong?” Sensing her anomaly, Yu Yan frowned, and the hand he was hugging her with tensed a little, their two bodies stuck even closer. “Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

Zhu Yao gritted her teeth. “My… heart aches!” She was enduring so much, to the point where her heart, liver and spleen were hurting.

Yu Yan frowned even heavier, as he lowered her head to take a look at her chest, and subconsciously, she stripped her clothes off.

The hell! If she endured it any longer, then she’s his grandchild!

Zhu Yao flipped over, and instantly pressed him under her body. Sitting on his body, with one of her hands, she grabbed onto the collar of his clothes, and tyrannically pulled it with all her might…

It didn’t budge.

This is illogical! Again! Pull…

It still didn’t budge.


No matter how much strength she used, Yu Yan’s pure white robe did not even wrinkle.

There’s actually clothes with such good quality in this world? I don’t believe it!

Zhu Yao decided to use both of her hands to grab onto a side of his collar. As though she was in a tug-of-war, she used all the strength she had to pull in a single direction.

Several minutes later.

A certain master’s robe was still neatly worn on his body. Zhu Yao, whose strength was depleted, suffered an immense blow to her outlook of life, as though a basin of cold water had fell from the sky, drenching her heart completely cold.

What kind of shock could be compared to a forceful tyrant being stuck at the first step of pulling her target’s clothes off?

Even though she had been very successful in the past.

“Do you need help?” Yu Yan kindly recommended.

“…” Did she hear correctly!? Zhu Yao was startled, she simply couldn’t believe her own ears, the light in her eyes instantly returned from the ashes. “Can… Can you?”

Yu Yan directly sat up. Then, he carried and placed his stupid disciple next to him. With a calm look, he moved his hands to his waist, and pulled the waistband…

Zhu Yao fiercely widened her eyes as she looked at this scene which could be said to be a miracle. He leisurely removed the waistband, and pulled his outer garments down. That pure-white robe of his, slid down his shoulders… arms… and waist…

Zhu Yao spat out her saliva, and she wished she could wave a flag and let her inner heart roar out. A single word wildly scrambled in her mind. Strip! Strip! Strip! Strip!

Finally, the clothes, which she had spent several minutes trying to pull down, were stripped down by him, and only a thin layer of inner wear remained.

Yu Yan took the outer garments, turned to look at her unknowingly, and then approached her. His two hands brushed past the sides of her waist, forming a kabe-don¹ posture. He gradually leaned closer… and closer…

And then…

He put his outer garment on her.

“If you wanted this mystic robe, say so directly.”


Zhu Yao heard the sound of something shattering. That was her dead young maiden’s heart…

She really was stupid to the point of piercing through the sky, for believing that a certain someone could have been enlightened!

A certain master, however, stabbed her with another knife with a stern look.

“I placed down a special defensive formation on this mystic robe, and regular people aren’t able to move it.”

Puaaah! A steel knife stabbed right into her heart.

“Though, the size might be a little big for you.”

Puaaah! She received an additional 1000 damage.

“If you sincerely like it, your master shall help change it to your size tomorrow.”

Puaaah! Her heart received long-lasting damage.

“I shall make some others for you while I’m at it as well. Mn… You seem to have grown a little fatter.”

Puaaah! Her HP was emptied!

She did not die!

When Zhu Yao woke up on the second day, she realized she had actually returned to Lightning Divine Palace. And her current avatar was not her new version 8.0 either, but version 6.0. When Zhu Yao saw that face in the water mirror, she simply could not believe her own eyes. So this avatar even carried a rollback feature?

“I… Didn’t I die?” Zhu Yao turned to look at Yu Yan next to her.

“Yu Yao, you were unconscious for ten years.” Yu Yan sighed, his expression slightly sank. He reached out his hand to stroke her head. Fortunately, she woke up.

“Ten years?” Zhu Yao was startled. She had clearly spent several hundreds of years on the other side.

“Back then, you were too far away from Fluorescent Wind Clan. That seal was invoked, which damaged your divine sense, and ruptured your heart and organs, causing you to fall into a deep coma.” Yu Yan frowned. “Your master had to seal your vital meridians, in order to preserve your life.”

“In other words, I’m still Yin Xin…” Zhu Yao touched her own face. She suddenly recalled back then when she had turned into an egg, an incident like this happened as well. When she woke up back then, she returned to Fluorescent Wind Clan. Could it be that the Black Tortoise avatar in the other world was connected to Yin Xin? Her soul could be transferred interchangeably? And moving away from Fluorescent Wind Clan was the key to activating the transfer. “Then since I’m currently in Lightning Divine Palace, shouldn’t I…?”

“When you were heavily injured back then, the seal disappeared.” That was why he brought her back to Lightning Divine Palace.

In other words, she could no longer return to that world. Zhu Yao felt a little stuffy in the depths of her heart, as she suddenly recalled Yue Gu, the person who looked exactly the same as her master. Although she had succeeded in opening the Heavenly Door, he was the only one she couldn’t save. And there was the matter concerning Shao Bai as well. She wondered just what had happened to him?

“Yu Yao…” Yu Yan’s expression sank. He took a step forward, and reached out his hand to brush away the hair in front of her forehead. “Your injuries have yet to heal completely, do not act rashly in the future.”

Zhu Yao blanked, as she turned to look at him. “Aren’t I already fine?”

“Your injuries are a little strange…” Yu Yan deeply frowned, as he said with clenched fists. “Regular divine arts seemed to be completely ineffective on you. Your teacher was only able to preserve your vital meridians, and I have yet to find a way to heal you. You waking up was out of my predictions as well.”

But she was clearly alright, and her body looked fine. She wasn’t the least bit…

“Master, you sealed my sense of pain?” Not only that, only then did she realize her five senses seemed to be sluggish, and her body was unexpectedly heavy. This feeling was something she had never once experienced before.

Yu Yan’s fingers trembled for a moment. He pulled her into his embrace, and gently consoled her. “It’s alright.” He would definitely find a way to heal her injuries.

However, a feeling of discomfort surged within her. She felt that there was something strange about this. Theoretically speaking, whenever Realmspirit arranged a character for her, he would always be unexpectedly generous. It was impossible for such a case to happen. Yin Xin’s body might not be as simple as she believed it to be, however, she couldn’t figure out just which part of it was complex.

Suddenly, she recalled the reason she was injured. “Master, where’s Yue Ying?”

Yu Yan’s expression instantly sank, the cold aura emitted from his body uncontrollably spread in all directions.

  1. Kabe-don: It’s basically a situation when someone is backed into a wall, and another person’s arms are sealing his/her exit. For example, here. There’s another (more hilarious) meme version called Cicada Block, English for Semi-don.

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