Disciple – Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: The Three Collapsed Views

The six pair of eyes in the Main Hall uniformly swept towards her. Especially Little Wang, he was revealing an expression of utter disbelief, and with a swipe of his little hand, he pulled it out from her grasp. The word “liar” were evidently written on his pair of teary widened eyes.

Hey hey hey, this little wimp sure was not appreciative. She had already told him that she belonged to the Jade Forest Peak, he was the one that did not realize the meaning behind that. You can’t blame the customer if you’re unfamiliar with the business, you know.

“Greetings to senior-martial aunt!”

“Greetings to grand-martial aunt!”

Although Zi Yuan and Zhao Yuanxiu were a little unwilling, according to seniority, hers was still higher than theirs. To maintain their faces, there was still a need for them to greet her.

With an awkward smile, Zhu Yao waved her hand, and had them lift their heads. Out of reflex, she tried to grab onto Wang Xuzhi’s hand, however, he nimbly dodged away. His small face pouted angrily, and he stared at her with widened eyes which were implying “you tricked me”.

This little wimp, why is he throwing another tantrum?

“Yuanchen, Xuzhi, the two of you, leave for now.” Zi Mo timely solved the problem, and had Yuanchen leave with Little Wang, who was still silently staring daggers at her. Taking a few steps closer to her, even though Zi Mo had an affable smile on his face, he back-faced the other two people, and gave her a meaningful look. “Little martial aunt, by coincidence, you were on-site earlier, hence, your opinion over this matter will be most highly valued. I wonder how little martial aunt thinks we should deal with this matter?”

Zhu Yao trembled. Like hell she knew how they should deal with the matter! Was it really alright to pass a ball like this to her?

“Hoho… My master is calling me for lunch!”

Just when she was planning to flee, the door behind her closed with a creak. Zhu Yao ruthlessly stared at the old man Zi Mo. You sly old fox, this is evidently a matter that would offend the other party, and you actually passed the ball to me.

Zi Mo simply gave her an even more friendly smile, and looked as though he was eager to listen to his martial aunt’s teachings.

Zhu Yao let out a long sigh. She had no choice but to bite the bullet now. Squatting in front of Little Xiao Yi, she looked at the little kid whose body was still bleeding profusely, and could not help but frown. “You people, release him for now.” He was still a child, after all.

Although Zhao Yuanxiu was a little unsatisfied, he still waved his hand, and dispelled the Restraining Art on Xiao Yi’s body.

Xiao Yi took a slow breath, however, he still sat on the floor, and was on high alert towards the people around him.

She already had a certain amount of understanding about the conflict between Xiao Yi and little fatty back when she was receiving her identity jade tablet. This started off as a quarrel between two kids, yet, it escalated into an incident which almost caused a life to be lost. Was cultivation the cause of all this? There was a saying that went like this: ‘With great power, comes great responsibility.’  However, in a world like this, the more power one possesses, the bigger one’s temper, every single person would act against someone else whenever he or she see fit to.

“Xiao Yi, why do you want to kill little fatty Zhao?” That’s right, it’s kill. Back then, if Sect Master did not appear, little fatty might have really died.

With a cold expression, Xiao Yi still strongly insisted. “He deserves to be killed.”

“Why?” Zhu Yao continued to ask.

Gritting his teeth, he seemed to have recalled something that he really hated. “Ever since he was admitted into the sect, he had always been bullying Ling Long. And because Ling Long never fuss about it, his actions became more severe as time went by. Recently, he pushed Ling Long into a cold pool, causing her to be severely ill, and her life is now at stake. Yet, even after all that, little fatty Zhao took away the medicine needed to save her. I have told this to the senior-martial brother who was in-charge of management, but…” He snorted coldly, and looked towards the nearby Zhao Yuanxiu. “Because little fatty Zhao was the son of the first disciple of Artifact-Refining Peak, they had always ignored these incidents and simply treated them as though they never happened.”

Zhu Yao pondered for a moment. The one he called Ling Long should be the little girl that was with him the other day.

“And because of this, you want to kill little fatty Zhao?”

Xiao Yi nodded, and a faint killing intent surfaced in his eyes.

“Then have you ever thought of this? Even if you kill little fatty Zhao, you won’t be able to save Ling Long, and, because of that, you will be carrying the death of someone on your shoulders.”

Xiao Yi went silent for a moment, before continuing. “Even if that’s the case, I will still avenge her.”

“So you think that killing little fatty Zhao, is correct?”

He continued to nod.

Zhu Yao felt a little powerless. She could not figure out why a ten-year-old kid would have such an extreme way of thinking. He treated slaughter as a matter of fact, and believed dying to kill someone else was also a method to solve problems. This little kid’s three views were evidently screwed up.

“Have you ever thought of the consequences if you kill someone?”

“The people I kill, are people who deserve to die!”  Xiao Yi’s voice instantly rose.

Zhu Yao frowned even deeper. “Who deserves to die, and who doesn’t, how do you determine them? People that treat you well do not deserve to die, while people that treat you bad deserve to? Little fellow, you’re not the only person in this world, and the world does not revolve around you. No one has the right to determine the life and death of someone else. You told me little fatty Zhao bullied you, and caused Ling Long to fall severely ill, these are indeed his wrongdoings. However, by killing him, you’re using an even bigger wrongdoing to repay him. Do you think that’s the correct way of doing things?”

Xiao Yi no longer said anything. He simply gritted his teeth, and stubbornly lowered his head.

Zhu Yao knew it was impossible to talk through to him in such a short time as well. When she first saw him, she knew he was a little beggar, and most probably, he never had any parents by his side since he was very young, thus, the three views centered around himself were formed. And, the mindset of him being always in the right had already sunk deep into his bones. It was basically not something that could be changed in such a short time.

“It’s a fact that Xiao Yi heavily injured little fatty Zhao, and he should take responsibility for his own actions.” Zhu Yao stood up, and looked towards Zi Mo.

Zhao Yuanxiu, who was standing at the side, had an expression of delight. “Grand-martial aunt, your investigation was conducted splendidly.”

“But!” Zhu Yao continued. “The cause of this incident was due to little fatty Zhao’s acts of bullying, so he should take responsibility for his actions as well.” Zhao Yuanxiu’s expression instantly sank, however, Zhu Yao did not give him the opportunity to speak up, and continued. “And you!”

Zhu Yao looked towards Yuanxiu. “As little fatty Zhao’s father, you did not guide him correctly, and simply allowed him to bully his own brothers and sisters of the same sect, thus, causing this calamity to happen. As the saying goes, failure to educate one’s child is the fault of the father. If you have found out about his conflict with his brothers and sisters of the same sect earlier, and dissuade him of his actions, this incident would not have happened. So, you’re also to be blamed for your failure to educate your child.” A child’s three views were enlightened by his or her parents. If we were to say that Xiao Yi’s extreme three views was due to the environment he grown up in, then little fatty Zhao’s atrociousness was caused by his father.

Zhao Yuanxiu’s expression instantly darkened. The corner of his lips moved, yet he did directly refute her, and simply brought his hands together and replied. “This disciple thanks grand-martial aunt for her teachings.” However, he still ruthlessly glared at the little kid on the floor with the corner of his eyes.

“Alright, I’m not exactly clear of the sect’s rules. So, Sect Master Zi Mo, take charge of their punishments.” Zhu Yao stretched her waist, and signalled Zi Mo who had been quietly standing at the side to deal with the matter.

Zi Mo instantly smiled like an old daisy, with a respectful attitude, he began to bootlick her. “As expected, little martial aunt is wise. With such an analysis, the incident was instantly cleared up.”

Zhu Yao rolled his eyes at him. Hmph, bastard, you wanted me to say that all along, didn’t you? Do you really think I don’t understand the thoughts of a sly old fox like you? Unfortunately for her, after the Medicine Peak, she had now offended Artifact-Refining Peak as well. She totally had it easy.

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